Abel Schafer - Komplet

Industry: food

About Abel Schafer - Komplet:
the german company abel + schafer / komplet is a manufacturer of a large range of premixes and products for use in bakeries, confectioneries, hotels, supermarket chains and cruise lines.the company was founded in 1892 and is still a family- owned business. the registered brand name is komplet which means complete /easy to use.together with our sister companies in many european countries and the united states, assisted by a worldwide network of distributors, we provide our customers with quality products all over the globe.our product range has been developed according to the market needs. the requirements of the customers have changed over the previous years.nowadays, the so-called healthy breads, i.e. breads with a nutritional value, like gluten-free, low glycaemic index, high protein and organic products are much appreciated.in the confectionery sector, products easy to use like premixes for delicious muffins, moist donuts, glazes and coatings are especially in demand.in both bread and confectionery segments, abel + schafer / komplet offers a wide range of products and solutions for the customers needs.we wish you great success with the komplet products and are always at your service.??? ?bake the best with something good!

Products: bagels,baking mixes,baking products,bread mixes,breading / coating,breads / rolls,cake mixes,cakes / puddings / pies,dessert mixes,desserts,dough mixes,doughnuts,part baked products,pastries,savoury baked products,speciality bread,oats,rye,seeds,frozen,fair trade,halal products,health / wellness pro

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