Awl-techniek B.v.

Awl-techniek B.v.

Industry: sheet metal working

About Awl-techniek B.v.:
awl is a systems integrator of state of the art automated high-tech machinery with more than 50 years of experience. today, we are a private company with more than 600 staff worldwide.we distinguish our customers further from the competition with smart, flexible productions, innovative technologies, intuitive machine operation and integrated quality control all of which are reliable and offer a high uptime. our creative machine concepts make a significant contribution to effectiveness, reliability, ergonomics, machine intelligence and safety.whereas we started as a company that was specialized in spot and arc welding, and later also laser welding, other automation tasks such as glued joints, vision systems, product handling, quality control and traceability are now just as important. all disciplines are represented in our organization, so that we can offer complete solutions.

Products: with branches in the netherlands, the czech republic, china, mexico and the united states, we support our customers all over the world. this guarantees our customers’ global productivity by means of smart and reliable solutions in the field of high-end automation, robotization and jointing technique

Phone: +31 (0) 341 411811

Address: harderwijk, netherlands



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