Advanced Firefighting

Advanced Firefighting

Industry: Fire Fighting,Safety and Security

About Advanced Firefighting:
aft products represent the state of the art technology in efficient firefighting, aft has applied advanced aerodynamic technology from flow engineering applications involving liquid/gas mixtures to create aft water mist firefighting systems.portable and mobile water mist cafs extinguishing systems reduce response time, increase efficiency and control the fire hazard in the initial stage. the specially designed atomization nozzle creates optimum droplet sizes for extensive heat absorption with maximum lancing distance. aft products are designed to operate with either water or most available foam agent and are manufactured in different sizes from 9 to 1000 liters. all fire extinguishers are developed and produced with high quality precision parts and german engineering expertise. (made in germany). a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors is ready to serve your demand. the equipment is approved to many international standards.

Products: aft mpm 04 compact;aft trolley;aft backpack 1001;aft 0903 backpack

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