Aal Mir Trading Co. Llc

Industry: food

About Aal Mir Trading Co. Llc:
dolfin.in the beginning there were sweets ... round and imperfect, witnesses of a passionate craftsmanship and above all, the dream of a young sicilian emigrant who returned from south america:to create delicious confectionery with an irresistible fragrance and to bring a smile of joy to children.?that was back in 1914. in a century of business, a story of passion, tenacity, love of quality and the continuous desire to amaze young and old alike with new and playful ideas.?tonino lamborghini.tonino lamborghini energy drink is a carbonated soft drink formulated to give the right amount of energy to those who aim at living every moment intensively without sacrificing style.

Products: coffee,energy drinks,juices,chocolate / chocolate products,chocolate / pralines,gummies / jellies,

Website: www.aalmir.com


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