Akashi Plastic Industry Co.,ltd.

Industry: molds

About Akashi Plastic Industry Co.,ltd.:
ceo:takaharu fukuda; 1.high-precision forming of thermosetting resins and thermoplastic resins. parts of automobile electric equipment(ex. dinamo/starter/ignition) machine parts(screw/gear/lens etc.) 2.design and production molds 3.production and distribution advantages(versus sintered metal) reduces cost ?reduces weight reduces belt wear reduces belt noise and vibration corrosion resistant

Products: forming of synthetic resins, plastic molds(injection/compression)

Phone: 078-936-1601

Fax: 078-936-9682

Address: 1182-1, kanagasaki, uozumi-cho, akashi-city, hyogo 674-0071

Website: www.akapla.co.jp

Email: info-so@akapla.co.jp


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