Akustifoam Teknik Sunger

Industry: solar

About Akustifoam Teknik Sunger:
contact: oguz tokay ; akustifoam, having a young and dynamic structure was founded in 2007. the company is producing non flammable acoustic foam and also converting all kinds of foam according to customer needs andapplication area.akustifoam is using its technological knowhow and market expertise for developing new products and solving problems according to customer needs in various sectors such as automotive, construction, gen-set, air compressor, marineand house hold industry.with its continuous improvement and innovative sprit, akustifoam is prioritizing customer satisfaction and proud to presenting quality and competitive products to customer service.

Products: insulation equipment & materials

Phone: +90 2128754971

Address: istanbul,turkey

Website: www.akustifoam.com

Email: export@akustifoam.com


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