3fruits&friends Gmbh

3fruits&friends Gmbh

Industry: food industry

About 3fruits&friends Gmbh:
we always had the vision of running a company in the austrian region famous for its apples, which processes organic, fresh apples through a careful drying process into choice, organic, dried fruits. our goal was to create an alternative to other snacks in high-quality packaging and to place organic apples in a new light. since sustainability and quality are at our core, it was clear to us that only raw ingredients of the highest organic quality are processed. a combination of carefully dried, organic apple pieces, coated with soft, melt-in-your-mouth, organic chocolate was the result and our appletinies tiny & tasty was born.

Products: world food

Address: untergrossau nr. 213,untergrossau 213,sinabelkirchen,8261,austria

Website: www.appletinies.com


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