Abc-keramik H & R Berentelg Gmbh & Co. Kg

Abc-keramik H & R Berentelg Gmbh & Co. Kg

Industry: food manufacturing

About Abc-keramik H & R Berentelg Gmbh & Co. Kg:
ABC extruded floor tiles for the industrial and commercial application – glazed and unglazed- are produced according to DIN EN Norm 14411 being available in different formats and thicknesses incl. special forms and strip tiles. All products are MADE IN GERMANY. ;ABC floor tiles can be installed in many applications e.g. heavy duty industrial floors, commercial kitchens, commercial areas, stores, warehouses, car showrooms, etc…..;ABC industrial floor tiles‘ most important features are:anti-stain protection;anti-slip;hygienic;durable;dovetail backside for perfect connection with the grounds;heavy duty (Objekta series in 10mm- 18mm);acid and alkali resistant;frostproof;easy to clean;intensive to dirt;longlasting.;odourless;MADE IN GERMANY;All relevant accessories such as cove, skirting, etc are available..;Environmentally friendly;High quality materials, latest technology and more than 130 years of know- how grant high-end products for the internal as well as external application.. contact:chilod ghazali/director business unit floor ceramics

products of Abc-keramik H & R Berentelg Gmbh & Co. Kg,

Address: industriestr. 10 ,westerkappeln ,49492 ,germany



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