A.tosh & Sons (india) Ltd

A.tosh & Sons (india) Ltd

Industry: food industry

About A.tosh & Sons (india) Ltd:
a.tosh was established over 120 years by ashutosh ghosh. itis a family owned but professionally managed tea export house and todaywe are one of the largest shippers of tea from india , export ing teas to approximately 50 countries and servicing more than 80 clients worldwide , handling 15 to 17 million kilograms of tea per annum, both in bulk as well as value-added form. a.tosh is known for its dedication to service and quality and the transparency we extend to our clientsheadquartered inkolkata (north india), we have branch offices in coimbatore & cochin (south india) as well and our facilities are amongst the best in the world for tea storage, blending, and packing.we have completely automated our packet tea division, thereby eliminatingthe scope of human touch as well as ensuring consistent quality and quick turnaround on the packaging of varying sizes of tea packets. our world-class tea bag infrastructure consists of double-chamber tea bag machines (hst and constanta) that are capable of packing tea bags with string and soft/hard tags, with or without paper-crimped envelopes. in addition, we have single-chamber tea bag machines that are capable of packing tea bags with/without the envelope. furthermore, we also have the capability of packing square pot bags and pyramid tea bags, along with double chamber staple-free service bags and metallised envelope tea bags.steeped in rich history and armed with master blending expertise across generations, we are proud of our heritage and welcome you to our intoxicating world of tea.we present to you an unforgettable, spellbinding symphony of flavours, unique tothe hillcart tales.

Products: fruit tea,herbal tea,beverages,black tea,non-alcoholic beverages,beverages,no

Address: “tosh house”,p - 32 & 33, india exchange place,kolkata,india,700 001,india

Website: www.tosh.in


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