Agriflex S.r.l.

Agriflex S.r.l.

Industry: food

About Agriflex S.r.l.:
italian manufacturer since 1975, worldwide leader in the concept, construction and installation of systems for the handling of raw materials  -  customized solutions for the food industrynnongoing innovation like the  revolutionary & innovative flour cooling system by agriflex srl – patent nr. 1401347nncore business : storage, transport, dosing and automation of raw materials for the food industry, in solid and liquid form, for macro and micro ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, improvers, water, oil/liquid fats, flavours and any ingredient for the baking , pasta and confectionery industry)nnmicro-ingredients handling, transport systems in pressure or vacuum, electronic dosage for the handling of production recipes. softwares for the handling and control of each production. also available machines and systems for the production of liquid yeastsnnprestigious references worldwidennover 7000 installations realised and installed worldwidenntailored solutions to your challenges and targets, anytime & anywhere

Products: processing,packaging

Address: italy



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