Industry: Feed Industry

About Biopoint:
contact: andrzej widziewicz ; biopoint company was founded in 2002 by a practicing veterinarian - michal jankowski. its market position has been gradually built through the years, mainly through cooperation with specialists of animal diseases and scientific research centers.knowledge and experience accumulated over years of working with veterinarians constitute in large part companys success. we focus on ensuring appropriate use of preparations to obtain the desired therapeutic effect. thanks to the feedback and suggestions of practicing vets, each year we launch new products to meet their demand for innovative and efficient preparations.thanks to that, we are proud to be a leading supplier of highly concentrated feed additives for poultry and pigs. we offer specialist preparations, vitamins, and minerals as well as acidifying preparations that are extremely useful in the treatment of most of todays farming problems.

Phone: 48-601-331337

Address: 4 ul. sadowa,stawiguda 11-034,poland



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