Barco, Inc

Industry: cinema equipment

About Barco, Inc:
barco offers a rich and diverse array of entertainment experiences which enable exhibitors and storytellers to reinvent the cinema for a new generation. representing a new paradigm in cinema, cinemabarco magically brings every part of the theater to life, delivering visually spectacular and immersive entertainment before, during and after the show to create a one-of-a-kind moviegoing experience. from the lobby, to the auditorium and beyond, exhibitors can outfit their cinemas with innovative solutions that feature built-in revenue enhancement opportunities and help them grow their businesses while enhancing the moviegoing experience for guests. barco offers all of the solutions the barco lobby experience (interactive digital signage system), brilliant laser projection, natural immersive sound?and barco escape (a multi-screen, fully immersive movie format) to deliver the pinnacle of cinema entertainment.

Address: duluth,ga,united states



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