Actech North America, Inc.

Actech North America, Inc.

Industry: boat

About Actech North America, Inc.:
actech is a prototype sand and investment foundry specializing in ※rapid casting technology§ for quick turn-around delivery. we are a full service supplier from cad to casting to heat treatment to inspection and machining. our processes do not require hard mold tooling, therefore, reducing prototype-casting delivery time. depending on the complexity of the part, we utilize equipment that fuses the shell sand grains together or mill out a sand mold to create core and mold segments. the same technology is utilized to furnish high quality prototype metal investment castings.?tprojects are normally 1 to 20 castings?ttypical 1 to 3 week lead-time for raw castings ?trequests for quotes are returned in 24 hours?tpouring 每 aluminum, magnesium, iron, and steel alloys?tin-house cnc machining, inspection & heat treatment processeswith over twelve years experience, over 12,000 completed projects and delivery of 100,000+ castings, actech is the solution where time is critical.

Products: boat building supplies,boat building materials,fabrication equipment,metal fab equipment,metals,pumps,valves & fittings,propulsion / power,engines,turbochargers



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