Industry: Feed Industry

About Alphatech:
contact: victoire-emmanuelle coadic ; alphatech is a french international company specialized in the manufacture of feed supplements for breeding animals and comfort products. we design innovative health and hygiene solutions to improve breeding performances. we manufacture complementary feed supplement and hygiene products for poultry and livestock, without any subcontracting. expert in animal health, our offer is structured around 5 ranges:- phytotherapy for prevention of major risks- mixtures of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids for animal health- pre- and probiotics for digestive support and security- hygiene for animal welfare- natural solutions for an efficient parasists managementour objective of protecting animal and environment serves our ambition : to contribute to a better nutrition for humans.

Phone: 0033-296-326990

Address: . zi du grand plessis,plaintel 22940,france



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