Acm Composite Bearings Americas

Acm Composite Bearings Americas

Industry: boat

About Acm Composite Bearings Americas:
acm composites is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of resin bonded composite materials and non-metallic bearings to a wide cross-section of industries.for almost thirty years, we have developed, manufactured, supplied and supported the application of composite materials into numerous worldwide markets.acm composites has extensive experience supplying bearings for the marine industry in a wide range of applications both above and below the water line. these include rudder bearings and steering gear, water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, bearings for anchor handling systems, crane bearings, life boat systems, winches, stern roller bearings, offshore moorings and so on.acm l2 marine is a high load composite bearing material specifically formulated for marine environment applications. it comprises synthetic fabric reinforcement impregnated with a thermosetting resin and solid lubricant fillers.l2 marine is the only composite material approved to operate as a rudder bearing in wet and dry conditions at bearing pressures up to 10 mpa. class approvals are held from many of the worlds foremost classification societies.acm l2 marine has been tested and approved for stern tube bearing applications and has been proven to offer superior performance in terms of wear, extended life and low shaft wear over other water lubricated propeller shaft bearing materials. it is for these reasons that many navies use acm material for their stern shaft bearings.

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