Industry: Australia manufacturing

About Abnote:
contact: julian balasingam ; abnote australasia is one of the worlda??s leading security product providers, supplying governments, public and private institutions in over 20 countries globally, including id solutions (drivers, firearms, proof of age, student, fishing, boating etc), image capture, vehicle registration, credit and bank cards, smart cards, fuel cards, membership cards, gift cards, cheque books, passports and pins. we also produce associated services including letterheads, carriers, renewal and reminder, bills and invoices by processing various client data formats.our origins in australia date back to 1837 when john sands began business, supplying specialist stationery and engraving printing plates for secure documents. with the discovery of gold in victoria in 1848, the organisation became australiaa??s earliest supplier of security transaction documents. the abnote group based in the us, which traces its founding to 1795 and american patriot paul revere, is a global supplier of secure documents, services and systems with operations in nine countries on four continents and employing more than 5000 people with over 600 in australia.

Products: identity cards, drivers licences, smartcards, passports, vehicle registratons, enrolment, security, printing, biometrics, transit, mobile payments, nfc smart cards, secure id, secure credit cards. ;

Phone: 395569111

Fax: 395533306

Address: 1144 nepean highway,highett,vic,3190

Website: www.abnote.com.au

Email: bizinfo@abnote.com.au


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