Acmon Systems S.a.

Acmon Systems S.a.

Industry: food

About Acmon Systems S.a.:
acmon systems, member of acmon group, is an engineering company with its own manufacturing facilities, providing comprehensive industrial solutions with a proven track record of over 25 years. we <u>design, develop and manufacture</u> reliable systems, delivering complete projects (on turnkey basis) and after sales support.nnacmon group has other two subsidiary companies, expertise to a specific industry sector, providing trustworthy solutions.nnicon systems specialized in designing, manufacturing and delivering systems that automate the packaging and conveying of the final products such as conveying, palletizing and packaging.nnacmon data is an innovative company fully specialized in developing and implementing it systems for production control and warehouse management.

Products: processing,packaging

Address: 57th klm. nat. road athens - lamia,inofita viotias,32011,greece



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