Kurabo Industries

Industry: plastic

Phone: 81-6-6266-5367

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Website: www.kurabo.co.jp

Products: thermoplastic,continuous reinforcing fiber thermoplastic,glass fiber for frp,carbon fiber for frp,aramid fiber for frp,natural fiber for frp,sheet amp plate,frp moldingprocessing

Info: neomatex is a composite material in which a variety of thermoplastic matrix resin ( polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylons ) is reinforced with some fibers ( polypropylene fibers, carbon fibers, aramid fibers, glass fibers, and natural fibers ). in addition to its lightness, high strength and high elasticity, neomatex has the advantage of high productivity because it can be molded in a short cycle time. in the type of shapes, neomatex is available in 3 shapes - fabric, sheet and sandwich panel. depending on the formability and physical properties, those products can be used for woven fabric or non-crimp fabrics (ncf). any products can be molded by press forming.

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