2006-10-26 12:51 bacon999

04/26 001韩国求3-10岁的儿童衣服
:c-Pd-Un'~-_%h Want To Buy Children Garment@/`}5ks
f o7lE XQo _&C
dear sir
k#z*v)jbaVG] we are looking for child outwear jacket 3~10 years in high quality ]:c)? S;Y([F
if you can suplly please contact meYd Hz'TYP;I
best rgds
v9?f I$[&F(lt!aQw jb3] zh2GC

n4m5d[$^0o Contact Information
}L-U.Rd^_ Mr. S.A.Farasami  ( EXPORT , president )+}/B~bf3Y~P
Company : 2R CORP&[ V3K-m Sp&C
Address : 545-1 GOAM RI,YANG JU, KYUNG GI DI ,KOREA YANG JU, Kyungki-Do5xH*Hs"[4z
Korea (South)^8ag$^s7z
Zip/Postal : 482-851 |\k&L7]
Telephone : 82-31-857-4128
X4u0Fj{rl6v Fax : 82-31-857-4127
t1J8dSS j-f-X6R7?Gah0d-y ]x
}g r*FkJT#H

%h*X*vS+t 04/26 002土耳其求中国产螺母
4^"F9{)e9m&M\&| oli \ L7xA,Hi
I-{r tY!nKDC2z:D IMMEDIATELY.!fXqR b['j

!d/I#{ LW;PR^ - Payment : L/C at sight
f$MZ$\O5p - Delivery : as soon as possible
&`5v yNV0Qar{ - Origin : CHINAe+F$BcR!]$J
- Minimum Order : 1x20 FCL+E#C/Idx'Cn)AF
- Packaging : bulk;h d3Blge5tNb
Contact InformationCh6B#MXZ1F:u%O
Ms. Begum Uysal
m;p8@0O5z ]n2f Company : Uysal Fastener Co.Mk+\T+So[2]L/I
Address : 1.Sanayi Sitesi 2829 sk. No:57 Izmir, Turkey
$r2s_e4o$B V2M Zip/Postal : 35110
"x%L:rM Q u4JsP Telephone : 90-232-449-0303F4aP|*c9P3e
Fax : 90-232-449-6707Jua o [-s#H7_|
x GO&CLN.^5?~

tE|yA5w *nJkf;O%`

||0t$| jq5O eT
^Z M E@)p@l 04/26 003马耳他求纸箱原材料
!i2pe$N4mwyu3|:Sk d Raw Materials For Production Of Carton Boxes
D'D^ PW^
9t __[qI ws We need supply of raw materials for the production of carton boxes. Please
T.\:y0U1JW reply with details so that we can give you the specifications required by
3PmJB,U*kX}/M us.
K\$^"H;tc g?)D5D1z'yE$c
E ]w+Yj}+L8v4d"Y
- Payment : LC |2X6q\&ls
- Origin : worldwide
/qdFd`'I,TJud )j4xv!^r#~DI

_Z%yJv }GT Contact Information
!U+|5pW h[ u E Mr. LOUIS C. SAVONA  ( General Manager )
D.p2je+j%xb Company : Clerimex TradingV'K-D"RwL9EK
Address : 'Carabella' TRIQ l-GHENBA ATTARD, ATTARD Maltawj!c&@'g+mUbT
Zip/Postal : BZN 04
5}#e5?4{.N:?v Telephone : 356-21-43-5558
x.r;V7V6MZ Fax : 356-21-42-02255]GU&T)A,y @U

)Nt}Bhc DU!vA7x
#j7vr y s,?(mL_X 9T6ucJ(u

'v7{9~d-} J
r0eg:~.\W 04/26 004马来西亚求感温金属
9\K1a"i#n,D-} Contact: Dato' Huang
-W;r;A|U6\0Jda%i 452 Permatang Batu,<br>Bukit Mertajam,<br>Penang,<br>14000,<br>Malaysia.
3y3N'~|wK} Bukit Mertajam 14000
r+s3h9L2tl+a Malaysia
(Z@)^/KR @j E-Mail: [email]customer@eiko.com.my[/email]+@B~c([ n S
Phone: 60-4-539 3515 60-4-539 3975 d1_:jg+I y_1n
Fax: 60-4-539 2755)X8B {#H(r
------------- ]e*KS!G tVzb
Subject: bi-metal / thermostat metal / clad-metal - In coil form nON1R\J1@(BY@
C:b~Gy&| specification : equivalent to SUMITOMO BL-2
t*g5Z1ne-b BQ sizes : 0.5 (thickness) x 5.0mm (width) andP8\-}uU|X+Ls
0.5 (thickness) x 6.0mm (width)
9L'MGRd quantity : 100 to 200 kgs per size.+ygVFE0m g U

^'_s,Gc I\8L x
X.i"u;b9G of-a_ 8e;N i,L8JC:q6x

;t k+I Qa$E i5Ex .Kx#yn0s
04/26 005韩国求染棉纱
| Dd#W;j9`$K,c Cotton Dyed YarnuM2m#L!~A3x$Ks;Bn

if iKZJ4I;Pc dear sir
xDa&Ut3ui9Z3N we are looking for cotton sulphur dyed yarn in hank if you can supply please-}-B0Dv0s!k{.i
send detail thanks &best rgds
&u z$d w9l7{5Xw
-t%l5W!{ m3lUT-{u Contact Information
u1`'O,c;{MQ Mr. S.A.Farasami  ( EXPORT , president )
zeAp"g-qk Company : 2R CORP
6GHM1h _C Address : 545-1 GOAM RI,YANG JU, KYUNG GI DI ,KOREA YANG JU, Kyungki-Do
Q O`X#n1[e"E Korea (South)"isp-i'v-@:]
Zip/Postal : 482-851
cM+AW E Telephone : 82-31-857-4128
-d$R@U4f#T_;q Fax : 82-31-857-4127#uO/o/K6KB|D

@4D y z8U/F}m 6h/h;GK5|S)y+q
lA"K(a!gU4T3_Qw g

'w U"_ t#| p $Q2] rEG
04/26 006尼日利亚求刈草机
4RZ%LS7a3{2z/b Contact: onyin G"tl.J7A*Nd)g
Company: onyin int ltd
p7x-_nz#r0r4yFj 50 itme rd
!T;Yra#@ aba 23480
ulEO$~"YaB;RD Nigeria mcq C{m
E-Mail: [email]onyin@fastermail.com[/email].} W5Q~$h&y
Phone: 234-80-366741| sK)P6|
Fax: 234-80-3539855H/h*\:rTl
------------+EZ.\Od$} {1A
Subject: Want To Buy Grass Cutter Machines~N,B-V0{6`N
0D4gO@!i v6\#z We are looking for company to supply supply us grass cutter machines.2qs:xrt d

-T \:C)l"@b Regards.csSx(q l@ H

;f-Nin2I$h\$a OnyinC2d-g,lh1oy)^Y
D E-[J}'C NA
"O V%tJ:h3G8w,Zxx

s2v7[2cJuk)dT ;i:E'P6Y+Bq8t
04/26 007埃及求光驱、内存、MP3驱动器N:i8E_)o N
Need Rams & Flash Drivers & MP3drivers
OvV&HvZn-Ck Dear Sir,
&`7c%y^ h8e:I We are Beni Suef International Trade Point (B.S.I.T.P) a sector of the^#]1CDG
Ministry of Foreign Trade in Egypt, We are working in the field of Marketing U,t9| c p}El,nm
& Promotion Through Exchanging Information Using the Latest Technology For!nk8?z)o$n.A_
Developing Transactions With Other Countries. Our goal is to help small and(ku V/YE-cH*N
medium enterprises to export their commodities. Our services are TOTALY E.g$NT3g.z9b-wP
FREE.,~y8C3h Vf7} tN
We need Rams & flash drivers & MP3drivers from any origin q#Tz m'w`
, if you want to~2IP T1k)U5O
Dealing with us Please send us a fax or email:w'Q DD.Jtk`,Q
Looking forward to hearing from you.XCR5JxT@
Thanks & Best Regards,RW+F\lXj
Fatma Taha
"X5P~8L_&Z;cf)h}c I%h$u$w/wD\!i
Contact Information
pdY9})i;w@Uw Ms. Fatma Taha0Er$Js?"p h
Company : Beni Suef Trade Point
,U6gE ZfQ Address : Beni Suef Villa 40 Egypt l5`7Mpb-u&K\*R
Zip/Postal : 90706Qg*S ~ o
Telephone : 20-82-2353-9469s8\.Y@)in7@
Fax : 20-82-2353-949$^#jpz6Rfy}#v[
I0^,{%jy P[v

@3r7E.L8n_{ 04/26 008印度寻中国塑料工厂合作
3`k0B(o5E d Contact: chander prakash)|h5Q%b2uj7h
Company: paramount plastic ind.y8q ~cz'Q
post box 40255cg,pl_!C,H'V^
new delhi 110017-EF a!sl9F7j0[!}
IndiafH1M4V#u4B l
E-Mail: [email]ppi77@eth.net[/email]
xzk[eEV#|$pA Phone: 91-11-29542381r6v\&y4P#?
Fax: 91-11-26498306 _BzuP2P6i(uG%\@
-------------?D9c"Qd ^
d$n9_l eV` Description:
7X,l}%qM DEAR SIR,
.FcZ4q*K8wU#F BEST REGARDSG? G:}6Y*i }6U p+fO
,yVf}7S8g Mj(g 9c [o#ha&Oe|3Q V

;p MB^)h ]P .Bto&~_
cdKa ia
04/26 009巴基斯坦求库存人造革
3TJ)QT2ni5z [bK Buy 190t & 210t PU Coated Stock Lots.
)~;ch1^v'j Dear Sir,F2^Byz7r6p#?*p.a6D

9E+Yci+{4`;L We are Pakistan based company interested in buying stock lots in tafeeta
;Z-}'q aBvmSm fabric. |(O9r-g ~ l#VqN
uGR"w P[
Please advice the avaliblity.
\'\fS2~ J
dRG/O;X2LYc_c_ [ Regards.Ohc?7v?.vAx:p
furqan hussain
0qA|\8s };H)t0m TT~K(U\t3sWo
- Payment : l/c
O7T2\;LBB/f$vI - Delivery : 60-days
8I+g;T)H@M,vK Y8e - Minimum Order : 2-containers
+YlVsfsBER%Q%g - Packaging : 20m - 200m8lH C XBL&b
- Samples : Charge
? U WS_R:{
6F,JV G"|X%n7e)y
y kZ(Y-w,x7E%@S Contact Information
!Y#N k Vo Mr. Furqan Hussain  ( PURCHASE , PRESENT )
nB!t&p3N3{ Company : Q & F ENTERPRISE
S.Y'g ]y~7]~.n Address : 101, SAMIA FARGEN KARACHI KARACHI, SIND Pakistan:d8h%MB(o W ]J*J9g
Zip/Postal : 752300
.Jz lM!g&K,m%o Telephone : 92-21-4557-235
&[.h o%X!Is Fax : 92-21-4557-235
M#O P#o:P?7g ] g_;zq'd[ h*f-B

q-qmDt2U6u 04/26 010埃及求活牛和山羊
?5J0g0Y'_V3O Need Alive Cow And Alive Goats\o V.O9j0@'O#Nq
Dear Sir,h9^)d)Z h(xG*{
We are Beni Suef International Trade Point (B.S.I.T.P) a sector of they@[@a5Mc"o&{*p*D A
Ministry of Foreign Trade in Egypt, We are working in the field of Marketing*OG(ugs pH
& Promotion Through Exchanging Information Using the Latest Technology For
dI%M6^ lIRN Developing Transactions With Other Countries. Our goal is to help small and
K8TdP \5}8v2A(A'v7s medium enterprises to export their commodities. Our services are TOTALY)SF6M*r*^|
oW9G gHB| We need alive Cow and alive goats from any origin@o:Q6BmR$T`
, if you want to;LKM(Z!QWm[]
Dealing with us Please send us a fax or email
;|*Q\SH Looking forward to hearing from you.0Q~6l dX s9G
Thanks & Best Regardsl+B$e(yV;b1?!B#P
Fatma Taha.i.r ln"bO$q

OgY*eU7WqI\ Contact Information$R:|rRK |
Ms. Fatma TahaYi)B]y2r
Company : Beni Suef Trade Point
K3|2bP2I)O B Address : Beni Suef Villa 40 Egypt ~v8clp/G
Zip/Postal : 90706P9m)V U0I
Telephone : 20-82-2353-946
zW9m3CNT%z Fax : 20-82-2353-949Z!sk'}` ?'CO

j,Q.JDF!K @m^cf

5`Yq C;L&\
F qY7[#@r 04/26 011沙特求A4影印纸
2v#hyQ@U G+} Required A4 Size Photocopy Paper For Saudi Arabia
/D3]8\Uk)B X O:Mwd
R)H1_&]'wP%R+ti)mr [ Dear Sir.
C?~`8i/G lw"L'p/S
We the Alkhazindar Co Ltd are pleased to contact you as a leadingZ^Pmt2W2t+[ ~
distributor in Whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are highly involved in)O Z.i_6]_c3|k
distribution of different products from the last ffity years and enjoying a fOLx ]z S Mc@
vast area of network. We are also working as a leading Sole Agent in WholeS#`'sWl K
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and importing products from different region of the)NL9c8O^c1T+k/b$h ur
world. Our major share of business come from European countries.I i X3w;b@8N7i

#NUo1_1r.jRoz'P P After a brief introduction i am interested in (A4 Size Photo Copy papers#v P8NU,M
contains exactly 80gsm of 500sheets/ream and 05ream/carton includingx8h3Z!] _~
brightness of more then 96%) from your side as i got the addresses from your1gZ N8hw v%k'T
Trade Develpment department working in Saudi Arabia. so i need yourUE:K(SGr
attention in this regard so kindly send me complete details which containse W/YS+j
Model No's, Unit Price etc. I will forward your complete information to the
8D ix4w)G0Ynr}#@!O concerned department who will anaylse the market, prices and Quality. I am3C @Ii5}/A:K
sure your efforts for Alkhazindar Co Ltd will work and will be able to start B.t@|$Iha
a new product lines through your co-operation.
*d ^LH-NNR%b
g|6U1g5KE Wish u all the best and your earliest response will be highly appreciated.
}EG+{y4B "j6{)b#}*Dy
Sz$z#Kk r~D
Best Regards.
S5`}2F'wp Mohammed Shahbaz KhanQ.M!Q%h7X&|hzX
Stationery Department
Be@:wMP,D E1w%@^wc - Payment : through L/czTjP b
- Delivery : As earlier as possible
mW#N z9};A3\} - Origin : indonesian / China
9n&S\a;yVT/DD)l - Minimum Order : containers?*oZ](w"`7u C
- Packaging : 500 sheet/ream, 05 ream per carton3rT.k&w4} h/^v'a
- Inspection : quality certificate required%Y w0W S2u q
- Samples : Charge
RS&C,IW'gM h - Remarks : we will print our logo on every ream and carton.
)} El-u[8dhW9m:E;v !P-O'^)YC GlVVU-]

!X f3WB5f-P%] Contact Information+{ zG*e]
Mr. Muhammed Shahbaz Khan  ( Import , Import Manager )I(cY O(~yK"u/hJ
Company : Alkhazindar Co Ltd {j{1fKQLo
Address : P O Box 157, jeddah 21411 jeddah, jeddah Saudi Arabia)rh bJ)ez@1w
Zip/Postal : 21411z{T$AG`&Wi
Telephone : 966-02-6827-736wl#uM*{5LT;O F
Fax : 966-02-6825-052
6T]_.P x ;@/L7?,J8N?.FQ

8v0|h~1q%J {B?P"y%y%HL

yW0c3p#w\$@3u0CK 04/26 012孟加拉国求锅炉
(Q9@K:R0oN-d!po;| Looking For Boiler Suplier
hSm |8JL"z
8dU v/ALq9Y @ Dear Sir,s(Wuog D'w+t^F0Sa2l

l+WTV*Qeb$K We are pleased to inform you that we, Bidco Associates is one of the leading
FF_GbQIl Trading Organizations in Chittagong, Bangladesh dealing with Industrial
8Qd;T`0hB:XyVf Plant Machinery and Equipment especially we are well familiar inG]sm/g&GF*W
installation, commissioning & troubleshooting of any types of boiler.
&|+N2A |Y'lUR Now, we are going to supply different capacities, type and pressure boiler
&{K"bU2XJj!l to our respective clients with the base of our best reputation in that
S5Sb q&i \f field.G*Wo5w,|-c(e$J R"zR
In this regards, we are looking a well-reputed Boiler supply company to get
#e&pxx5] x,`.b-b/| agency ship in Bangladesh.
svn!G-U\ e N(R
2Z_7_%P{m 2urZV%iG

,Yk'?#Y,Wph If you have any clarification in any aspect, please do not hesitate to
*xeFRY0I"] contact us.}N6a'n6k/G?S'm

"Y'u~q;K-A Looking forward to a prospective co-operation for the above at your soonest4A3kV(k1I

E ^P$I }w(s[ E Best regards.Aw&_~zq S
Thanking youf K/w.w I(l

(A,F'm3e0e;{g } @U For Bidco Associates
NUK#]7LJ;R/| yo'~8LYA2@ W
Engr Mizanur Rahman
Q,t5e-S? Sales and Project Engineer$hsOtH.T{
BIDCO Associates.h0S}-G;B/Eiuu b c
Hashem Mansion(4th floor)+@_*]D#ws
945, O. R. Nizam Roadg.nB"J'y0M;DU
Nasirabad, Chittagong.
)g6t;E ]8[x.vI Tel: 880-31-655071, 880-18-312781.-e*}q6t+^4j&b

?3M;j~ o CX6C8CE
c Il z.| Y"`}2r J 04/26 013土耳其求MP3播放器
~m!k+\O[f Buy Mp3 Player
0[ j3zH$t*q5V1oa F5p:ptW-X rj]
we are interested in buying all kinds of mp3 player please give us very very!DVV_ A8H
good prices with good quality. if you have good quality and price we can5D+V&W#e.fQ"T
start with small orders and it will increase step by stepK@4PO*s7Op
0U)j a}~|:n-_6}
Contact Information
eop q B3q)c0Z-t9g Mr. Serhan Tuzcu  ( export , export manager )F&f-Hn2]#~ z er
Company : Neokem Ltd.sti
x/J+Y;e(ji Address : 1875 sokak no:4 izmir, Turkey
5T\X/_.S3WsD Zip/Postal : 356007?+QK7h*q/b
Telephone : 90-232-381-3116
,C D;F h!e Fax : 90-232-381-5160#Hd$BM%aK6A

#^NDv3nsI$n~1K 0h2\8p&{&dUb
fXoscn1t/g a
]0|#lA6j P/T8f
04/26 014印度求碳化钨
#_}A_|;]GPg)c1t Tungsten Carbide Scarap/Z"_$S iB+s&W

Rz!DH6@ we are looking for tungsten carbide scrap of any type and in any form for
;Y$Gm RAQl$oF"_ our captive use. kirit parikh[(L]Lb

$Q$VgMhR Contact Information{ U,ExT0o#X3C
Mr. Kirit Parikh  ( owner )
[z$D%o'AnLEyT Company : SWASTIK INDUSTRIES+PV.i7@qT*o:aR@
Address : 82, mahalaxmi. ind. estate, nr. ghodasar rly. crossing vatva
A Lhs7E#YFdI,G ahmedabad, gujrat India
[ h2D&k&MC,JK;L$^ Hd Zip/Postal : 380015
#_8g*|}\lw4Ju j Telephone : 91-079-5521-4194(^}Qa$E,y*Y
Fax : 91-079-2646-4912!LhE gEdwn
~7s0@ @$i5z(k0V

Tp%sN3v it1o$J&lq{uSF
04/26 015科威特求硅橡胶手镯
5t5EV'ZFo~G Silicon Rubber Bracelets7s,}v[aX*P `

)HI)y&i6m/r we want silicon rubber bracelets/wrist bands
(c]}8\,yiZAI with writing logo,suppliers pls contact
0{A.b{zP(iY Contact InformationQW~VK5[!h;y6r
Mr. Narayan Mamidi  ( hair acceries , manager )%N.C@&YZ5G~tb \'eb0\^
Company : Anwar Group Trading
#u.L1`y_:e,` Address : shop no.39,mora market,mubarakiya kuwait city, kuwait Kuwait
.Mz,f%t E4\ p Zip/Postal : 00965O2w6u+S0N.}
Telephone : 965-65-240-5894-vsM$Tk;[?3a [
Fax : 965-65-2405-894
3Mg YX/gG$O"X"g 5ov~fd

KN;z4};F:|(J4~x${ 04/26 016印度求N330碳黑
|4_ eW ugD Enquiry For Carbon Black N 330 HAF
tU0Wa(CBe QVa
)m0Oc T!B.n z Require Carbon Black, especially N 330 HAF Grade continuous supply. Monthlyx2Y'\,n}*h'PxwHL
requirement 3 to 5 containers. Pleas send quote with sepcifications for 20'
QI2cp7?!\lb and 40' container loads, CNF Cochin Port (India)P2b:xOPM5M{

Zqy@ t_P - Payment : L/C
/q Wg9h%Ehb M - Origin : Any Country k-A#I5] v
- Packaging : 20 kgs bags^~-F&n`/nCd
- Remarks : We are Indenting Agents. Please indicate our rate of commission
3@u%uFw!o&q @/a B&z#L^)_0]%E
A:ro4RHk z-V
Contact Information{*T ^Z#ftL
Mr. Chandramohan Nair  ( Indenting , Advisor )%b#c`.b%mK
Company : Udayam Enterprises fa8q6S jC5R4X
Address : Plot No. 149 Sector 18-A Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India+k;c}4[1d @)p
Zip/Postal : 400706
\){B9_)pd:|eh"T Telephone : 91-22-2771-89520f@[|(}7_Iy
Fax : 91-22-2771-8952u y~V$?.Fy
o yi]P(bs`b9p:o7]8z(z

[F\$m cpf8p0z3J 04/26 017孟加拉国求印花的法兰绒织物
8zRc S4Ryr )R^4i,Juz
HWP{_%\;kDeNs3H %E-_(z o#UoP2M`
`v6`*Yk~ i,I+v /Im|#` {3WT@"C
- Payment : L/C AT SIGHT&x,Y4O^eyof_[

+y;wb |\1o2Z Contact Information
Company : TRADE CONNECTION)o?)B ` W];[O.p'R
Address : HOUSE # 104, ROAD # 4, BANANI DHAKA, Bangladesh
!bdSQ!|p Zip/Postal : 12002p.HMDF"~&o&jz
Telephone : 880-2-831-659
j%Nw!R-Ea,\v$N Fax : 880-2-956-550
Q:n2[#me;o] C 1y"f&l[4H9\

4U A!}.e/u8bXC ? 04/26 018浙江求MP3播放器
/J*pZ2?]Q|*zGQ MP3ykk\)D-|

*h{u |M"gym8kL m Looking for low-priced China-made mp3 players of various designs and styles&DW.Ft/y
not exceeding 300 RMB/PC.V"u1n%k Z
iP [\*{BT-n&h5_ x
Please supply us with the following information:nK)J U:F7h _ vm B
1. Price: RMB/PCdy(PAt.|
2. Warranty information;d*`/C?:J5@
3. Package: PCS/CTN, CTN LxWxH, CTN GW.
i3v8`i6TJY e 4. Quality certificates if any. Wh"z dMEN
5. Minimum quantity per order.
'|j)s{(I d&Xw7_RMW2d
Thanks for your kind attention.
&|5h*{5E*V/\? r
`s m+sVC B $j^ mOm,wD6[u
Contact Information
(w,i)X gVu2}$c Mr. Chuncan Feng
oH F-N`#y&Jt Company : Feng International Tradint Co. Ltd
&Bw)lsnl(s Address : Rm 2-402 Xuefu Cun, Nan Gaojiaoyuan Qu Ningbo, Zhejiang ChinaBqV C?L
Zip/Postal : 315100
xI!Uc,hv4p4s Telephone : 86-574-8824-0849 Y(l%m#N+V.Q)I Un
Fax : 86-574-8824-0849
_Bm5Jm6Z(h Z%^M1n2f~lfJ j
VTt0b7U^#d {

{/_)s2p+Q3bt +f1LQqZ9z D7lV
04/26 019叙利亚求购毛巾床罩等
` [@oa-m COMPANY NAME: ITMCO#m _n;a~z
TEL: 031/461760/488144
*a\9Td&Y2x {9{u FAX: 031/484460
/wl,w%n0YN MOBILE: 094/446333
k3d,g(aK4E j E-MAIL: [email]IKHWANTAM@NET.SY[/email];AFx eF3Q
0j6W(^t] 备注:客户需求以英文为准;叙国家区号为00963
:^Gs?:z)b l _Y9up[#j
cB UrXB;f5g ]+W b(Su0U"v
B fw K*M!F
K goq{WC8vRB
04/26 020叙利亚求购塑料和印刷机械
)eDg:XL/xw0]N dh0Sn QC*K-g9a(F^
TEL: 021/2231603/2687373
/p"Xh$A{&@(}~;A U%Zk FAX: 021/2668005
#t-B8nT0e!do E-MAIL: [email]M-AFASH@SCS-NET.ORG[/email]ew,\!j/{/~
@Mh.w9F T/Bn 备注:客户需求以英文为准;叙国家区号为00963M;F2_i]
zm^ bt
,@p] I*}

PQUlQ&[X4z 04/26 021阿联酋一公司询中国产木材和水泥
+L Ri)k\%^g/O&hq 阿布扎比一公司欲与在迪拜经营木材及水泥的中国企业合作,该公司联系方式如下:5D`^siHp

2jO@)T:oV$LC 公司名称:Mohammed Al Otaiba Group Est.
WIV+y'tY 地址:P.O.Box 3348 Abu Dhabi, UAE
L;ft9^X9K7W 电话:00971-2- 62218003Q'{)BF+L~
传真:00971-2- 6221810
S&@,JC(C&n~1i E-mail: [email]otaibal@emirates.net.ae[/email]{ z2j:~*DX3W
联系人: Mr. Fawzi KudaihIb}"r?wT

M/CA#l0v R*|M)XV%hu
F d ~[G2F9WUfo8nj

%Y D1os8XG 04/26 022智利Thermadyne - Soltec 公司求购焊接机械、焊条等相关产品
2x*W^Fx7tD 公司名称:Thermadyne - Soltec Qk aSE;h$^c
]0~9H7E&Za _5i5I 传真:56-2-5575349
.^!mH+g aI5vFJ [url]Http://www.soltec.cl[/url]
7gtV^qB"h-`/UT p 贸易部经理:Jorge Bugue?o
I?V s7st E-Mail: [email]jbugueno@soltec.cl[/email]
BI)?myn2R3c,C :}0B BB'U {8`?d

6^yl W7s"y'nYt9F
&_m.ux;g 04/26 023阿尔及利亚一公司求购塑料原料ze|^T*M"T
'?Z t{ }9h 公司名:SARL CALCO
8C${.q&wovV;[D L 电话:00213-21-516674
:hW9@Y hO1@ 传真:00213-21-515921
[9Q'c"H'eb P
$qk e_!jZ2l"~T
1oc(nQSI6R$Bf B$p5r:d,^4I
04/26 024阿尔及利亚一公司求购家用五金制造设备及原料n$b*h!A\C
]d l5`JE-IU 资,有意者请联系:
C-_%UJ/Y BOONNAH Salah先生
3P Em-a)s^:sw s qE"P 电话:00213-33-854443
+PBD*L v
zI+Lp3x,lh ,X+AcM|M5A

;th5f3w#zvE/R| 04/26 025摩洛哥求纸巾(g]p.[)Q2L&_CO._Z
Looking For Paper Handkerchiefd-}IQ3x!Gh*j
^sl4zZ |Y/X5z
dear sir
Jc9r$^%O4k we are an import and export company in morocco we are looking for paperC6a#Q6Oy(Xf h"H ^aV
handkerchief from Turkey , Spain , italy , Syria7t/Js O.]3Z4o9bOA
we need a brand name to represent in morocco , please send us your offre .$q7L"Uj6f

*nt&w K.G/P Contact Informationq%LV0HQqX3Ro3Hxu_S
Mr. Hassan Chichani  ( commerce , marketing manager )
z9HZ;Ozo+h)RD Company : Agentx
z T-~5Hk{M9Bh Address : bp 35552 casablanca, casablanca Morocco%kr8~[c*Z J
Zip/Postal : 20350\)`5m\+LK$Kk#S
Telephone : 212-63-6259-39
7R.I H0eDC9@ Fax : 212-22-6244-41 D-H&Q],w{ ]#n

6al9N ]?v/hr
#muG1F#l5P!] M"IP6YVo
04/26 026土耳其求蛋白粉和蛋黄粉T#O O btr
Egg Powder Demand
3Sz1d9LN.[X'H+u +u;Jp%nj!O@
Dear Sir,v0?Wv1nk

Jf"fx l5S0J*e We require pasteurised spray dried egg whole, albumen and yolk powder.x N{`j hm0~ \~

2ZF5UY:b%Bl R S The monthly quantity will be 20 tons.
fb^4dUV.r Payment will be L/C at sight.D,@W J&QG:i7g m
Please state your competitive CIF price to Istanbul or Mersin Port.
F8qojqM+W7rBSR AhQ YT5On/s\F
Best Regards,M z-Y5`'t l7ly-k^
Asli YALKUTifm'p6f| o
a6H.| Q |2Of
8h hBi&b5i(TC
Contact Information
X0Mw^UH&bL o Mrs. Asli YALKUT    ( Foreign Trade , Manager )9_1^ei&[x ?
Company : Marimex Import Export Ltd.
8G hxt"yUE Address : Caferaga Mah. Gurbuzturk Sok. No:18 D:3 Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey
xa0X R#p0O;a Zip/Postal : 34000
9r'@_}3V Telephone : 90-533-336-6779
2lG6WZn Sx mz Fax : 90-216-414-5175#i(i3bCa)S&w#c

Z$~nF.D FAu 4P0X] \'M7RRK4oF

Vh:l4L/Jf'R | _5V!m)I"Lu ge)R:]
04/26 027巴西求防静电的护目镜h B4` {.| dNF
Protective Goggles._'_3v;_I T;H
(p| q1Y3c^"k G#c
We are looking for a protective goggles manufacturer.I7J7BN;I%p

`"s^X,XoA0w The goggles must have poly-carbonate lenses; in accordance with ANSI Z80.3
~.@"zOL3{ or ANSI Z87.1 or ANSI Z.1/1989; and might have anti-fog, anti-static,
b(P[.io)Uj"S#C anti-scratch and anti-UV characteristics.0N&D)U ][EO5L9@0?

wJ+f(}Zw P y Best regards,
+j|ltu(T7W z1q;~%Y Milton.AU3YA8I

&n r;A@gM
.Sjps$fM-V!Au Contact Information5q*\3t6i6Hp ]C
Mr. Milton Joseph Mello  ( Trading , Director )#KJbW``+`
Company : Apoio Comercial Exportadora E Importadora Ltda#Mjb"l.D sz
Address : SHIN QL4 Conj2 C19 Lago Norte Brasília, DF BrazilJ'V'x t g4R`!H
Zip/Postal : 73301-970;W'}.a a2Vm\.x y
Telephone : 55-21-2542-12589ZM3nM4o"t&z` A
Fax : 55-61-468-2808
o6hQ Mh *wcyDN-l}.|

Bx c0S5Xk#Fw| WPN}l&_
04/26 028印度求空调管 nA;r4N,Z!]
Buy Charging Hose
P ]6Fl*Ks&jS
J;U|6`/n(TV{r Dear Sir,Q$Y0az?.{4bt'sD

*c Q!Pt'^ y g1H,~8g ie We are an India Based home appliances manufacturing company currently we are
!H Ss7~.|8p in Air Conditioners Business and we are looking for Charging Hose for our
X*? ~&K/[,h4T3Ay ^t production of Air conditioners. So, We are looking for supplier of charging
F S0{$|&kK.Wj2U&{ Ih C hose for Air conditioners with following specification:-
jL$B+q(OMz'z %\4V2r7Z!pV
1. WP 500PSI/B.P 2500PSI7\c D+vu.Z
2. LENTH 36/60%R:gLw\


.|1V f5`)~)}q Mi gI7m:v)O?:^1[dc
Contact Information
0J(rF^ ^;J`Y Mr. Javed
:g&P8\a5y a+x Company : Asplimpex
9W}u b _,Q/\ t Address : 6/2,WEA, karol bagh new delhi, delhi Indiai`fa~3X{j
Zip/Postal : 110005
l]-]"}V+]:j)v0\ Telephone : 91-11-5100-0200t5D$fJm|
Fax : 91-11-5100-0300r%i'O wn p
3{ l*Xr/f-Zf

!q&^[H6yS )~7xF6NM+q
04/26 029新加坡求碳黑OHd![ CB#C%@
Buying Carbon Black Pigments |Rp ~ xVD ^|
/F,cJs:H p3A!\W
Our company specialises in marketing pigment blacks (special blacks). Our!M X| b5I:L!R
pigment blacks are produced using advance furnace process technology to'h*`hK(G!Q B3e9C oX
ensure our pigments is cleaner chemically and physically than N seriesi }?)] y~-A(M~
rubber blacks . Due to this purity of our pigment black, it results inAJ)stq` E
excellent dispersion ,good jetness, UV stability and good end product
8Z l$Gzeh Ixe'@ | m quality (less product defects ). Our plant is ISO 9001 certified. Our carbon A0V!A V9v)Y
black pigments are under brandname: STARBLACK.
+b_| i\ yB{&q"L'Xp1~
Currently, we are selling a variety of carbon black pigments to customers
E(GJ"\pj who are printing inks manufacturers,coating manufacturers,paint
e2??{-OWQ6A manufacturers, plastics/masterbatch manufacturers (injection molding,
|Sl%W;C x extrusion etc ) Our carbon black can be used in leather coating,paper$n%JeA0FS0pF
coating, powder coating, etc.}_4E8R^k2k^
These carbon black pigments are used for colouring ,conductivity or for UV
N$bVqxb stability depending on the requirment of the end-product.P5W u9n{w,C
r^ Oz\~
We create value by optimising our chemical business controlling costs and
,i&{|A[~ managing capacity to provide quality goods at economical costs
([Dq6r h+^E)M y3oHC3E
If you are interested to buy our products, we will send a soft copy of our(bs5h'M'u2B] N"E Hc~
brochure for your reference. Please provide me your email address.Samples
O ]o m%@U8jw4_ can be provided for you for evaluation.'wv@L"@!W

)bedkfF,\j We look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.
9RC GH!|euV/H ** Please note that we do not supply rubber blacks (N Series).
^6L/YX2M Contact Information"{iqbb)]Ea:M'Q
Ms. Vi Wong      ( Sales Director ),Z y] Bp;QQ0Z [
Company : Carbon 6 Pte Ltd-u3ZtoZF
Address : 30 Toh Guan Road #02-02A ODC Districentre, S 608840 Singapore$ufR!i|5wcA
Zip/Postal : 608840
U)B Q;e[+S Telephone : 65-6-896-4626:Vv+GB-y ?aH
Fax : 65-6-896-3385
X,op,wY!`Y ;g/[Ju8r A

?2@R5E6Aau D
AT&}Wf"}+l |ig$L v8aks
04/26 030瑞典商人求购墙体用瓷砖、壁炉用瓷砖
c1J}5ALH*w Ct 瑞典商人求购墙体用瓷砖、壁炉用瓷砖(较厚、较耐热),欲与具备一定的产品设计和2ysOt-K}M&V0b2Z
.B6E!GV.W-aQu[ Su7m9Db.K"EG r E

&OJRm{#OU4K6Ew ]h1Gb%va dPy

x7j+C2s8rO*W o 04/26 031哈萨克斯坦阿克套市某公司寻求中国化妆及医疗美容品生产厂"p%@yT8l#f#bh
地址:阿克套市&hH C)D d1|`0|?
联系传真:007-3292-414111;X)^D`Wf T+Q7O
联系人:Хамутаева Лейла$Bu#v?6U0D7~X
E-Mail:[email]feniksx@yandeks.ru[/email] KU)WB%\1q}

O5P2X-JT%~f;z:R *Gq!D{SU1jm

l0s1Z+r3d7t-V;} 04/26 032哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图木ТОО“RAL”公司寻求生产厨房设备的厂家,主要用X,@ n%h$EK
(n+AjN_)_R;Y 地址:阿拉木图市4X4u Jre8] [_
联系电话:007-3272-798867!]7_n&c W;C
h}5u Sd0gT"^ |3H5~)\ 联系人:Рашад Фарадж
@N2GU A2jd E-Mail:[email]ral@network.kz[/email]dvN-L9Q(lxX+c'B

{` v:M|f Q K~s]"D}o

;G \#W ed`-M|
9A5F,S{.M i 04/26 033哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图木ТОО“ЭКОС И К”公司求各种建筑用通风设
地址:阿拉木图市)yf e4M1V$n
gS` f'qR1~,p 联系人:Н.Ф.Бухитярова
ir3jv~ E-Mail:[email]ekos_k@nursat.kz[/email]Eh H2z])q'r

E6om*EP7Pz [7Z!Q\
#PT Yp*jq
y,i2A Z$` a
`H`1_]J#[*[*]}-i 04/26 034埃及公司寻求与我房地产领域代理商、经纪人合作
?9pph N Z 埃及一公司寻求与我房地产领域全权代理商、核准经纪人合作,感兴趣的企业请联系:4xlot7Hbm

'WV _H3[ Q+P 公司名称:Mena for Touristic & Real Estate Investment*t+{M@V W+E
联系人:Ibrahim Massoud
_a3~-\m!f!P 电话/传真:0020-2-2663221
%K A\1AF email:[email]f.fathallah@mena.com.eg[/email]
~5wa7K0hm#bG [email]research_development@mena.com.eg[/email]
Rf{Zz Z D*cI'Q

W%jn4nUq7tc3K-` 04/26 035埃及公司求购钢丝钳、钳子、锤子、钢锯条、喷枪等手工工具r#h7?}*gP\`
"Bjo2_U0L:E5w !KJD7G0U Su'R
公司名称:Manhstyr Imp. & Exp.
#s(mZC$z@d.a/` 联系人:Hossam Talaat
7M3I#[9pUS{ 电话/传真:0020-2-2663221
0o:O'{@J LhA _ email:[email]manhstyr@hotmail.com[/email]MwK#Y.NI:k

b~+|g/Y es%` j c0U

aLs$\ f-a` pE
(G+T7n*roC6dij 'Qf x:mN uC] sPz#T&V
04/26 036印度求旧氧气瓶1万个
We wish to buy New or used oxygen cylinders to refill oxygen for hospital&A H!]ys]O'v,_9K
4ypZ {RfDf i
Test pressure (Kgf/Cm2) :250
4hK}-A/I Working Pressure (Kgf/Cm2) :150'AI7[l,[1A?0V

{/y5Ba'L7Qy{ Gas specified: MO2%D;l!JSdT7r?

mzeMO Water capacity: 46.7 Lit.M.r(r!W-tlwom
n;bY3Fi3A5j8k^ E
Gas capacity (Kgs/Cu.m): 7.0;~)Rg"z8U z
SX8[!lL VDe*X
Out side dia (mm) :232.00
.BL'B K} U*i [9ia?,S([/I
Wall thickness (mm) :5.5
K-@4eu.{]-W3o\ H{
_X)~+It6q/Z Cylinder length: (Approx) (mm) :1370.00
'b_HSW$D Z
6kD:b8j8h!JZ Cylinder weight. (Approx) (Kegs) :54KgbfGQRD t X
Qty 10000 numbers#RvPc([%b DK-|
Other specifications:(g$RTR,[2zo)N)Dd

YA7N F]q;z/dv M Standard: AS PER IS7285Xc,T]_5b

'y ]*I Iy#T)t7?b TYPE of Bottom: Concave Bottom1AvB%kA8t{m5}
Valve inlet: As per IS:3224%v P4]2j7d)z0fK

4n!I*}%n C k IE5P#j5z[!MZ

z6~Fh'x4kad4B Certificate: Cylinder must be supplied along with manufacturers Test
~3V [| W certificate under BIS certification.PLS CONTACT.3w&q6I9o Y.M'? O*{

7uc Zm!P `1A1n D REGARDS
:o9[LRM _ J I.P.SAIGAL(jK;Nb4J

^5{N ^8C\"Y(F
y%t$o4I0`)J!T4k - Payment : L/C AT SIGHT*`dJ YH'h,?Cq'V8W#^
- Delivery : CIFF'G'B:i+uWRb
- Origin : ANY
#mm.CbC` - Minimum Order : 10,000 PCS.-n~M%@QV3Gfl
- Packaging : LOOSE;nL2Y`GX:\/o
1zLJ;AlYK - Samples : Charge-EO3ve{"u"hm

z&eHZD/S1J P `.w2jd$A9qm{
Contact Information"Q d"_Q_w9F,e
FG]#G;w|z Company : SAIGAL TRADING CORP. US7DL N+~4vA3?
Address : P-81, CHITTARANJAN PARK NEW DELHI, DELHI India-x'xL;}3] Yg8K5rp
Zip/Postal : 110019
,V.EF(D ]+]1xQ&U/^ Telephone : 91-11-2627-1227$B\&B6CN`#Ic
Fax : 91-11-2627-3975&O.O"Rsg)z/K

0f-MX*m8DV6ga|~ -}U hl8j p1V
pNw ~G4t
04/26 037伊朗求分光计为织物颜色匹配+NET)z;y [7z5F-t
Requesting For Spectrophotometer
u[7g` RE_/zE;~ 9XvW3}R
Dear sir,H3bY/lgJ
we urgently want to buy spectrophotometer for textile color matchingCB7B"LpB{
laboratory from india,0UqJzzE
if you can supply for us,please send us the best price for C&F B.ABBASS port
IvrL&Fc!m UF in IRAN.!w3ZC!Ro q!_u Bu&o
best regards,
3E,au#Z@5bWqN mahsa maleki8x1D6R v;A?.k ])g

.qM9j"O U&Fk&m0^
i*P j)T]i6y$? Contact Informatio
g"o$U [:~"GI*Pg Ms. Mahsa Maleki  ( E-Commerce Dept. , E-Commerce Eng. )9o#enz1pH!r9?h
Company : Diba Machine Co.l j%E;Eyg0G
Address : Apt.12,No.284,Dr.Beheshti Ave,Tehran,Iren Tehran, Iran Iranbv:Op X"^#N8^/ta
Zip/Postal : 15875-3765
}8bb O@e7a)CZ9R Telephone : 98-021-8500-520
.]:a Cy6}V Fax : 98-021-8752-112
4jEF:ex/YK-I ib ~B`Vp

o9Ap m1c(SK aqW nI(N
04/26 038叙利亚求购聚乙烯, 聚丙烯0N-PH-tt3ifmd6E
M\4f7O \+k\ q FAX: 011/2231190/2231378
+MH4J#CdwPz E-MAIL: [email]BMJD@SCS-NET.ORG[/email]
'D8Zn ^D-XS
备注:客户需求以英文为准;叙国家区号为00963-K_(Vo)K ^

jy m{M*N|(X ~ i/vI(m v d
04/26 039叙利亚求购壁纸,门把手
TEL: 011/2227606
T+L,vdJ F$h FAX: 011/2456190#|] B-?3H3c
MOBILE: 094/240200
W@Y#G X3Ql E-MAIL: [email]OSAMA-Z@SCS-NET.ORG[/email])do^oL)h
f4WJ ifh1B$Y
Nd7_E5NE b fQ #z%`aVt/nZ
ENu-k)_m U6Q'v

+p$M b1M ]%S\
4te m7{~${N)`4Ab
(gz\5]^^ H9J 04/26 040埃及公司希望进口装饰灯具
nm|;~4D*^\ 埃及一家公司希望进口装饰灯具,感兴趣的企业请联系:
`KCuE | J l 3g6J\8~`5hm @
公司名称:United Trading Co.}.FI8by K:]7V
联系人:M. Reda Meguid2@"vc5TZ!?S"sf8n
G;W1R'D#Z8X 传真:00202-4186983
8OM3U0P,@2WP#f 8y~g Z?3U
M oG,n.h7dH4_

6AX5V0LMeP7h!f g3~4s G+blWU
04/26 041埃及一家公司求购电子玩具9r2]%N7VM_6W"b
V3?y A$K$}(_a"J

m1dte(a7e 公司名称:Darwish Commercial Services
P+V*ph%r%T 电话:00202-2664560u*UN_ f:M
5KJf M6[6[&A Q ii 电子邮件: [email]dcs@darwishgroup.net[/email]aw.PSA:S#n

V,[ U.v!J5Cs
C7p~)}'YU({ ~;s
iV w.\&x8N`4u 04/26 042波兰企业求购残疾人按摩椅和淋浴设备,寻中国生产商
I }2N3D2S^ 公司名称: MJP PEWNOSC ZFm(wN2{2R"P$C!S
Tel/Fax: 48 81 7476724
;r0xYLL[0k Attn: Miroslaw J.Pietron
\5qq,|2IvW,n ;``rr?S8DX

J:HB n'n1{C
7J U,A1z;q.Z/B&Q
']B3riXj5j 04/26 043波兰企业求购家电产品,寻中国生产商J u:id av1W t

_7y0A-TS$wU})W$I 公司名称: P.H.U:q7d#}1j F7r{:F,U#M
Tel/Fax: 48 76 8629071
z:TR;LgJ P;@+d.^(|:y e-mail: [email]chabecki@o2.pl[/email]cn s5U3b0uK'Y
T` s.pL9j*`5t
Ksn^3R9C%[9Mm D
(C K~:mU)i
04/26 044意大利公司求购中国产饮水机K t#UK[
电话号码:0039-06-5294721 .
XQ-Q*sL8aF/v 传真号码:0039-06-52248841 U:Ovh/@Sy
网 页: [url]http://www.acquatecno.it[/url]
.}Q a`L*}!e"b _8|"`A 联 系 人:Marco Percuoco
G a;d;P~2jP BZ;QV4n .df2Q"S Gs^d

[\[ C;J0h)U p7z$nx.Tn
04/26 045利比亚求催化剂为直接切入磨法!rOT-BLRU([:\
Catalyst For Direct Reductions
] pV[N@yYA,m8}
J-y*kn"Y*~ i"dp Dear sir,
'Xj"[`*d#\"\3` we are looking for suppliers for catalyst for Direct Reduction plants as C&F2Qn.YPwU#| {x
u-vIC e#G QP
8F;Q.j)Ig%`l'e?n [
1e}"j9l$~ Contact Information9F;i!h _M pt7KD
Mr. Mustafa Elsomadi  ( sales , manager )6a} j;o ZAs6Y
Company : Somalco
zH%XATP.S1q;}b6Wt Address : p o box 2726 misurata, misurata Libya"KBm;Db$["v&y#s ?
Zip/Postal : 00218m`aPr
Telephone : 218-91-320-7187
){a` @P&aQ Fax : 001-309-213-5627%R7Is dJb

Ii\0CQ'S?[!B-} _ 7g1wgA5|Q

7G c4@{O N@ 04/26 046印度求蜡烛颜料
$Ec!_Slt"u2P.Zs Candles ColoursN/KWomG
wanted candles colours in all shades
,a#kyh_1sj6R 7Jh?h"y,q1HU%n

?N&YLB` Contact InformationKll(ABJ R
Mr. Arjun  ( purchase & sell , purchase )'J2?x2P&[P{
Company : Indian Wax IndustriesUY a+_y8|&_T
Address : 14/16 bhandari street 3 mahavir darshan mumbai, ms IndiadG/} N*h#t
Zip/Postal : 400003;Y1Z6V"?.HC
Telephone : 91-22-2342-4870i \"\6F%j
Fax : 91-22-2344-8412aL?Akb-O

zL/ur0hE5bV&s Vza)J Np4H
04/26 047印度求58/60度液体石蜡
U.iBw8s&O}NY!l Wanted Paraffin Wax Fully Reffined In Liquid Form;I+|$u@(jh D9a
$B(BO'Ac Hs Cx:{
wanted paraffin wax fully reffined
k'w ZxZC*qt]E_}%P'O melting point 58/60 deg c,oil contain 0.5% F%~\pvqO.k
fax 91-22-23448412q_(X:J {c*?#Z.n

7?F_yhK/G g2fnwr+Z
Contact Information
}&jUrO@([0N Mr. Arjun  ( purchase & sell , purchase )Tqy:@w+Gcv
Company : Indian Wax Industries+L+lvn6Q3L7k
Address : 14/16 bhandari street 3 mahavir darshan mumbai, ms India.@'B}7O\c6m4x
Zip/Postal : 400003
I{9{9m.h Telephone : 91-22-2342-4870-Dk1k^z F`:cE \
Fax : 91-22-2344-8412k(JI;Z5N,yIT8X
|7F%?s pK2x
:xsue iQ;i+T

4jg+].U6_ $LFm8sr*HVg
04/26 048阿联酋求轮式装载机部件
ZVrQwQKxm Wheel Loader Parts Hyundai
6p |.AZ2Qg/TW1y0@PZ
\:km @RX We would like to purchase the below wheel loader parts. h5F u4D}h5i zP4U_ m
Wheel loader HL 760 1997DhI cny7Ai4tE
Serial No. 179006
_s M @#V Lu 21EA0040 ALTERNATOR 01
b%Zn+I!u6wGn#E3G%v 3920329 STARTER 01
F*M QA)o%x_.bZt 90548000 24VCW
A7R*D,M*I;R B93 2224 FUEL PUMP ASSY 01
Optional Information
e o6eXm_H:| - HS Code : 8708 Parts and Accessories of the Motor Vehiclesw+Q8~DS9`c(S
- Payment : tt
JI};A5g - Delivery : immediate
/U6[OM2P,^ wg3Sb - Minimum Order : 1? V(Ry*w
- Packaging : single
W4n$x v9C/ig_I P*DE uQ&E&vM
7S-@1Oc o muf6l
Contact Information2g gd?!Us
Mr. R. Shaju  ( Sales , Managing Director )
;Jmi.HWS Company : Total Auto Spare Parts LLC
8?g'Q ~)_.FTT Address : P.O. Box.34014 GS_27, Bin Thani Plaza Bldng Deira, Dubai United g:_6q;F w"]z
Arab EmiratesO4iT$Te-a
Zip/Postal : 34014
d Fj!I4q3qcU Telephone : 971-4-2241-213
:]5D?4S,?d_$D g[ Fax : 971-4-2241-112
!xk(sbto;k `u7Bp'e1~

I.k a L"C)G^
Q%r6^1Qc w:H1g6w!z 2F.VR1W&i$u
04/26 049约旦求中国公司合作钻机、混凝土搅拌、不锈钢螺丝j\X^.O&Z*~*U g
We Are A Construction Firm Working In Arabic Gulf Region Looking For;E0`,j&h%dm7Aq

Q"]]}6bS'NR We are a construction firm working in Arabic Gulf region looking for Chinese
)fa\2d3q1Z x.D` dSf companies interested in the following fields:
N"vP3xb9W:py n ^5FZ5k {Fk4E
1- Chinese company who are willing to work in Qatar as partnership for:u pE~:M+a`M
concrete ready mix production transporting and pumping. There is very active,{S E,]Uj
growing market for this field and we are inviting interesting companies toHa'j4KE+{\ BSX
write to us on this Email'E0zL'y^`4E]
2- Chinese companies partners specialized in Piles Drilling who has the
p:ac'uN+Z"lAF @ Machinery and engineering and the experience for this kind of job.;lO%w5Eu rhcn
3- Stainless steel bolts and nuts manufacturers
` i8U%Q1{$@p)g We are ready to start negotiations and making all necessary contacts with^+XVFf)LG6N
all concerns and answer any kind of questions and feed with any requiredv.{/R%|:^r
information.Q j5F#v!M3xq#|
For those who are interested please contact the following addressh4l ]&{;hW
Hashem Qadoumi O:x G0z$Rs$v/\

Tx;w+E4M,] Contact Information#o3`$O[6m$H
Mr. Ahmad Hashem  ( sales , sales manager )hT8](?x"VC)b
Company : HAKORA
5y9P5?7~*F8G!? Address : amman amman, amman Jordan)pP+k.rt T
Zip/Postal : 11196
Z st J"Y Telephone : 962-6-5669-896
nhW!NO+y-he Fax : 962-6-5669-896
2XEZ/lO+[~,n 5j7na*[Z/mo#I
/d(q~1INKF}-k:H K^
)Is y7y,j

a^/L,O Z3p)TX*d HT Y hTBd~+eO
04/26 050哥伦比亚客商求购白色系列家电
vRO&~sc-u3r 求购物品:白色家电,包括:微波炉、电冰箱、电熨斗等Lxw$C;q#L2F
求购公司:C.I. Sheika Ltda.]Y;A3^ Tvg
Tel:00571-6303100Z T mU'd ]/`d
%dBy'n-D\ E-mail: [email]sheika@antinet.com[/email]
c}#mkUA-i A m 联系人: Mr. Julian Andres Gonzalez b? vl#E+\qM

!t/f@ ]0@*N&y GP~H4Y%_tF2f
04/26 051哥伦比亚客商求购松香s-@e?[v| x K
求购物品:松香(Phenolic Resins);国际税号:390940 0000i-G6Vh&T})?5|'N
求购公司:Centaurid Ltda. p+xArg)g4f
L*G1Zt7Ea!J Fax:00571-2692420 Rd%|-J8t if:V/rRC
E-mail: [email]centauri.ltda@lycos.com[/email]
xJ ]^)e:w9i 联系人: Mr. Hugo Garcia A.
7d+F-w*qx,j *r.Z2SdoS u!^

NmrO2T `?"Xt 3iGsL7_"pU8@7L
04/26 052哥伦比亚客商求购纺织品和羊毛衫
oo9Z6bw 求购物品:毛巾、内衣松紧带(Lycra)、法兰绒、针织羊毛衫和非针织品)bI2ICp;R|N
求购公司:Inversikones Financieras A&J Ltda.
]pa_U+N:w!`&b,N] Tlefax:00571-2367488/X&PO3F%\7h
E-mail: [email]antroja@yahoo.es[/email]V!|7n5}F:J$m]5UZ
联系人: Ms. Maryury Villarreal BetancurtB ^O#^S?r'@W*p5rg

j}D `0^8L4w
w_H'X a'dts
r'YoF*X_ 04/26 053哥伦比亚客商求购不锈钢卷板核黄铜卷板
I!s_!?htT2B!D W f2F0l 求购物品:(1)不锈钢卷板(国际关税号:7222020000),不同厚度核宽幅;(2)黄U{![]J
铜卷板(国际税号:7409210000),各种规格 y9k?~ U9\-U,Zm3wz:ww
求购公司:Herpe Ltda.
@OYPh Tel:00571-4151315+^!A"|/|(T2eb
E-mail: [email]herpe@etb.net.co[/email]0zNj gE"v-F
联系人:Mr. German Lopez UlloaV5c'`6M:s` xrZL"d*K

`7?u4j bwn.N\L&d
{z#\E I9N.r
p],\(zo,jS,@ "r ^H/Cj
04/26 054哥伦比亚客商求购方便面和罐头食品rJ? \H4}[
*Y ^XC J-u(z (4)葡萄干;(5)杏罐头(含或不含核);杏汁
o6]*Ab&U+@ gKi 求购公司:Sunao Trading)P$jh'p]$V[@(r9H,F
Telefax :00571-25778023BKv"o kB vvL
E-mail: [email]mrojas@sunaotrading.com[/email]
nSE7TIN)P I z8K 联系人: Magda L. Rojas
c f mfW
q$r l4wadMO%C 04/26 055加拿大商人求购中国产折叠自行车"] uH|B!V
I am looking for companies that produce folding bikes in China. My company
eLE&P#MCFE2ahn? contact information to be placed on the "trade" board
RkBU%[+K6L3_ information is as follows:qe8pwL
A.F. Enterprises.^+?_*{'SYlL7Hd
100 Balmoral Ave.Toronto, Ontario M4V 1J4 CanadaoW:Iy%\ _f0q
电话:001-416 539 0797
3x.l|/BEaKH 传真:001-416 539 8691
p ~ @1mEO;D 电邮:[email]Deanlw@rogers.com[/email]"J b~Yfp!hO~

0vE ID ^ )`i#PIC2U p)^+o
04/26 056土耳其求不锈钢壶和铛
k3{;~,jBY ` Buy Stainless Steel Pans And Pots [Turkey]
Y)N@ jR,tJ}0Z
G#p]NK u$Wx &jmL7rz;N'_
My company will import stainless steel pans and pots. Please send youro ~)J.h3Uf
quotations to my e-mail address.:~f cHr6M2i"{2M/A
Ms. Aysun Gulen(Owner/Entrepreneur)
~(n*W~Y IX,LZb? Company: Gulen
rgo*j C-c%Tl Address: Gebze , Kocaeli , TURKEY ( Turkey )%U%{c oZ0sO+G5EC S7O
Phone: 90 555 2065470 g9Ig4~_nGL
Fax: 90 262 7510691
"w]#zv7lU_%c B;A}[jY2z_8^
7b |R8u^

,]!~ AM@6\ MEv5Y n(~`_$L1_S0T!K
04/26 057俄国求镀金珠宝 q p-P)dm a{
Buy Body Piercing Products [Russian Federation]
Un7}P$? V m,Lk We are interested in steri-packed navel and ear jewelry for retail of iD'N Z,A9mP4d;k!d
similar type - product photo - or any other sterile pack.
;i0x+UXS$rQt Quantity:500 pieces in a week
6^'f0U ^Lp$h#C W Steel;gold plated surgical steel)
R'S r#eZ,lhc gAEF~r)ESO3t
I shall be very grateful to you, if you send me a wholesale price list and
#V2w6G-Y^"{$\&m Bg the information about methods of payment.
Ee$Hz2T.eFr2n sl`1r _IR(b7W
Any question please feel free to contact me via e-mail, no hesitate.g!H0T-M$u^NBv"e1w

mq+Hvn,Q8M 7V U,v"r$`3a
Quantity: 500
@2it9j:\ Fb @ ----------
A ji9zI$D }2J Mr. Vadim Lagunov(Director/CEO/General Manager)
)o/Lz!p5Zp e Company: Center Of Cosmetology And Plastic Surgeryv!g]9b%ZG
Address: Per. Severniy, 59-6 , Izhevsk , ( Russian Federation )
X$}&wi#l3wt.c&G(|9[w Phone: 7 3412 25653  Zip Code: 426011
T&FA`"j-P Fax: 7 3412 25623
`_7V,H0~;]!T!`v Website Address: [url]http://www.ccps.narod.ru[/url]
bR9gpY!D J(bB 4[/~:e;Dx

/N$n5z#oqs4[ vg,C J `I{)L%qp @2e
04/26 058美国求不锈钢手动工具&|"NM om$_
Buy Stainless Steel Hand Tools [United States]
[4yB"PI Q(}t7?
2V*Bzfw We are looking for Stainless Steel Socket and ratchet sets./Z5i7y"k-g
Mr. Stuart Anders(Owner/Entrepreneur)N,jHOM)j:Qe,L
Company: Allied Industries
f(pwY+J Address: 1606 Commerce Dr. , Sun Prairie , Wisconsin ( United States )B?&InvW"g
Phone: 1 608 8349500  Zip Code: 53590
REw0F%g*_"j8H Fax: 1 608 83495053Im,v:S%Nj[
R!\d A d6Nx~h
/r ]2A[1}xy
P F4Fwo9L%{)}

s(\DfR0s l'Y 04/26 059美国求汽车弹簧~8rSeQ%m5m
Buy Automobile Lowering Springs [United States]R!{+m'p%JT,lSVD

1O6XzbW Looking for quality performance automobile lowering springs at competative
0d];fNMl price.G6|h"z jr
Quantity: 5000,}c/jenD];P KW
Packaging: boxed o*OrI"|h#a \
----------(V }BH8{c}*xu!x
Mr. Lawrence Jackson(Owner/Entrepreneur)
+Q5LJV;j \c@ZO'K Company: Autoline Industries.^EYn8y
Address: 1422 W. Lindner Ave. , mesa , Arizona ( United States )
Z9\0|3Y d;r|Z Phone: 1 480 4374932  Zip Code: 85202"Hh6V2wP5B W
Fax: 1 480 2758753
;p.U(d1q)t ~4d ~K/P?

0~,KqF7b#e#v0@l 04/26 060巴基斯坦求微纤维纱| wf1v8l r!xc
Buy Micro Fibre Yarn [Pakistan]
o(o9U*wg}a8A t *_)ph4h BG;V1T'x
Want to buy micro fibre yarn on regular basis for manufacturing towels and&`&M eDX&dH
fabric for wiping industriessoe%W2vF q(s
%DUX(?z} Mr. Topiwala Abdul Wahid(Export Marketing Manager)
L.Z.hi0Y Company: Broadtex ( Pvt ) Ltd.&Kn)fuZ5o
Address: 609, Business Plaza, Mumtaz Hassan Road, , Karachi , Sind -
W g;R&m0a#iM^lj Pakistan ( Pakistan )-qg8}p+yM VL K,y
Phone: 92 21 242-1961 / 2  Zip Code: 74000 U CPU(p
Fax: 92 21 241-6293  Mobile: 923008202845
v@:I'B+]/j4qN+U]/X5F Website Address: [url]http://www.broadtexltd.com[/url]
|BJ'C w4li6G
h@jr d7s
:g$]e8i K4X nAk(F )D3dm&I;hI8SEx-F
'd:M{3^ y2O7G
04/26 061牙买加求游戏机4YS3a9F,mYK
Buy Game Systems [Jamaica])r,[~RDj+lcA
Seeking a supplier of new XBOX and PS2 game systems. Both new and used5pnUR]^#XRF(d
Mr. Ainsworth Smith(Owner/Entrepreneur)a|(yij/N3MYY O
Company: SoltekIT Solutions
c"@Y{!v6uW Address: Box 200, Greater Portmore P.o. , St. Cathering , Jamaica
t yI:jz ( Jamaica ))v a)W c^"b#V
Phone: 1-876 909 1750#h5N$a+z!EO9g?w
Fax: 1-876 937 39725o?*},p er

kav|}r+B@K ^ !oG)|B;]e!K5Y%ne;| [

*w_3C,M1t\eE 04/26 062巴基斯坦求深蓝色牛仔布n9M+^J"t
Buy Flat Finish Denim, Deep Blue Color [Pakistan]^8W)ZH5Ug lT i4U

9K7OWO4}KF$C5@ Our principal in turkey required the following denim.%Mgwe1\mb
Manufacturing from all over asia(pakistan-india-china-bangladesh) are?m~&~ X{
invited to quote the priceOF9a3o&qp s G
Flat finish denim,
Oj+M xB Zu Long slub,
.d:V4Sr9];T.A Deep blue color)N%b K+a/_1@
Weight 10.8 to 12oz after flat finish process!_d\"F?F
Construction could be
E8N^T4I koL*Q9@ 10 x 7/70 x 46 or similar^-O \P!_2R+i_]lf
58 inches
iE zh crX8cR Ramie cotton poly spandex denim)lt QGHc3E\
Specifications:10 + 8 x 300d + 40d + 12/80 x 60,57/58,11 oz or similar
8k:~&GZftj1T&e Inner packing: Packed in rolls then in rainproof plastic bags
6gRl+gnN{ZvN Quote cnf price base port turkey'O;H.go$M
One/two f. C. L each month
N:X:a$h*{X L/c 90 days from b/l date.X/d,k-JIfr
O.f,x(wv6Y$n Mr. Roi- Ashraf.(Marketing, Director)
E9A X'_:ew Company: Ruby Textile Sorucing Corporation.
f(Ouq,p|b%i Address: Head Office: Ruby House:p-347 St # 6, Partab Nagar Jhang ,
AXq8| p5Kg Faisalabad , Punjab ( Pakistan )
*j8`{1V#~'}-E:z7Z:^ Phone: 92 41 552169  Zip Code: 38000S*F[l)XP4d
Fax: 92 41 552168  Mobile: 92-300-662-81856n u$gf'GC
Website Address: [url]http://www.rubytextiles.com[/url]!r|&u1vstPl0m

CWBL3z3w }[p'Z3|8s,{mT

AP4yCS!q0l+D 0Og+A p.[6[k
04/26 063美国求宝石
e'iPZT9[~;}o Buy River And Semi-precious Stone [United States]-k(u-aN`"z

&o2P8C VMkW Looking for 2-4 inch semi flat river and semi-precoius stones.IkV'\T
Quantity: 1000-5000 kgs;~!M\9|0y b!Ss
/zB3\[6h$j.g V0Q\ -----------
'r.i`R:ldZO Mr. Richard Metzger(Owner/Entrepreneur)
p6d+fb9a;FBj!^ Company: Signature Stones,^X^Jc\S
Address: 1548 Burden Lake Rd. , Averill Park , New York ( United States )D l9l@'V;k7Y
Phone: 1 518 674-1548  Zip Code: 12018*[3P(@j-h@h1[4]
Fax: 1 518 674-8009/hLp1ob

$MrX&_8K J&Sh
z `BZa"{&B+K9P
sVO4z s w3[
yf c0E"}]x _5l PC"t 04/26 064美国求男人衣服 e+U K:r T9X W/d
Buy Authentic Designer Men's Clothing [United States]#zZ;t'p!mL I],~9X

v4Mh U `*r(|!\ Want to purchase authentic designer men's clothing for resale. Looking for?Z$T]A?v I.k
good prices due to tax and quota's.
VvR@+U,Ar L'a Price terms, Paypal b+K X.tp f

VA-F#Ia!P.r8j;r Quantity: smaller to start
9l/EO+b ?%z ----------
u+M&d4r CZ8b Ms. Carol Garcia(Owner/Entrepreneur)
gqzBb5l2s Company: G & G Enterprises4O2J(eoDd/Xy
Address: 2330 N. 22nd Street , Grand Junction , Colorado ( United States )
D F2J4B"_-z#C+O9_ H Phone: 1 970 263-4070Ai#`MT@%J#L
Fax: 1 970 523-5268
#T*d.A*XkjY/Q r5GY'?U x6],Z
3k)inl2q m9g#e%w S
04/26 065瑞典求空调
As'YNq}2eA*Y Buy Aircondition/Heating Split Systems [Sweden]-b-b-Ba&vN
We are a big dealer in sweden of aircondition and air heating split system.#N;VXB7a3K
We are looking for a supplier in Europe that can suply us with systems from:S,B$beD
Panasonic, sanyo, sharp, mitsubischi etc. But also other brands can be of4G2n4D Vx7\Eyl
*^&s4~:qk9ghp(L ---------- eU#I rjP
Mr. Jorgen Tagner(Owner/Entrepreneur)
c7a$LV;}.g-{ Company: Buynet Sweden'\6a GV2q
Address: Halmvagen 15 , karlskoga , ( Sweden )
ox?f8e0x Phone: 46 586 45660
1w0Ebm Df Fax: 46 586 739983
*ka H7R6ZO|#o *d4r0d,X,yHP

O k1W~w9[2{-N
5S?I.Mv+q7SW 04/26 066叙利亚求耐火砖/Y$P.x0\&F;?{
Buy Refractories [Syrian Arab Republic]
'?j Qt1m,~%L v#m/Ug"t]%C
We need to coop with manufacturer of refractories for steel mill and9TD+iNOo6[
refinery and others but all purchase done by tender base with bid bond etc/H3M~%xWn:E
Pls replyyour interest to send dox data info etc.X0?B*YR\N
Price Terms: fob and candf
Lh1oWb/~+c -----------
'f2M*jw'O HC1@ Mr. rashid haj ibrahim(GENERAL TENDER, gm)$}C"cr \X U
Company: noor damascus intertrade co
k*r9u R9]3r` Address: POBOX 523 DAMASCUS SYRIA , DAMASCUS , xx ( Syrian Arab Republic )
Dc4NY3_'?jf Phone: 963 11 6133226  Zip Code: xx
R9fnc5D&{ Fax: 963 11 61399459  Mobile: 00963-94-213337
By K)f4N |` 'wJ7[~@5Ad

$k/P N]/K2Z|w%d *UvC7k2jm
04/26 067乌克兰求氯化铵、三氧化锑、碳酸钡、氯化钡、硼酸、柠檬酸
Qq,n U YY Buy Ammonium Chloride, Antimony Trioxide, etc. [Ukraine]/~"Z2v\{3v m6h#U} he
We are interested in purchasing the following products:_-ksk`3d
Ammonium chloride technical grade^ }?mZFfC~
Antimony trioxide(drinded). Assay Sb2S3% 98-99% CAS 7791-18-6
?H3Xg?!k2e Antimony trisulfide(flotated/drided). Assay Sb2S3% 80-82%+{0goL+P;{/K6e
Antimony trisulfide(flotated/drided). Assay Sb2S3%95-99% Grade(CSQC002)
'y9L*_.Cb_5K \)?WL)G Barium carbonate 99.5% CAS 513-77-9!WcsV K7oA1s
Barium chloride u0w7[ a@(f0O
Barium sulphate technical gradeU n9^9bN d-|W
Boric acid technical grade,99%X5e4Kwp.{
Citric acid monohydrate
HP6Xk-?I;Th;[(E Copper sulphate technical gradetzyE.d bb
Cryolite technical grade
otZ'I%?`gZ Edible gelatin, bloom 200-240
C_+F2zsA,Q N2^ Magnesium sulphate technical grade0T9M$W9Z1? w
Oxalic Acid technical grade
kU u"lG;Q Potassium sorbate, food
h@"T j7p-k.Q r Sodium benzoate, food.^)O?^(n#H
Sodium hydrosulfite8K1hij"\
Sodium sulphate technical gradep6U J a S'xZ~
Sodium tetraborate 5 and 10 aqueouszTp'_8cz,M;o
Zinc chloride technical grade
)y|,xJ2J -----------0b0i+|;?+m(y*O5X
Mr. Aleksey Pavlovskiy(Director/CEO/General Manager)
NzJ+o*hk`b-}2X6r Company: Polichemes&CP6b*]F
Address: 5, Prospekt Osvoboditelei , Kiev , ( Ukraine ) jw l&G'u6og
Phone: 380 44 543 8812  Zip Code: 026607@ dr']O"H%f A$yw
Fax: 380 44 543 9577
uJ|Z6jm}6h:| Website Address: [url]http://www.polichem.com.ua[/url]
XE+iz(kzk3X ixp:cqM;O/A

1{|x!z'a O
Ik P3U%|?0Pb;v 04/26 068巴基斯坦求婴孩尿布
na.h ^ s8rmt @ Buy Baby Diapers [Pakistan]
o/_}Y4?$T9@p OB1d&g|zVx
We are looking for baby diapers manufacturer who can produce on our bramd. WJ-sn d'hW!M
Our requirement is 3 containers to start with. Size required are small,;]}7s0Qg*u-D4h
medium large and extra large.
9QbkApY$U Quantity: 3 X 40feet containers
M`IR5PY#} -----------
9R M}[&cq Mr. muhammad akhtar(export,import, chief executive)
E hx\/CW"l Company: Prime Agencies5dW+yT2\B
Address: Pa-64/A, Sirajuddallah Road, Bahadurabad , karachi , sind6E.dd?@|0s7Y
Pakistan )
AF(Eis f!o#v Phone: 92 21 4913233  Zip Code: 74800
D5tjmIeFyu b Fax: 92 21 4124622  Mobile: 00923008241821
Ijt@8ba~ Website Address: [url]http://www.primeagencies.com[/url]{7v-u:R6j0TR

+r9o.zoPm't@#D7A!H 2iH2O2E8L:x

Y:E {:vC8W3? yg-e6| ?;R7\W@
04/26 069英国求塑料模具
[ k#DqS/n7r.X Cb Buy Plastic Moulds [United Kingdom]
!xL#C u ]2Zlfdl*_ I am looking for manufactures of plasic injection moulds, blow moulds,
"S*J2oQ$Q3zS injection moulding machinery, blow moulding machinery, press tool
(Zb;K9}u1d:a8B manufactures, press tool steels.
,n gn.W$a+H8v *m^!_e'Q+W|
Quantity: $3,000,000k?V&jYNi:X
[%\W!UK ?"a2r Mr. Martin Omond-Tong(Director/CEO/General Manager)
Mzren Company: Promatek Ltd!a-p6Y6O~
Address: 8 Sandy Lane , Market Rasen , Lincolnshire ( United Kingdom )
5m.IYz pC} P Phone: 44 1673 838262  Zip Code: LN8 3YFBLFL9Z;W!}s
Fax: 44 1673 838493
B ^ e0^ J`;p3J %m2d'g/TZ o!O

0w*Yl|0n,`%u x snNj&MT
04/26 070澳大利亚求钱包、化妆品刷、袋、盒等等
3z@ ?q0l^GW| o Buy Cosmetic Brushes, Purses [Australia]
(U!N8F/lXV P[4sR h#?@+r J f
Looking for squirrel or sable cosmetics brushes;plastic cosmetic-YiO;C ^2U1Hz e
containers;cosmetics purses and make-up trolleys; make-up capes; disposable
7tFJ X*i8P&B brushes;shadow boxes)lqh2Y0gk9i

KI4D [3}4` )HUtJG
Quantity: 5000+ each as opening order%Ul|&aP#@@ \_?U$J2r
D@Buj+Of4Ya Ms. Marion Farmer(Director/CEO/General Manager)`6]`-_{m5L
Company: Golden Image
b@|W[%t,M Address: 11 Whites Road , Manly , Queensland ( Australia )
8Zn-x#Q7X!N(F Phone: 61 07 33968032  Zip Code: 4179
{f*k[ mk6i:s~,j Fax: 61 07 33968032KI$V8`#q9y#t
WV!| PKe}

#M!z{+GV3my IK8N 04/26 071印尼求PET薄膜c7SY:Cr
Buy Pet Film [Indonesia]
"h6^1UY*^ M4LR FCx+y9zL jV{t*Z
We are looking for pet film material.
5lH7t-e hD~9@ Shoud you think you are in position to supply this item, please contact us
"m9TX3i Q8[ X!j5Qz for detailed inquiry.S iiP0Ptzwr
Quantity: 1x20' container
%^#J-ZQ`:Y-F Packaging: Export packing packing
#G6p'f4_ |S ----------
5Y%C)Kz)Z}d Mr. Wawan S. Tarman(Marketing, Director)8A!s nu.N;} xh
Company: PT Tiga Wira Rejeki
b,B4R+K [RK:Ko U Address: Gedung Arva 3rd Fl., Jl. R. P. Soeroso No 40 , Jakarta , Jakartalh,dp2f%rU6Gl(b
Raya ( Indonesia )
x[o;n1[v^l3F!x Phone: 62 21 392 0919, 3190 2124  Zip Code: 10350
b*^ b&M*e0Lx Fax: 62 21 392 0918, 4870 2212
,c)mE| UG&k#L2D Oi$[-e$Z8L

aN0y6p2x#|*M D9owb-v
04/26 072葡萄牙求电力切换
0i\yS-i-J Power Switch
v[w4X%RQ Quantity  100
K y'T6L-^ K+^+w Term of Payment  25% After testing, 50% on shipping 25% on receival
O fF[ t^.D,@E Specifications:dMF_jD6H4G/g_@
We are looking for equipment that will handle power outlets, enabled to!@wBhgt:znfzD
turning them on and off using a console port.M K2R KbIr!N

a s3V ]$lK4`*R E Contact Information0G#k|$IJ
Contact Person  Mr.Marco Morais
1NJ.ka:D%f(k^ Email      [email]marco.morais@xvision.ws[/email],~T1Esx%IVO
Country   Portugal
7\z9MlO/x(y Company Name  xvision.ws
!Y;{9{"b!R TX2[`9pd,x Telephone   00-351-3920052&RiO'^'xKJ
Address  Rua dos Carreirinhos, 3 Comeira
)Rk:SL;gA Website    [url]http://www.xvision.ws[/url]
;f:b;j)aR u U&|
Z,i eAD;SA
*Q SWlT`!i A7~F;o H%~$a5AE)[/R!M
04/26 073印度求远距离无线电对讲机-o0@5O V,c&X+@Kl+Z%q
Wireless Products WantedNj+hk-|A'm
Suggested Price 20 Rn#h4y4^d
Quantity  1000 ` kb X4S3j X2s!L`
Term of Payment  L/C)C&sK4q4C0f8q;Xe"c bf't4o
1F6|j4@B8w O we are looking for an wireless product of 2.4ghz, 802.11b, 802.11g with
)nl:H)~~9y6M.D.g/i 200mw (23dbm) RF output power and also products in 5ghz the products.z&w5W/z r!P{K9Yp
We also product for long range & very long range wireless specifically+oi~&Ni#O9B$l*pE
designed for outdoor conditions.
x4P]L2o"jF(Z i"[ 5I6ZL7Qg
?%f.w2SHf%V j
Contact InformationGTHKLBub7_6w
Contact Person Mr.B.VISHNU
s dg!f:et Email      [email]frontlinecha@touchtelindia.net[/email]q1r.L$Whg-z
Country  India
Telephone  91-422-5351357u%dl7f'Ga6a
Fax   91-422-5351356
N%U YyW3e*t ^&Z|&Dl Address   2/220 KATTOOR STREET [[ tn-| pLfR-pZ m

~ \|0qu;x8rd nb#p .O$Mkuoi$\
04/26 074葡萄牙求中国产燃气摩托车
0w#moMLBdc.|z Gas powered scooter
1b bH3S"?B(X Specifications
-H*Y6\,v4S"tw K We are searching manufacturers in Taiwan and China that develop and produce
oUFJU high-quality gas powered scooters.
5K2i` Y~.U8V#vQM p/k^ am x bD
We are not interested in distributors!
o` A$zk0s'Dk A r'\*U bPN"oX
The product we are looking for is not a toy! Please refer to US-Sites:
A fd5V9l [url]www.bladezscooters.com[/url] to get an idea of what we are looking for.
0S6GmHS!h)u6jM Furthermore we are looking for a manufacturer that is able to transfer our
E:PEG!`Q designs and wishes with high-end material and components.:j]7f`,q2L
+U.R'{:A8U0oL {9a
Contact Information%rXIN)F pZ1jjk
Contact Person  Mr.Marco BrunnerW_\[Y
Email      [email]marco.brunner@mindsahead.com[/email]e"bci*`+w9A
Country Portugal
8K_wG*x2WU i4v Company Name  Mindsahead
4Z%DT5F}` bkN Telephone   351-21-4118597$d{#y4L k+t8S\
Fax  351-21-4118598
gY&?W%_ Address Rua da Piedade 38, 2dto
W/U&zFp K 9I3\n!R5v0^(O/}p
F/Dg,Q H3Cf

#@"\5Q4o'p,C 04/26 075英国求男式丝绸睡衣和内衣裤
.U~*Ek.t Buy Mens Silk Underwear, Thermals And Sleepwear [United Kingdom]
(~X]@1j t I'm a UK retailer searching for suppliers of 100% silk underwear, sleepwearC9H,L0\$Q m
and thermals(longjohns, etc. )"@Rbl)Z1J&h%vY

zFP]_2i Quantity: 1000-2000` aA5??^\7aO.W/W\
-----------L ? Ye8ms2u&f5b2j
Mr. Dieter Smith(Director/CEO/General Manager)
4G3OlUP@G Company: Paul Smith Enterprises Ltd
O*ap B}w[]&x Address: 8 Broadacre Close , London , Middlesex ( United Kingdom )
x4Q3@O,`g1Vp\ Phone: 0044 1895 461796  Zip Code: UB10 8BL"x:Z\:e/AH(~
Fax: 44 1895 461796$Z*\d*H x

y}g3@^a0x\ -L1i:[%D.J6Mi,C

,r ?'vl^)P6ws$N ({ pm |H"Z#lyc
04/26 076伊朗求中国产陶瓷餐具1g5i2P'Z.S U
Buy Porcelain Dinnerwares [Iran (Islamic Republic of)]
_E'V&D@1Z We are an Iranian trading company which have worked in this market since
~UO+xxw 1994. We are looking for long term and regular supplier of household itemsQ5gP^ [%{b
and other products from China.
Y,O t2Y$? L Now we want to buy the following goods:"TY#WvN1H~
- Plastic/Glass Teapot(880ml).oXX&Z-~F9md&g
- 10oz fine porcelain coffee mug with color offset decal printing(6pcs in a8w lZL-y.e_
g&`jLD%W}k - 10oz fine porcelain coffee mug - colored pictures on the white ground(6pcs
zb(e7xnk n2p in a box).`9EN)[3~ j1@_
- 5 pcs storage bowl set(colored pictures on the white ground) with plasticf6{9X`+n8C9DqVm[
cover. r'N ^8iv5IJ
- 5 pcs storage bowl set(Multi-Colored) with plastic cover.
-l7Q Or+QS - 3 pcs(8,11 and 14 ) Hand painted ceramic set(oval baker - elliptical or;_+t`1jyJr
rectangular shape) inserted in 3 bamboo baskets.
f_&~&xe - 8 porcelain flat plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a
(R/\ b:p \ Y7GV box.[j&}F:D
- 8 porcelain soup plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in ai+RWRM
- 7 porcelain flat plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a'N1?)T1]v`
-T,O9P'~0q+Puf/L - 6 porcelain flat plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a9f }H6p6y [5T
x&|7I-q Y8Y/^ - 12 and 14 dishes(white ground with red rose, gold rim).x.Da$iE|+lFc
- 5.5 porcelain bowl(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a box.
,[.XTjH n - 5 porcelain bowl(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a box.3BOt4Mv h!L
- 7 porcelain bowl(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a box.
G(U G!M&bonvl - 14pcs coffee set: Cup with 3 golden short legs 6pcs + 6pcs saucers + 1pc"SG { Rm$m]g-VO
sugar bowl and 1pc it's lid + 1pc procelain teaspoon(as a gift).$FPQ E"@X

7OT WxLvK Please send us pictures of your product, packing and let us know the
M)hM|Y%jU specifications of your product and it's packing, also your competetive FOB
,K\qp3q4D prices.2^,I'a5bs]p!S W&K
e CM^K4s
Your prompt reply will be highly appreacited.
q;a8o#P_ Wy Quantity: 1-3 container(s) during each 3 monthst!rb:F#S!i
@8EBCE5R[ ----------
b.h/W,g%aW5LF Mr. Hormoz Davoodi(Director/CEO/General Manager)u7Cr3Y ] L:AA
Company: Iran Business
dU%V,I q Address: No. 23, Hosein Abad squar , Tehran , Tehran ( Iran (Islamic-~Q3fc D
Republic of) )
JK9e"Tp"aV\{9^ j Phone: 98 21 2942922  Zip Code: 16688
,Fa1? NRX w;@ Fax: 98 21 2937353  Mobile: 09121451554
A ~3](hPv M }
?!pbS yOwQj:M
e1G#z#k#?X 3H;nkXI)x
7i%@+clR8lY |
04/26 077意大利求闪存和MP3播放器
9v.h9KH/Mx Buy Sandisk Sd, Cf And All Kind Of MP3 Players [Italy]
5g;T0R;L)w-TDgG$S \ G?}Vt a5F
We're looking for suppliers of small to medium quantities of flash memories+QPE\yq;I
and branded or oem mp3 players for a new online store.k F*p4P8n%Gk [
Quantity: 25-100)mMa"AZ
6u%_\Zw Q'x w TR Mr. Alessandro Petrelli(Purchasing)~6n^e3y
Company: 24/7 Di Petrelli Alessandro
(|^1Sq&A&J;rB Address: Via G. Chiarini, 1/l , Arezzo , ( Italy )Go E:_F(Z~
Phone: 39 340 5825144  Zip Code: 52100
i-w2a&umO9o#Y Fax: 39 340 5825144
)hB:Eg$D+Lm#r{ )sceS;T'I4u+A

,tJ3|ouVp yS{]9x+zc i I3AZV
04/26 078孟加拉国求婴孩食品
!B `0iiCz:Q{n Buy Baby Food And Yeast And Health Food [Bangladesh]s'o"Al~;jYv

'OR!]-R!s1t7i;F^ We are leading importer of Baby Food, Yeast and health Food having nation
"x+t&_|9p+xL9t%D^w wide network for Bangladesh. We like to import the same from qualified
%d K/D,Z` supplier and Manufacturer. Those who are interested to export the aboveM;Z"E1A'j
Please contact with us.e*B*})~ @YJ{
Dq`4e&d+V] Mr. Abdur Rahim(Marketing, Chairman)HB0V{0L7I-c
Company: Paramount Business Limited
.z.`%MymG-jc:L Address: 83/85rahmatunnesa Road, Reazuddin Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh. , k ps@iF
Chittagong , N/A ( Bangladesh )
;R,u$~;hmM0c Phone: 880 31 625956  Zip Code: Ctg-4000"] M)[MC^%`
Fax: 880 31 610715  Mobile: 880 187 72133
$MI.]XM pt9k 1D2_ _;Im/|:Ac

4zv}.{&y.hX0I 04/26 079德国求墨盒1000个7~NwyU*t9x vi
Buy Ink Cartridges [Germany]
*qz1t%J S d
NV;m%R q we are looking for a reliable supplier of HP Ink Cartridges. We look forward1d$EAu0GUgZUo
your quotations.
"u&Qe!Idl Quantity: 1000d:~v j"M
Packaging: not important,@vGwCNN*i
------------{T'p3l)M1n r+n
Mr. Juergen Beisler(Owner/Entrepreneur)K9{i8v|lr
Company: DDmemory Juergen Beisler8d!l)k Y ]o
Address: Bussard Str.10 , Unterhaching , Germany ( Germany )
(P7OK\-A Phone: 49 179 4559594  Zip Code: 82008x#hN8^w'Y(wS
Fax: 49 89 60019798(u#n.u6u"e-z

Xh O(W2Tu}[i,p3P@D q1MI@6PE

X Jm] cQ #t`"S T*R-^5s0^:H4`
04/26 080美国求香味玻璃灯S1E6u F8L T
Buy Fragrance Lampe Oils And Glass Lampes [United States]
9b&P o#|sy4iT Z"FD/e X"b`3D0i7r
Looking for a supplier of Fragrance lampe oils and glass lampes for a
cG-?m.`r6_8lz)T0Jr boutique.
wTyQu Quantity: 100-400 pcs
3yh-c9i!`1l)i ----------
c7|/^h$c2?J%PY Mr. Bruce Odom(Owner/Entrepreneur)
)K3lJ7@Im2H^ Company: Scents Of Pleasure(t%c|"u*m5II2v:w{
Address: 2901 Victor , Lansing , Michigan ( United States )A I8~!| X`)r3t3w]
Phone: 1 517 8195595  Zip Code: 48911
t6? uh)pQ#G Y Fax: 1 517 8876347 q{h \ dP!I1gF1w)U!A
)ZAd{"gcA'} W!YY
$He6A i"w m/]G#vA
04/26 081印度求硫化钠
y,PblT Buy Sodium Sulphide 60% Yellow Flakes [India]
3Dy7Av b0W
m*QQ3kJ_{7~/k we require regular supplies of sodium sulphide 60% yellow flakes. please
[%Gd,X!g contact for good volume business.-G1u Ym6\,|;o
Quantity: 5-6 fcl each month
7ZA^~@h;MJ -----------
#C6od)uyIX Mr. Sandeep Jalota(Owner/Entrepreneur)Bh6\@p&?
Company: Olympic Woollen Mills
:xi/R*l|!WqJ Address: Bye Pass Chownk Chandhigarh Road , ludhiana , Punjab ( India )w9Et|N f L_
Phone: 91 161 2608934  Zip Code: 141008AQu#y,T2nai
Fax: 91 161 2661687  Mobile: 0091-98150-00999M?(X~2\c_
?5l xLL^-r7Y R

Hh6Z Pj 0o {X(w]

3D'J#][;||?4zh 04/26 082巴基斯坦求14-34英寸彩电
;|1Pln`7F Buy New A Grade Colour Television Sets Sizes 14 To 34 [Pakistan]2Q"l"bt6O
We are one of the leading importers of New A Grade Colour Televisions ofx e6TXj(s
various sizes.*X IH+m\D
We also import used/refurbished Multi-system 220V Colour Televisions in
8k/d$c)o_6I.o-w'K{#t O sizes 25 ,29 N 34 from various sources worldwide.
K\L cZS Please email all the details.8M-^ p L/]Tt
Quantity: container load mD/S)J+j
Packaging: standard
!au#U`%\0rf3W ----------
Z}G$GLF1WH Mr. Zulfiqar Ali(Owner/Entrepreneur)
!`tE g!]+s.gBWg!i Ya Company: Pakistan Electronics
eq T1h0U| Address: Suite # G-1 Al Murtaza Castle,163-D Block3,PECHS, , Karachi , Sindh
4bbz\%F ( Pakistan )
5s\H5_W_^ g Phone: 92 21 4523522  Zip Code: 75400if9@|L1r S-o.V
Fax: 92 21 4523522  Mobile: 92-333-2168681 j9wH Mm] vy

-l B0Tz'w6E]#U x 3lJVU(L

AYI*~ f7N c/R,@AR}
04/26 083摩洛哥求实验室材料
EInaZ}D Buy Material For Laboratory [Morocco]
+_'p Kx7lD We are looking for equipment for plant tissue grow laboratory, new or used
5uh A_)G ~ equipments.
'i:e+so#d1r2@ ----------(Bn4XS?
Mr. Ennasser Abdellatif(Head Manager)
)p/gU.x+T'D(x ~(|F8M Company: Optimum Media
^y$irA#h,P Address: Lot Oulhiane Rue 1 No.118 Hay Inara , Casablanca , ( Morocco )
4O3f#s*H?5sK Phone: 212 62 123919
!_^0o J:Z!rM"e Fax: 212 22 821020  Mobile: 212621239190aR @,SuJ
Website Address: [url]http://bastana.multimania.com[/url]
HY HCs l!H
+mX T:H:rXj L| 0?6B L,Qz-G
04/26 084以色列求浓缩香水
/r K,|t(hO Buy Pocket Perfumes [Israel]
F7o:t Z5no!| :`A~Bx'~&]]-d
As the sole owner of "notal" import and distributor of scented oils as well LKH `Ge
as pocket perfumes in my country for almost a decade, I would like to try aX^#X7H;e6A3u rd
few samples of your above mentioned products to be sent to my business
.v2Y'c3fJV address6j3pO,ZA W x]b,o
Quantity: 5
GZGF#BSc -----------
ZGRkykE Mr. Nissim Meirom(Owner/Entrepreneur)
yT%QEVk3r'{A%m)n Company: Notal
2B(L] ro0t&EM1j Address: #2 Sheinkin Street , Rishon LeZion , Israel ( Israel )
R*b\ x%Mjg Phone: 972 3 9669937  Zip Code: 78251
W[$D5niI%Em Fax: 972 3 6511244
W qVM L%z2L
5L,b"l;kC C f"gC !Q k pvF_fC
04/26 085韩国求睡袋 R0n2F!D:PA+m
Buy Sleeping Bag [South Korea] OJ'pmVs-E
We are looking for the sleeping bag supplier. @:E1?3_'J[0X
If your company can supply, send to me full informations to me. |3I1PiP@e5k*B8fj
Packing(size, weight), material, price, etc...~}fu;s5M`NI
Thank you.a DX.R/~ o
Awaiting your reply.
{z;Sy;N9G -------------
S'P fC&t7?I|y G Mr. Young Seok Kwon(President)'K!W[7o)}:\
Company: O&J Enterprisesq/_4}h.P4O8[+f
Address: #619. Shinseong Bldg.192-30. Inhyun-dong 2ka. Chung-ku. , Seoul ,
vV#e3O;e,\ Seoul ( South Korea )QX,A.AF2M7G,N7Z
Phone: 82 10 96789991  Zip Code: 100-282(M W:P N4T ?~ o
Fax: 82 2 22652583  Mobile: 821096789991
i"P#nD$}Xki5J(g*f 3d,I6cs0g;~jH3M
)^4K5j%Hs-\ C jB(k
04/26 086美国求飞机用钢丝绳)NZ/J2Y ym+dS
Buy Aircraft Cable [United States]
zk"M|0pegwCYV $f}vAN7k8h0D,C
Need aircraft cable in galvanized, stainless steel #304, and PVC coated.
qhbCGn{*B:^ Sizes are 1/16,3/32, in 7x7, and 1/8,3/16,1/4,5/16, and 3/8 in 7x19. Need
HIH.Qh,X8j reels in 500ft,1000,1500,2500 and 5,000ft. Will buy full 20ftNf'r/U8]H`
lz_4lK3w!Y ^
2rI%J5iSPA {8C Quantity: full containers
B8Zr+hb#x2F z/L!H --------
m]7]?2UO u Mr. Barnett Selling(Owner/Entrepreneur)
1FA*['yNS/} Company: Starrr Products$b)u xP9u p$g-_a\8?$e
Address: P.o. 794 , Warrendale , Pennsylvania ( United States )
~FkS*pg Phone: 1 724 283-7323  Zip Code: 15095
|-s,a:JN:}pv Fax: 1 724 283-7834  Mobile: 1-412-853-0714Z0~:R{f e]
Website Address: [url]http://www.starrrproducts.com[/url]
n Ua`8y[w? %K3Ce6u\fCR
04/26 087澳大利亚求卡车轮胎5L'V.e;O0~+k a/j
Buy Truck Tyres [Australia]
x$x\\(a Y,i|4z 8tM+{.Vr
We need the best prices on 1100R-22.5 truck tyres. Please provide a price
,i:@7lIW E for 14 ply and 16 ply, also indicate what tread patterns are available. IJ,@AA4rw O7a2iOs6W
need prices, patterns and ports immediately.
cn$FXp^9].V$d Quantity: 20FCL
l2f$N9a]9w"D -----------Cw,ck%}U
Mr. B Hirvi(Director/CEO/General Manager)E l{E_ L@n
Company: Impex Tradings
4KiVv{*E Address: Suit 256, 236 Hyperdome , Loganholme , Queensland ( Australia )
5Ojm"Wa_s o Phone: 61 402232915  Zip Code: 4129
`9aw?,?ZM-N Fax: 61 7 38065254E_r9Q r'W0A
Website Address: [url]http://www.internetbusinesssales.com[/url]
tDk C+MF] 6Hs g6`I R

IGtF)B^HSQ 7qH%GX@h)[B7Y
04/26 088希腊求落地灯'xp&w3Rh5m r
Buy Office And Home Floor Lamps [Greece]
S$E.~GT_#qg $snl]u,X6D
We are interested to buy home and office modern lamp.Z [:wAzQ
If you can supply please contact with us.
U ?#D.B)I+q -----------
PM]h{D%F-V%O Ms. Magdalena Tsantopoulou(Owner/Entrepreneur)A$bs~8b7n)_k
Company: Alpha Proti
hg E7E)x8Pd5`cu Address: Karolou Dil 28 , Thessaloniki , North ( Greece )j`5fD1|h5s2M,QP,P
Phone: 30 2310 220223  Zip Code: 54623
/p T-lm/Pr Fax: 30 2310 220223S{_*^2X
?4\U V4N2`'r Rx

s[T)V0XL \X7} n*N9^!wW+nf
04/26 089波兰求马口铁
0TD])O5z\ Buy Tin Plate [Poland]o.RJ/Q4_CZ

knNk;o2@{_ Tin plate needed. Hardness: Class b,y*A _'B1?}3r!L
Thickness:0.18 - 0,22 mm
1i:_J/\QZT*F Sheet size:690 mm x 770 mm
,d v5i'V+P"ipTd 2quality tin plate acceptable{2MHy9o
Quantity: 300 MT/yeariU$ny]E2_
Packaging: pallets9ljM4\&E3\3KQ~
----------Jm:|.` L5N
Mr. Jarek Prus(Purchasing)`'i ]&Q/Z
Company: Eurowax Co. Ltd u E5hYj i
Address: Marynarki Polskiej 71 , Gdansk , Gdansk ( Poland )#S W` C Ot ez8WR
Phone: 48 58 3421391  Zip Code: 80-557
L6rK(is$sV3m%K Fax: 48 58 3421393
/M+S6SRi Website Address: [url]http://www.eurowax.com.pl[/url]
u;x;I&w h )^%q qJ:t,av3Ov;u

.S]F-t1~ 4dQ1}$QfaQP9X
04/26 090阿联酋求中国产四轮驱动越野车
Z3?!M'E/Q3^5X'_wnQ Buy ATV 4 Way Drive Big Size From China [United Arab Emirates]JMMd(z.b
/u i6F{ NQ G'H*W

,i A0Jqr[#MCe6F We looking for ATV.4 way drive. With CE certificate. Our market is Sweden.
4Cf/u8? Yn{ Pls send us your cataloge price list if you are manufacture from China. We
O?rt*D'c I(}-D'b.b9m are working as sole agent base only h:g"q!]b3Fq9s1x

U%u(R XHij ] Quantity: container
3aa1T/lL;V,E Packaging: standard export packing
ft1di[8o:D -----------!b#EeO-]F*P ? B7z#?
Ms. li karlman zhou(main office, general manager)
\AK2xG3U e9K-D(A Company: World Horizon General Trading & Overseas Projects ( L.L.C.)M)J&l |x-`$H
Address: p.o.box 31810, or p.o.box 37479 , Dubai , no ( United Arab*o.p R.Qr d
Emirates )2Wf3x1|A-L
Phone: 971 4 2869505  Zip Code: 374791nf7NJ#F6U7kc
Fax: 971 4 2869506  Mobile: 971506985448
pk[(O/m/Z z |!a Website Address: [url]http://www.axinternational.se[/url]
,n/^:XJ:qV xn q&@H |K z

MN9q4rAR0d^j .alx#_!I,H

D0_b _:o U#K]+J } 04/26 091沙特求镀银锁链*d7]:ku)a7Ra0g(\#j
Buy Silver Plated Curb Chain [Saudi Arabia]
t'fJ;GSV8B bT"\p2[.S[_

;M;K$U!o@2D,wQ We are interested in silver plated curb chains in bulk amounts, size around
|vVSj'\8w:_f 2.5 mm.
E }s%o-h$K Also we are interested in silver plated lobster or fish claw. SeriousMdPG3Vx&P"M
sellers only. Please send me quotation and ordering details.
'e"G%T QqI#gV -CWC q~
Quantity: Bulk;I%j8K5t0y @e`zh
-------------------d#ksM q a8LXp
Mr. Mostapha Moussa(Director/CEO/General Manager)
_ Jz(y!\S7t Company: Simar Fashion1be#};QO
Address: POBox 7366 , Jeddah , ( Saudi Arabia )
){ XU9a6t2C-d&v Phone: 966 50 4628070  Zip Code: 21462
Tg0o`lZhes Fax: 966 2 6641607
U#Lq J0A$l-Hi&G 2aQiJK+M"d-~
x V4N'Gp']4S
)Le-{OP H*^5df
~ T_ W'z P5h^
04/26 092韩国求钢坯
BU VX[Z3U Buy Steel Billet [South Korea]V\6R+l,T6C,K
We are interested in purchasing Steel Billet of 10,000mt monthly. So please;P7XpL+ec
notice following specifications,
1car%G_z?m'Q 4\$a egD0l'V
*Commodity: Hot Rolled Square Steel
"Gzi7p.`/UF| Billet.'mY[]*pW$F
*Standard& Grade: JIS G3101 SS400.
r6s&wO-kn Kp$J4a#J *Quantity:120,000mt per a year(5,000mt x
9Q@8]Lz-A 12months).
E\"^6{VX *Dimensions:120 x 120 x up to 11700mm.T@o/in2YA
*Price& Terms: C&FC1% Busan, South
9g6W l1gD#W1o Korea.g!f.a.P {PB7m
*Payment: DLC, At Sight.
wh5}'cq!w\W0h+V *Period of Contract:14 months.YH i,J!sM!O fpApc
*Inspection: SGS by Seller's expense.
5M[S^]_R uW
h[ tE:k9yZ*^"K+[@ If you are interests, please kindly provide us FCO& Contract in order toc-P Sc _R:t5h&b
waste time.
}6v2s8Z,V[U,{9[ Quantity: 120,000mt
h/Vwh/zQ Packaging: Seller's option#~ XU&k^_ t)x
f-Fj,ke @D Mr. Seong Ho Cho(Overseas Business Dept., Managing Director)
} as UY Company: CNK International Corporation.8d"kqP1H+L5Bi9]5X
Address: The Korea Express Bldg.No.302, #3-1, Hang-Dong, Chung-Ku , Incheon#l5\:w0DdE[|
, Incheon ( South Korea )
9^~Ao].@ gx9ce Phone: 82 0506 2701447  Zip Code: 433-033iU(g'R{1@
Fax: 82 32 8337167  Mobile: 82 18 32 1447
S @|-QgW +Pv%pP ui
w%D\'q&B*? onm|F!y
'Z.j g(WSF }uE6{

.R t/Y8UM 04/26 093以色列求陶瓷台灯!QRx p1no2w
Buy Ceramic Table Lamp As Attachment [Israel]
$T u@wk6P*G opCbj"G8n
Looking for ceramic table lamp as attachmentf IdI,N-@0Qd
nOFlKRQ| O Ms. Noa Zem(Marketing)2d]j%Ia"_ b6|
Company: Lhone
/b7y)y7aF Address: Ltvinsky 2 , Ramat gan , Israel ( Israel )
"A%oky#j0HE1T6Vu*_ Phone: 972 355555 434344  Zip Code: 52621Lz5y(W6uP,X
Fax: 972 35557 2715iz?3hU"`g+z [
Website Address: [url]http://WWW.LHONE.COM[/url]
5Y o$MzM $b:LgL&kjD z0B
R FIoX8s

3_'c!TTjV&]t 04/26 094美国求皮带扣、皮带原材料和手提包-` W rD(F,@E1_ Q
Buy Leather Skin, Exotic Skin Belts And Handbags [United States]s)\!d.z{g
^)m VBmP/?$Ri_
N q,m-A`!JS3Z
I am looking for a supplier of belts. Really the part I need is the belt
0}]$@+b ZC3m|D strap(blank) I can add hardware to it. I need a western buckle on it if it
jEB1XX8\g has to have one. But, I would like belts to be exotic skin- zebra,3oN1MpJK!ME.O
cowhide(with hair)alligator-croc-leopard-giraffe ect.... If the leather is;m!f S.~;{3?*\5t
cowhair stenclid great. But, I want the hair on them. Expect the alligator
]8g2?M+UX$EA| and stuff. I am a belt designer and I need some cowhides now! I also likeMGa"O?;?
the textured croc/alli look. If its exotic looking i'll like it. Looking for]5daD`u%`8d
company to work with me on quantity, I will make a deal saying I will only
\&wN X4q{&f7ZS purchase from you and in return I will promote your company on my websiteLb,`bXo'U_|;S'P
that is viewed all over the world. People like my things, they like to know
0v A-SI i4_I8^fO%L where I got it. Also I am looking for handbags/purses along the same lines
ZW8ax;SGdD above. If you can help me then I look forward to hearing from you. Kamie
d N2WUhZ;`] treadwell thanks4Y xc~\k;fh|
***see this picture*** belt texture this is one of my designer belts. So |;?.~7b\
maybe this will help.
*n5hIz7F6V Quantity: NOT BIG BULK BUT NOT TINYNG^W)^\/j@ x
G L4D+V-W?9L Ms. Kamie Treadwell(Business, Owner/Entrepreneur)rh#@0|:T#k
Company: Unique Enterprise / Embellizz Designs/cs5zs6~3`$g"z:U
Address: 2212 Cr M , Lamesa , Texas ( United States )
T)h c}J0G Phone: 1806 462 7357  Zip Code: 79331
0S*]g*Y2Q s ac;Wa Fax: 1806 462 7357  Mobile: 18067598402
5k3TbNISH ln Y6h H7Ya"X

TJ;} Q.KA0cq mz*P R+V&m*`

%K5p;il]:Ss4K 04/26 095以色列求滑轨为厨房抽屉
w#q)gQ\1}5Or Buy Full Extension Slide For Kitchen Drawers [Israel]I+v"r1n%r7Z ^

B,u1_^}/J![,NX SIM is an Israeli import and marketing company, which deals in various
e%p9j'R`,V DW industrial products.
ZA7e9Od8I The Israeli economy is expanding rapidly and so is the standard of living.s}5@@oP(Rl
We have done a market survey of the Israeli kitchenware consumption and
|0W7Nv {CzF reached the conclusion that there is a large potential for high quality3xuo A+L^T
@!^ Jn'~8Tu We believe that if we are able to find a first class quality manufacturer
|7v3V2|;i/S5\ with competitive prices, we will be able to capture a large portion of the
7LS8F8h"u\1B local market.
PG7i!S2cW8s3S All the Israeli suppliers import their product from Western Europe, whichzOtdB
has become extremely expensive due to the high rate of the Euro.
/H)E/a `%Sh1U%tp2dy Please mail us a comprehensive catalogue with a price list. Prices should be
^3v P]u quoted FOB sea port.
.T!sR:w/yj z Awaiting you response"L4\E+P*z b(g
OWr3r7~t0h Mr. EYAL SIMHON(Purchasing) wvYQDJH o
Company: S. I. M.3b.L$\:Qb(S
Address: A. Zaid , Haifa , Israel ( Israel )!@#K7v.U_,k;S7Q
Phone: 972 52 3608932  Zip Code: 262684^UX[+Sl
Fax: 972 4 8494556
,Kvu kIp4SqJ dCo.a"]q_![

2b$xiEY)M 6L@;o,`N*B*m:K ?A
04/26 096巴基斯坦求中国产火柴生产线
ZC'R&q]Bjz Buy Matchstick Making Machinery [Pakistan]
X,h^d/H9X @
*[8YoV D"l Matchstick Machinery from China. Quote your price.C ]$Mz.w,|
Machinery required in Pakistan$s[6w#nkld7P D_
Quantity: 1 mN#FLd!d{@z-X
Mr. Khizar Yaqoob(Owner/Entrepreneur)
Gec9U,oR9Ig Company: Sohny Dhartiu{O`MV+N$f n
Address: P-1 Power House Road Abdullahpur , Faisalabad , ( Pakistan )a*zLEeAW1^ HMc\
Phone: 92 41 8868802
h)L%b4w4k Fax: 92 41 8534323  Mobile: 92-300-9655674D dE-E:~!Z
iB"d6N3f t

3J{`a4h$d0j5`/FW 04/26 097埃及求LCD显示器5DLKi(w9{ n FJ2W B4d
Buy LCD PC Monitors [Egypt]^)y]8aX`%^

*POt5WC#Z o We are looking for a supplier/manufacturer of LCD PC monitors.!KyKF&F/i
Please send us your quotaion including technical specs , prices , min
` J-\I'dX+ne quantities, payment and shipping to Cairo-Egypt.D!d|N3]2Me
^IQ6d c Mr. Maged Shabrawy(Owner/Entrepreneur)(i"u ki L
Company: ICG-Egyptc0a4v+[R})S^
Address: Helipolis , Cairo , ( Egypt )9Gvn"w/@
Phone: 20 10 5522555
~tZ,Ns8}9p*Y Fax: 20 2 6325689.v;HC)Kl}~s5S

3M`se5sEY:_%^ ^[ :a1| EMT
04/26 098泰国求环保T衬衫
/C5C:^4pV#F {4te Buy T-shirts Environmentally Friendly [Thailand]pZ)YX\%S \r8V:s J
Need environmentally friendly t-shirts made from recycled PET BOTTLES
O{9A0ek+X7] \1P)] 50% PET or petspun or another(p\#S#^ [5`
And 50% cotton
DYL~Kr -----------
+u/wz Q.i&@4W Mr. kelvin bamfield(head sales office, exec director)
(s~ vVR-[#X%d Company: Zainaex Ltd and A B2B Trader Ltdx2]*[:X:rb:p$d
Address: 119/5 Suphalai Ville, Ratthathibeth Rd, Bangkrasor , Bangkok , BKK
3[0\RAfb,M ( Thailand )
~2^?:B[N-M#|;xiA Phone: 66 2 6799747  Zip Code: 11000$tM+y5B#M#e$@\Q
Fax: 1 206 3371321  Mobile: 6613440800C"t'`/d0]X
Website Address: [url]http://www.zainaex.com[/url]
x8k4Q|#a th%CY)i&FZ

3nGYUP m
Z E8DL;_9o@OA y{ xWY4qj7N
04/26 099新西兰求衬衫布料
eo"D4]/S t Buy Fabrics For Men's Shirting [New Zealand]
A0u@[j JMDb { )o0U {F+` i%U6[)H
We are looking for reliable shirting fabric manufacturers/agents in Jiangsu,
Q+kA3I+K"U Zhejiang or shangdong province.`$J!ZTp?
;_ L:g0kcJ
The fabrics we require are:8atAc#H l;[g K#A
t`c3J0bK Chambray
c$L^#m,v*r sS Crease resistant'q Ti\"g:JF
100% easy care cotton
8t7SyCf)P+I)tvw Wrinkle free
q tHq*pU Casual drape-f,S+[A9tEy?v

"?#F+[3J4g(c2s Quantity: From 1200 Yards per styleU^&]ehzr
gw6sYU^ ] Mr. William Su(Purchasing)
bTMkDAH)I-a Company: Bright Sea Trading(NZ) Ltd
N Xq:|-~y Address: 3/20 Nairn Street, CBD, Wellington, New Zealand , Wellington ,
gh:Q#h8T3uBlX New Zealand )a1G#kV:q p
Phone: 64 21 1583997  Zip Code: 6002
w QIq S+g3e Fax: 64 04 3854809  Mobile: 64211583997 Vw(n%K_Xl(G
Website Address: [url]http://www.ggarments.com[/url]L$vb]~u b6t$_0`4e
Ruq ] P6` q

;VnZ a\Zu1b`
*J ]ZL4e 04/26 100印度求办公文具.} Mn2l,j(\-v
Buy Office Supplies & Stationery [India]
Hzbt@g@*s0rAw_$V rtsp!`"UM a
Wanted high quality office supply products. Products could include files, m(E9x?+p0}"x
folders, desk accessories, paper products, binders, clips, computerIT![hS;H+v3fs} D
stationery and any other such products.
+r\,r.jWk\:[%y d2h8mn@;?ip,d
Quantity: 100,000C`Z Pe H-s
------------0^a6f rJ@
Mr. Kalyan Srinivas(Director/CEO/General Manager)
*Y8{LE:T E Company: GRM Recycling&Merchandising Pvt. Ltd.
+V~1L0J d Address: 508, Vardhaman Palace, Sector-17, Vashi, New Bombay , Navi Mumbai ,m"S/aL.pA]%?$J;l o
Maharashtra ( India )
#J&Z:B-vJ Phone: 91 22 55914094  Zip Code: 400705
!S h7L-Bs+[4A$\+x Fax: 91 22 55914096  Mobile: 00919820188149 Q2QA`4G3X2k;G
Website Address: [url]http://www.staxstationery.com[/url]
"~ HM%`c,]aFr"J)N !?y!x0td*_{z-J
$M/g.ipY [ me {

*}pI9A NmH
4[ k dh t0`-R%Nn p 04/26 101摩洛哥求磁卡门锁为旅馆C/rw#E*| |0dj
Buy Hotel Door Locks [Morocco]RxTwCxP

i:E-\(A U2\N8g)x/} we are looking for a complete system of magnetic card door locks for anx}6Ih2y ~"Z
``#|&pX!Y\\ Please provide us with your catalogue, pricelist and sample.x1h'fBk|D
,JmGM m9}
Quantity: 300
v,LAn_Y.C ----------
z]:Ia(i Mr. Jean BERTRAND(Director/CEO/General Manager)
UG-O_rcb Company: Compagnie 12[WZ3z5F6I:t)| D9_3n
Address: Boite Postale 5098 , 10100 , Rabat(Souissi) ( Morocco )GRI;S J(gwb
Phone: 212 65 134545/eWrp B9lQg6Lc
Fax: 212 37 638888 |0Y$d#zkG$Eh MpuA
/~5Q L]tl [;A/P q

:` XV b|
o'{ }+DDN8|Y5m | K8@PA4o
04/26 102塞浦路斯求数码照相机uo\S k's1lKt
Buy Brand Name Digital Camera [Cyprus]
K8GI(U,},WS j Interested in small lots of digital cameras.y4j9VDW/o)]"z
Wholesale prices, brand new items. Speady delivery, known brands only.
0]$?-ja_%F c4| Serious offers only.-^1rP_h
Quantity: 2-10
YuN~pY Ze Packaging: New Original(_f"x*_nt&i$E;U+o"h
d6A q YT4~!wh\ Mr. Costas Papadopoulos(Director/CEO/General Manager)X@d&L%H5e)V
Company: Cybargains.com Trading & Services
'|Y8R)V%_O.M Address: 1st Acropoleos str, Kaimakli , Nicosia , Nicosia ( Cyprus )
R hAc| I_ l Phone: 357 99520562  Zip Code: 10218q0l&M&O3J U9D gZ
Website Address: [url]http://www.cybargains.com[/url]
4Zo q+_,]!B
VZK'o#m 5n7{X+C#v7A

.j R S8}1f*V L6aq 04/26 103苏里南求吉普车轮胎o @V"h M0{4Dr_
Buy Jeep And SUV Radial Tires [Suriname]
nEa;y1T 'lnNP6xJ?V![
Our company is looking fo suppliers of SUV and jeep radial tires.!o0x ^ j0Q[mqg m
For example in the sizes 265/70R16,31x10.50R 15 LT and other sizes. U uv9] {)} t
Please take contact with us
7n G k9h2\J&ZM ----------T!DU$uN)U)@s8d
Mr. Krish Lalbiharie(Buyer)"u3m _'rgi
Company: Lalbiharie impex&o)^%rm%[:N$AcC6l
Address: Doerga Sawh str./ Lashelystr. 259 , Nw. Nickerie , NickerieJ4d1DG CO*j
Suriname ) X2Kw(UN7Ie!Z
Phone: 597 210175
qI `]q"RQ"P Fax: 597 2310494fx(Z n/F r.P
04/26 104叙利亚求木把刮刀
t0_&ReCvu/i4~Z Buy Scrapers [Syrian Arab Republic]
J's dgvX$R.j
q(\(Y {Pd9r We are interested in importing rubber scrpaer (spatula) with wooden handle,"Ac9q1p4^O8HQ
please offer to C&F lattakia port/ Syria.]:UD$A-|Wj}
Quantity: 1FCL20' z&DsO d8P0At7l6A2|
Packaging: export packingJ,^1p!YmA,yD"n`
iK!n7vG+N3W&n Mr. Zafer Khandji(Director)
|4x-NZ-B _ Company: Khandji Trading Co.#Z'Y t%Lw/t{ @O LS
Address: Harikah, Ibn Khaldoun, P.O.Box: 2356, , Damascus , DAM ( Syrian
p0iBIE Arab Republic )v:w%}jz!i {
Phone: 963 11 2218773
1hq;p3I6K Fax: 963 11 2229042  Mobile: 96393446615*L"p o3g2u.u/X.s*a
Website Address: [url]http://sinosyrtrade.com[/url]&[zi'v1fUa){|&K

GjICd:Rjw4tk T9A cS,\)b
04/26 105越南求喷雾胶水为服装工业G,m k-@wy
Buy Spray Adhesive [Vietnam]!|"gW*Fo4S

3|B.FvtWh I'm a trading company specializing in providing garment accessories and
Q)F9K;Wo chemicals for garment industry. Now i'm looking for suppliers andh9ZY$^c}GU
manufacturers who can supply me following products for long time business:
4P'_;kmCbT x%Y SWf8V1V0?
1. Spray adhesive for pattern tacking(referto sprayway #066) qH4t2k){Sc
2. No fray spray: Eliminates over-edge stitching; reduces seam failure and!H1mf-J5w:}9st)H4d
material waste(referto sprayway #821)xBLs/}3qb&Sm2n
3. Multi-purpose spray adhesive: Refer to sprayway #088"]BqA%a Y
4. Industrial silicone lubricant: Refer to sprayway #077],fD.p,Le T4Ef"f @/Y
Mr. Thach Ngo                        (Director/CEO/General Manager)
fZ9j-Y g Company: Kim Phong Thanh Co., Ltd.&@d$h$P+|
Address: 117 Dinh Tien Hoang, Dist.01 , Ho Chi Minh , South ( Vietnam )
:w`)q`+T`+M a Phone: 84 8 8208104  Zip Code: 8
1F$A_M:O O Fax: 84 8 8207311
/DG v0L GA!X
9|[PN#iN] ~ 1R#Buj7q(a/SD

t9i$z6y0A6q0F? _5s.F,N8OwO
04/26 106以色列求婴孩香皂等护理品C1_#_3MABu(C
Buy Baby Soap [Israel]
&R1__mPgj h
&bd?1`Hndo ?S'Su,Pml4F
We are looking for a supplyer of baby soap and other baby care productionV p sl|
Quantity: 100E3[)OQ3X
Packaging: 50h? w-]E]g0A[
|2vRP,|CC]g5O#{k| Mr. Jehad Ismail(Director/CEO/General Manager)%R Ul9r;uN7V
Company: Seawave
quD]d3k"u&Y Address: El Remal , Gaza , Palestine ( Israel ) TB#xQ vi(tZ"W
Phone: 972 08 2877267Q!?4d[.O9H!~
Fax: 972 08 2876587
oL n N ]#fo3j:P C /P#u8T0H `h0P)l6ZYI6H

kbf/T4S+uI wk
9b%a+K/k6[-EF%PT2B 04/26 107伊朗求中国产电容器纸
"U4GF1d9Dl:h Electrolytic (Capacitor) Paper Needed From China [Iran (Islamic Republic
)O h2M-[_+j of)]
'YY"cC:{} }L:b&j\ Qq5b
Please send us your best quotation for the following electrolytic paper_q$DW$B+r
order. Size, density and quantity is indicated in details. Delivery will be
#H!U k {*XNq)| within one year and payment in 90 days. Destination is eastern europe.S?]N0Ac%I!t1I
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.280mm 6,000 kg
/}a]i.p+| Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x38mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 20,000 kg&n#S$g `4lF!k#] @#b[vG
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x30mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 41,000 kg^(V J-k,q
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,008x38mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 18,000 kgB6J/\/\2s)d4A0|M
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0.008x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 6,000 kg)P Tj)k W\9ys
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x26mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 14,500 kgC(UM(pKf hcJ?,g
Capacitor paper DTY 1.0 0,012x125mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 3,000 kg
,En%tjZF` Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x32mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 2,600 kg
1E?9@9mMK Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,015x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 2,000 kg$m4PQOIc3V;g9`
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,010x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 1,400 kg
?7i(E|9M| Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x28 mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 2,700 kg lua x@K:_E
Capacitor paper DTY 1.0 0,012x110mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 1,000 kg3~CL9m? V"os
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x48mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 26,000 kgR VW`\ ht*O
Capacitor paper DTY 1.0 0,012x90mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 1,000 kg7y+E!C2SN2B
Quantity: as indicated
,L&[/h3qG(Lc Packaging: europallettes
9y&E)z1BH.T#y,T0j ----------
-P1b:F e [ aF Mr. Saman Ketabchi(Managing Director);FWK2h ],o/A&s
Company: Mina Exports Co.V'i-rb1erW@;]
Address: Baghe Feiz, Koye Janat, Shokofeye 8, #6 , Tehran , Tehran ( Iran)FK1Rc yv3I
(Islamic Republic of) )
'bw4O:u C+I Phone: 98 913 2221675  Zip Code: 147374q6Ie0w$lUI8W:q
Fax: 98 21 6940863  Mobile: 913-2221675 li3m5|z%FdLHY

~"DSv[x{%n L
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04/26 108西班牙求太阳能电池组件{ qFH/\LH5bk
Buy Solar Panel Systems [Spain]ghK7TWy5hz
Y$C4z DF!eh tmg
We are looking for providers with high quality solar photovoltaic systems,fE;JBv)~ ]p W
thin film, mono or polycrystalline technologies for a long time relation.{7W+YyKI5jr)K+A
Including batteries, inverters, regulators, etc.
*k;F ]k1H| ----------
d#ZX3mo Mr. Carlos Gomez(Purchasing)3P7b^kz4t
Company: Arinet 2000 s.a.;lT)T:au
Address: Cortijo 8 bajo. Moralzarzal , Madrid , Madrid.Spain ( Spain )2i,Zn$wyV&@
Phone: 34 91 8576850  Zip Code: 28411(C+P$XV)t ]1Q{
Fax: 34 928 411412
O.N;z:J|:]1~ ny .{'hY$T k%|5d\L

Y6y^h,s N N jz*a,Xz
04/26 109美国求小型家具和工艺品
+Q PS5rvfH!^I3X Buy Miniature Products For Dollhouses Etc. [United States]
H/}t8Yc8e.h j1k
aq)[)I@8G3nx+nl Seeking to purchase miniature products, miniature furniture and miniatureYd o$Uc fB D Gz c
Mr. Edward Gadomski(CEO)
!k3v4e~h'|N3O![3} Company: Private Label Inc
f D {'[&v#|~ Address: 1162 St.George Avenue Suite 150 , Avenel , New Jersey ( United
F.M$YGD"}p+b Io States ) eZ M4hT
Phone: 1 732 634-3498  Zip Code: 07001
a)M3b`PD+V8g{A Fax: 1 732 634-34984wd9b }3|p7G

^ ENk)Nc2f
1_},Z2_:@:` @/xgC
3~-bwC kB M9x$H1T J6WV_,K8h ~#Bk
04/26 110英国求自行车赛车,单轮脚踏车等等
2y3K A%Twz:c Buy Bicycles - Road Race, Recumbent, Unicycle, Trailer, MTB [United Kingdom]
$W:jl q7M;n!s
_"euQeo eu*OGY c1Ia
We wish to import high quality Road Race Bicycles (carbon/titanium frames,
FWx]2cDy Shimano Dura-Ace/Ultegra, 20 or 30 speed, lightweight components). Please-m{P:`W3B\Z(odZ
reply providing details of your products, including shipping, handling,
e#C` ~.n+o7^d&f delivery, sample availability and payment terms.9v t[GYNm.z
--------------------- Ei5|4vEm,C
Mr. Nigel Martin(Owner/Entrepreneur) } X_*g+A#c5|j,f
Company: NMC(UK)
oQ s4S.JUw D Address: 56 Chipponds Drive , St Austell , Cornwall ( United Kingdom ) k.] x&@ny7p!Qq3P
Phone: 44 1726 66950  Zip Code: PL25 5DE
'J jD m3a}S Fax: 44 1726 66950  Mobile: 07818 017829

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FZ9].`0?/c,U F;n-Q/~ 真的很厉害,能把这些不同专业的产品翻译出来并且正确就不容易啊
5L1B1Vy Hp^W^ 真晕,本要顶这帖子呢,顶成其他的啦。

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