Argomatic Snc

Argomatic Snc

Industry: sheet metal working

About Argomatic Snc:
argomatic was founded in 2009 and taking advantage by the wide experience of its members, propose itself as a partner for companies that find themselves facing the challenges of the global market, needing to automate their productive processes.realizing new plants or retrofitting existing ones, we are able to improve our customer’s productivity and efficiency.argomatic as a company with a strong innovative vocation, has as target the research and development of systems and products with high technological content, in order to bring to the market solutions at the same time advanced and competitive.argomatic consider strategically relevant the in-house design of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric/electronic and software projects of machines, owning the know-how and be able to transfer it in the best way to its customers.

Products: automation plants for metal forming machinesretrofit and modernizationremote service for machines and plantsintegration of safety systems, complying european rules

Phone: +39 035808537

Fax: +39 03519962325

Address: osio sotto, italy



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