A&a Alta Cucina Llc

Industry: food

About A&a Alta Cucina Llc:
a&a vision is to focus on creating extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories and goes beyond just a great product, through bringing the passion, flavors and traditions of italy in an authentic, versatile, easy, quick, healthful and delicious way.a&a alta cucina was founded by adriana coppola in may 2011, five months after she moved from italy to georgia.trying to keep the flavors and continue with her family traditions at home for her children, her neighbors and friends started wanting to buy her dishes and/or learn how to make them, and with it, the idea and opportunity to create a business while enjoying doing her passion came to her mind.she started making her products in a shared kitchen facility nearly and started to sell them, to friends, then at local farmers markets, at small local stores, and as of today the products are sold in more than 160 stores nationwide.

Address: decatur,ga,united states

Website: www.altacucinaitalia.com


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