American Apparel Gildan Activewear (uk) Limited

American Apparel Gildan Activewear (uk) Limited

Industry: Textile

About American Apparel Gildan Activewear (uk) Limited:
founded in 1989, the american apparel story truly begins in 1997, when the company made the move to the nexus of art, design and pop culturelos angeles, california. fueled by the individual expressionism that was so prevalent all around, american apparel would slowly chip away at the walls of convention to become one of the industrys most recognizable, with a breadth of products in a vast array of color choices and styles, and driven by a sense of honesty and authenticity, american apparel is proud to stand for equality, human rights and basic freedom. we embrace diversity. we dont believe in borders. no matter where youre from; no matter your color or religion, american apparel continues in its quest to represent personal expression and individuality through expertly crafted, easily affordable, products that are comfortable to wear. globally sourced... ethically made...still sweatshop free. thats american apparel.

Products: textiles - advertising textiles - sweatshirts;textiles - advertising textiles - t-shirts;textiles - sports and team wear - other;textiles - restaurant, hospitality and wellness - other

Address: 2nd floor, office 610, quayside tower



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