Veloce Engineering

Industry: aerospace,defense,medical

About Veloce Engineering:
state-of-the-art 3d printing?- veloce is one of the only sla service providers in the northeast to offer rapid prototypes from 3d systems latest stereolithography machine, the prox 800, projet 7000 and projet 6000. we also utilize a viper si2 sla, the original gold standard for additive manufacturing processes.rapid prototyping?- veloce has the equipment, technology, and experienced engineering staff to ensure your prototype is near production quality.? not only do we utilize sla and urethane casting technology, we?also offer?cnc machining services.? your prototypes can be produced in plastics or metals directly from your 3d cad data.?product design / engineering?- our team has a broad range of engineering experience in many industries and we are committed to providing solutions to your engineering needs. veloce will assist you with all aspects of your product development.

Products: machining & material removal processes,milling,turning


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