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04/26 001韩国求3-10岁的儿童衣服'X+T@#~.H)NU1Z(J
Want To Buy Children Garment
2s }T_*{c dear sir
;G'O`-@-Gj;N~ we are looking for child outwear jacket 3~10 years in high quality
s*G_h&ah,_K if you can suplly please contact me
8mS6k{.s cQf0? best rgdsw}E.tgM"Q@

f2P |Bo Q7t5T6lv"V3T/gRK
#j0o xtj+j2af
Contact InformationK0s!V;fK-nS
Mr. S.A.Farasami  ( EXPORT , president )8Tl-?]S
Company : 2R CORPkW)sd[O B2e
Address : 545-1 GOAM RI,YANG JU, KYUNG GI DI ,KOREA YANG JU, Kyungki-DoqE4F)o ZFa
Korea (South)
]VILc%u Zip/Postal : 482-851G+`VlT0h
Telephone : 82-31-857-4128
EB3x luQ Fax : 82-31-857-4127 wKU {}

(s G$oRXfY
@'md {8RC a2[ 9b Js8_5s7q
*z;n[ H k Yd ~.f
n ^}$cE2S[ o yD
04/26 002土耳其求中国产螺母
.FE9ux~2f }{{$s_C[Y
g ]-l ZG-IfG!Q }AY PZ
U,l6b&l ~p.G]
- Payment : L/C at sight(P0U?N`z
- Delivery : as soon as possible U1RIQC,Y)@Y$x
- Origin : CHINAIj%[*S"v
- Minimum Order : 1x20 FCL4Rx-vR_3R3?d-c"o
- Packaging : bulk2qa5n C3|zg5e2g
4`oD?ie O

c1T.q th ]H Contact Information9o(b9G&m {
Ms. Begum UysalG{{ ^$p0U
Company : Uysal Fastener Co.5}~-plmt/lr*t$G
Address : 1.Sanayi Sitesi 2829 sk. No:57 Izmir, Turkey
5A M]_ o v/{y/hLC Zip/Postal : 35110
BSoRV&C m Telephone : 90-232-449-0303
]+f~l3_*@%o Fax : 90-232-449-6707
Z.f sq$U A}&H7d;o
`5J6e'u!c0t T )_F%yu"E"M8`
04/26 003马耳他求纸箱原材料uOu*ko
Raw Materials For Production Of Carton Boxes
|Z DOO7Tm2fa|b
,pq6Y1aj7dkHS(j We need supply of raw materials for the production of carton boxes. Please
^/H"DHW8OG` reply with details so that we can give you the specifications required by(Bj S7_t9In
9c N/a,E rB6Ydo
_!f#TUS%`%~e;{ X iHEr:M1B
- Payment : LC
GQ.QY.Q F(\{ l - Origin : worldwide.AL7WHIJ#A
r `o'dEd f

*PD0PcM$Z Contact Information/SS*x R u\Xr
Mr. LOUIS C. SAVONA  ( General Manager )\~ z h3|F
Company : Clerimex TradingY3F{6wjW Rn,J
Address : 'Carabella' TRIQ l-GHENBA ATTARD, ATTARD Malta
L!iY/Z-d v Zip/Postal : BZN 04
VjqX.Wxf7`*A Telephone : 356-21-43-55583_Q$|? A/W7K-e8K2O
Fax : 356-21-42-0225
#g)ad f.g^'V @[.i|2I/P+iD Q

W(K ]g[
Q_0M3R z;vo
7w9Z;~J6o}~VdS_ 04/26 004马来西亚求感温金属@ L y I]{+AA
Contact: Dato' Huang&} f4{)FQ7cd}@
H7G] qdq4r)_ 452 Permatang Batu,<br>Bukit Mertajam,<br>Penang,<br>14000,<br>Malaysia.
:t@l e'WPZ;aev Bukit Mertajam 14000
&zA0Z}%hy u Malaysia vE(b{:]Qn
E-Mail: [email]customer@eiko.com.my[/email]*h5u4C$i `_v7q1|
Phone: 60-4-539 3515 60-4-539 39750z/D#aC#H2^0Fo$}}K
Fax: 60-4-539 2755Z1K$[`"t"B?
6F/U!R9G:AoUg Subject: bi-metal / thermostat metal / clad-metal - In coil formh@9a(cGKl
specification : equivalent to SUMITOMO BL-2
+]+]{FH sizes : 0.5 (thickness) x 5.0mm (width) and
2z/L4f9H u] 0.5 (thickness) x 6.0mm (width)
!kD-W;T t quantity : 100 to 200 kgs per size.{YzG g6k_ [5ZKla

F ~}{2i d'^'`8Z"u
S&YC.\ v%[#R#a Mf/IW

&W$Hd0xj R 04/26 005韩国求染棉纱
7gOc0JpB8J Cotton Dyed Yarn
qN1dH~9k1r)M /h lFHW#`*e4fl
dear sir8O9~3a*TQ
we are looking for cotton sulphur dyed yarn in hank if you can supply please
/Om@[j0H;i$R'mb send detail thanks &best rgds
bd _sG G;x4C Q6@$WpPEJ(x
*nn9tI wLL ^
"hQ kd5q)Z
Contact InformationS0_k4ix\
Mr. S.A.Farasami  ( EXPORT , president )0M%Qk-V)FP,w#msA)X
Company : 2R CORP#p6T7O z F!y
Address : 545-1 GOAM RI,YANG JU, KYUNG GI DI ,KOREA YANG JU, Kyungki-Do
8_f"y/N q Korea (South)\?`c$Bj EQ.i3e
Zip/Postal : 482-851
8L'P6h/C.C p\;N;Zc Telephone : 82-31-857-4128
|,s;K6^m*eje Fax : 82-31-857-4127
"RpL} zY's
,m$@ A*]~
Q-B4jr2B)rXs)]j 04/26 006尼日利亚求刈草机
_,jzRu*`w;Y1zM(j_ Contact: onyin-}n K7K Hj
Company: onyin int ltd {V7V8TT
50 itme rd
Q[1ga*eM!An aba 23480[9Y+jMn*d&z~
t7g+t/P:U!|}.Q#H:f E-Mail: [email]onyin@fastermail.com[/email]
/m1bK \_%_ { Phone: 234-80-366741Bmf8wN
Fax: 234-80-353985
&jZ5GN$? hCP ------------pJ N,kj5K$p8Q
Subject: Want To Buy Grass Cutter Machines
~*fC1JH7F Description:
`:igM"j*d"o We are looking for company to supply supply us grass cutter machines.#~R.d RoQ$|

J P6jBw9t#c)G&a,X a Regards.8yBj cc4u0C-M

:`.j&W+s?an-W;x Onyin
] M]G1eM m.NS2gW Y

P*?Og*m)IAA_n 'Y Q3^X J.qqd#]
04/26 007埃及求光驱、内存、MP3驱动器;E FUvT/~9i)J1b!M
Need Rams & Flash Drivers & MP3drivers
r W1_F6c)C+g
Hd2h4t]i0cA Dear Sir,
.e)HBR:FV We are Beni Suef International Trade Point (B.S.I.T.P) a sector of the3C9l D7NS1DoAh
Ministry of Foreign Trade in Egypt, We are working in the field of Marketing0yU!~p1@"U
& Promotion Through Exchanging Information Using the Latest Technology For O/U2Z(Qd
Developing Transactions With Other Countries. Our goal is to help small and)S(b2Lk5eHk
medium enterprises to export their commodities. Our services are TOTALY
.Y[!s-^`@:J\| FREE.
*xhD7k6W_ We need Rams & flash drivers & MP3drivers from any originoDi8GzK;n
, if you want to
l,Nj n/O+{:x1O Dealing with us Please send us a fax or email)|gpf#k2nhC
Looking forward to hearing from you.I:ga3N!s0PC
Thanks & Best Regards
KG6P8BGL Fatma Taha
.|Ny9y(nD +QoDwS?$F5zj

]&OGS/B"[%IOx Contact Information
L:S1Z6R,oT3E0U Ms. Fatma Taha8XJ8qz*MFK#h@-H G
Company : Beni Suef Trade PointjGD#p Yr
Address : Beni Suef Villa 40 Egypt.A0fp c0J4D vg
Zip/Postal : 90706
X K V bm,X4ll m_\ Telephone : 20-82-2353-946a fB(^4cO2@
Fax : 20-82-2353-9494_ h5X-y8\\lh'Y

%x!xl x } _7U |tA (GW N T#J

B"KM+_1o/H Ei*@ \5F n1z yV
04/26 008印度寻中国塑料工厂合作
J)hg;xhI J Contact: chander prakash
O(y n1{,k1e Company: paramount plastic ind.0@%bR*v2k(F`
post box 4025
;a{9tY#Q/L new delhi 110017goyXV?
India y wVR,e9m@5C
E-Mail: [email]ppi77@eth.net[/email]
,hp5\9BDk a:j Phone: 91-11-29542381
ljOrL wa;Kh Fax: 91-11-264983065g8m$p%G,l6}&m
--------------t| ?#r7n(D)^ _;U0[:z
Description:7cw M@m3?'dM
DEAR SIR,^ e,po.ti)z^OxL
"uR'J_;Ht n :y4vi!~0O;b-c,C

8L$@ dj Tko
Ea;{#['j;w 04/26 009巴基斯坦求库存人造革1|n$daQ dh7B
Buy 190t & 210t PU Coated Stock Lots.2CuZ9S0TE;n C)w

+y nB9q+b2R(`&m-q Dear Sir,
9{]9U/B'_4Z2J Yef~(V:b
We are Pakistan based company interested in buying stock lots in tafeetau`6az5Zb}p
fabric.rQ"e1j9KE [9G
Please advice the avaliblity.
Z4qD,ot)I Q"u;[ Q,U
furqan hussainJ#Y`7Q"C{3LW
C+Wj g6W3_t3Ry
- Payment : l/c:J${0z}V+LU
- Delivery : 60-days
u"R3Qy1H(r#Q ~S - Minimum Order : 2-containersDnj9N@X u.U
- Packaging : 20m - 200m
-N:x9SI2w - Samples : Charge {&l$zr6NMX
uS:L{*X#k*k p5\
Contact Information
NI?5\5pD,U Mr. Furqan Hussain  ( PURCHASE , PRESENT )
pH3W_h,Il0?Be Company : Q & F ENTERPRISE
%v,{(tj0b(v)k:I%H#tq Address : 101, SAMIA FARGEN KARACHI KARACHI, SIND Pakistan
X6hAitdz1Ek7j Zip/Postal : 752300
e@{5W_ b0O:lZhQ Telephone : 92-21-4557-235u2}uV t7o;J(W
Fax : 92-21-4557-235
zZ#fdN ~ r7O bh!WV+E'g0z
*t@t'_F&y [f)pP&W

mMH*y/G4I&m OBFR
6Y3[_ ~fL S 1OOv1}1KIh1AA
04/26 010埃及求活牛和山羊
9_y$aav&C]MWl Need Alive Cow And Alive Goats
mM%WQ6^&D +ep?Brc jr
Dear Sir,
.JB,c?$n+\-Ngn2i We are Beni Suef International Trade Point (B.S.I.T.P) a sector of the
*BS-O,|n{1W Ministry of Foreign Trade in Egypt, We are working in the field of Marketing#{G7TY5CT:s
& Promotion Through Exchanging Information Using the Latest Technology For3g]](s.t$_Y$J
Developing Transactions With Other Countries. Our goal is to help small and
V SA}S ^1S"R"ZL medium enterprises to export their commodities. Our services are TOTALY g.NK tNM(rt5T
*q;`wx$P1[A We need alive Cow and alive goats from any originr4fe;V_d~6~
, if you want toc*mfco;o9fM
Dealing with us Please send us a fax or email@e6el/t%S n,K&T
Looking forward to hearing from you.
D~e0Gb%Ye/Cp9N Thanks & Best Regards(U:U e |{ M)Fj
Fatma Taha9^d-^ e"~3RqA? |
Contact Information
)H*eX!L)w8Bp(D*o-v Ms. Fatma Taha
c&}(@eo NYm Company : Beni Suef Trade Point
B!Q)nZa9R*sv0kvt Address : Beni Suef Villa 40 Egypt
aJz d:L b Zip/Postal : 90706!e {eqY
Telephone : 20-82-2353-946 xXOn?!v9nW
Fax : 20-82-2353-949
x.EY,i W.v/N6\O 2gL \Z-fEJU W9W
+M Gaa7A^{D%S
M]qa @Q
04/26 011沙特求A4影印纸
RXq(Ge\y Required A4 Size Photocopy Paper For Saudi Arabia7@ s)n*t}
Dear Sir.
"udP-o!Z 'G[H(f L,I ` hm1pl
We the Alkhazindar Co Ltd are pleased to contact you as a leading3B2`&MM$my`$u&T
distributor in Whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are highly involved in
Fw Me9GM4g distribution of different products from the last ffity years and enjoying a
~f-nt&Q8di$|R vast area of network. We are also working as a leading Sole Agent in WholeI y.Fjr7J
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and importing products from different region of the g:^Sx&c-R
world. Our major share of business come from European countries.X4YYSt2E
b$w A%|8`9\'AI
After a brief introduction i am interested in (A4 Size Photo Copy papersSECaa!YD9}-E6Q
contains exactly 80gsm of 500sheets/ream and 05ream/carton including
KJ9Hf#N brightness of more then 96%) from your side as i got the addresses from your
p;q8W9y^s Trade Develpment department working in Saudi Arabia. so i need yourmxv pC@
attention in this regard so kindly send me complete details which containsjY2uUN#@}8J
Model No's, Unit Price etc. I will forward your complete information to the
'AU-\-l7E u&v concerned department who will anaylse the market, prices and Quality. I am
&m e-~@ G4Pe^ l.d sure your efforts for Alkhazindar Co Ltd will work and will be able to start
6I6H*dj jOw a new product lines through your co-operation.5zx$M7Q0Ah

,Y3h(~Yoi;{ i[X?{"vfM1Uh|
Wish u all the best and your earliest response will be highly appreciated.
/mc%h3_/pOV `tW
Ex$QOwtTdP @ Y}:}2uR0j
Best Regards.
k9Rxx!i Mohammed Shahbaz Khan
yViM9cZ$P Stationery Department z i-n,Xi@$i
- Payment : through L/c
4tfYhN - Delivery : As earlier as possible
(H!nh%a&cd3{ ~ - Origin : indonesian / China
-J}B6ry - Minimum Order : containers*o0X({.\F\
- Packaging : 500 sheet/ream, 05 ream per carton
;I2t i0A _ - Inspection : quality certificate required)JU2?0^MR^G S1F5_6l
- Samples : ChargewM/[9D't@Qs
- Remarks : we will print our logo on every ream and carton.
CUKL mK-O^ U-j)vr+YI o

y.F q(ks O(S t9Y.vV"I
Contact Information P0qR"V#D
Mr. Muhammed Shahbaz Khan  ( Import , Import Manager )
gFcX!`\|:GcZ%P6] Company : Alkhazindar Co Ltd;VFl!T&Q ^*g
Address : P O Box 157, jeddah 21411 jeddah, jeddah Saudi Arabia EgG,@7m JW?U
Zip/Postal : 21411
*oCA*p3W@ Telephone : 966-02-6827-736
(I)]R6U)l3LY P Fax : 966-02-6825-052O2S B|"KwT

1C.g7X,`3eec e
At1H d#Nw3D 04/26 012孟加拉国求锅炉&\{,a+qKZ}x
Looking For Boiler Suplier
^ Wo|)fX#U+m R"@*L1xF V
Dear Sir,
)@$G's_,D(p V C4J_I We are pleased to inform you that we, Bidco Associates is one of the leading^+I(cAEx R1d6H8i
Trading Organizations in Chittagong, Bangladesh dealing with Industrial
&}PM&I] Plant Machinery and Equipment especially we are well familiar in_ m5xU T/h U
installation, commissioning & troubleshooting of any types of boiler.
@v(wSmC }M Now, we are going to supply different capacities, type and pressure boiler
5~%U#oB7`t~ to our respective clients with the base of our best reputation in that#lKSQe X gD
T%[1{`g&cclA In this regards, we are looking a well-reputed Boiler supply company to get
cJ/rvF/f R|^ agency ship in Bangladesh.
V9FzX+Z,Y|v \$j
xh1D"Mo iT4GBA1T'V2s
If you have any clarification in any aspect, please do not hesitate to
],^)RxfzY O contact us.p4jLv:P?H
Looking forward to a prospective co-operation for the above at your soonestUoz'I4~!ns1R~
+f%n\ ? nbGjL"Yy} ghp&A-yN3N` O
Best regards.m boq2B)M2E
*qm"Z"wC/Qw ay&I
Thanking you
Y&xa-h)Q{;oS For Bidco Associates
$A&^R"o u PVZ F /X5Qk2d5o)ir/Z
Engr Mizanur Rahmanj.qK8_'o @
Sales and Project EngineerRD4f`\J}.f
BIDCO Associates.;o;|6kgY{
Hashem Mansion(4th floor)8x] `xmU/r%]
945, O. R. Nizam Road }V(Sk+lp7miz~O
Nasirabad, Chittagong.p1ue s"z@
Tel: 880-31-655071, 880-18-312781.
hYo[Z,@1V"f!JC6` *i'}uT'c3Pq'l8W

Z gX\3N9CP!?
k4C1pEcmI)LY5N e qC"ACiC@+M
04/26 013土耳其求MP3播放器 L@!d9qO$ty {B ~
Buy Mp3 PlayerlS#pM2T"a OH

[9w+SA G Z^l1m~'z(Y we are interested in buying all kinds of mp3 player please give us very very9yY1Yb&w}`
good prices with good quality. if you have good quality and price we can
3e h*\W(jaS start with small orders and it will increase step by step&W4i-x,p\@ [V

(kQ r#[y;s Bg
%~3b(Fm\;r-U bDpl Contact Information"_Y6@&I'{R5]
Mr. Serhan Tuzcu  ( export , export manager )
Mi,Ix9z+x![ J Company : Neokem Ltd.stiu:uK l5n qv#D
Address : 1875 sokak no:4 izmir, Turkey0~PW6m3Vv(hh F7y
Zip/Postal : 35600f8EgOn'f,g
Telephone : 90-232-381-3116(hb;xY!~bS
Fax : 90-232-381-5160
r}Qgws CSR NIUoj?{I

E2i;t w,sQF$x
5aMzb%Hv I|9DbG
04/26 014印度求碳化钨(_C]0M8Ro2F-R|d3t
Tungsten Carbide Scarap
;o|,B:M6Dc} kZ(n7`F*Z j-L
we are looking for tungsten carbide scrap of any type and in any form for
C!Q QlT#] our captive use. kirit parikhQ9d?+K-BJ)}t0Tz
.f[:lI Z4NCR
b Xg d1ke3]*XD6l
Contact Information eP^)y#x)}j5I
Mr. Kirit Parikh  ( owner ) tJ.M5V^tu }8^b
Address : 82, mahalaxmi. ind. estate, nr. ghodasar rly. crossing vatva
+Z)ON+T!e ahmedabad, gujrat India
^$`TOL1R~(\d Zip/Postal : 380015}}E1z k3@{1|M#k
Telephone : 91-079-5521-4194}@ F^4\ tr6r
Fax : 91-079-2646-49127J,U7ee {/vQ)J
'X.N"I z8Z6Wq

dX!P4E4l/[ +c!f'T"j!ln

(iJ2X rfk1aaS:h 04/26 015科威特求硅橡胶手镯[&b0F,BE(U$\
Silicon Rubber Bracelets
2Oht w4j~P+v
!Xuq1q V we want silicon rubber bracelets/wrist bands
5W^} T2x9C:A k&H with writing logo,suppliers pls contact,Jl2Y_(I;ad~R q5f0l

H3A0i,B-Z` Contact Information
8~ AR!TW9b Mr. Narayan Mamidi  ( hair acceries , manager )
Ef@ p1T Company : Anwar Group Trading'x"j&n'X8l'rE$mmOF
Address : shop no.39,mora market,mubarakiya kuwait city, kuwait KuwaitWF@"KaI `:q g[+[
Zip/Postal : 00965\V])GXd^/Q%J
Telephone : 965-65-240-5894Ni)Xqu ` ~?"Jw
Fax : 965-65-2405-894
Tq;\3G$@P _Mr -r]?C7d ~(y

.?;DC;m;j8TO `7Y!Q"K)?;z{Q(~u
gH:O:~e ?;}
04/26 016印度求N330碳黑
S\3R2I!w l[F Enquiry For Carbon Black N 330 HAF
AWPSpB 9v]-sl;t(A
Require Carbon Black, especially N 330 HAF Grade continuous supply. Monthly
W3H W0w`h ^z requirement 3 to 5 containers. Pleas send quote with sepcifications for 20',C Qo?+Z7xc W
and 40' container loads, CNF Cochin Port (India)Q0D R1E V#_9B"Qn

8h mr2a7D yN - Payment : L/C
4~oLZ |v - Origin : Any Country
2t2r H8d @-L,tHU - Packaging : 20 kgs bagsx:l.i S,in
- Remarks : We are Indenting Agents. Please indicate our rate of commission
K:z0G9EdP/p a !XswY9~3I
Contact Informationi+L!L$?4q#_#p^
Mr. Chandramohan Nair  ( Indenting , Advisor )q oM.N-Lq sEV
Company : Udayam Enterprises
o-\d'~*v4` Address : Plot No. 149 Sector 18-A Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India I*O ~5xo$e
Zip/Postal : 4007061aS`4[e*q9mg
Telephone : 91-22-2771-8952:NJus3UV
Fax : 91-22-2771-8952
'VnF B4Df,F ~ ? O}x B9d"L7y0K

*id!C4l!c'n le[~
4AR bH Xc]f`j` (D/@Uf C q'u4q,\ sz7G
04/26 017孟加拉国求印花的法兰绒织物
l_a P ^pY2n DEAR SIR,"\.Q k6S'N`b
/U'wp#Q^;PI 6D\&p~}z?;\%V
- Payment : L/C AT SIGHT
!iW KXi |["}3b:nZ C|^;eJR{
Contact Information
Qz2G7v}6gWK Company : TRADE CONNECTION/f+Qe.]2t \9us&P(UM
Address : HOUSE # 104, ROAD # 4, BANANI DHAKA, Bangladesh
)iu0E] Q)Z8l PC Zip/Postal : 1200
R!Q KN;I3xGe Telephone : 880-2-831-659(? wUI%S
Fax : 880-2-956-550
\ }l!l4hu9I,O
"mF(K0Y[!f1P 4UmM~3[.WUl.{(B
]3[BJ k q'B;R
04/26 018浙江求MP3播放器
%i-O|)x2v6E.F c MP3!I4_q7V;a"L0n
Looking for low-priced China-made mp3 players of various designs and styles
.Gj7ks;Z*~ HY*G not exceeding 300 RMB/PC.5aZ8`2y5Quv,eRv
,v [Zb%{kkj
Please supply us with the following information:aO[.b)R{
1. Price: RMB/PC)?5_$e D,AEm'NT
2. Warranty information;t+G'h$^\"X} m
3. Package: PCS/CTN, CTN LxWxH, CTN GW.@,{E0v0SbK vm
4. Quality certificates if any.
HO7OG2U| mQ+uD8w 5. Minimum quantity per order.
'| S(OI"TKe*mYr 4A"p@t mWb'e
Thanks for your kind attention.
WsqX&_ q
nE"c+j8Wu sE_e(U ?-XXfq
Contact InformationX$D\#y0Z|
Mr. Chuncan Feng@#p'h:q*xt[ T
Company : Feng International Tradint Co. Ltd
7\td8HeF5u1M Address : Rm 2-402 Xuefu Cun, Nan Gaojiaoyuan Qu Ningbo, Zhejiang China1mN-BLU] @ pb
Zip/Postal : 315100 \oaL/y$[{(\
Telephone : 86-574-8824-0849:Ms_1`P x6?,T^}
Fax : 86-574-8824-08497uo.U~1A'W P%eYWbJ6i

QO|}w |d,\%b R,xe&z.yc/i4T4W2v5NA
ll K+a1},V

'@5aI$e(UL(]:B $T}'^4w7r3^S
04/26 019叙利亚求购毛巾床罩等
TEL: 031/461760/4881447SD@'[)WM e"R
FAX: 031/484460
dLn@E MOBILE: 094/446333
:H3M/J0}OW @;vE E-MAIL: [email]IKHWANTAM@NET.SY[/email]
a { Dh3oJng 备注:客户需求以英文为准;叙国家区号为00963
M8HJxHd1s piV:ML0lD(E `
g2O[ d2X
ti5z NF K

f u5j(C&I9Hh%T)L B s m;Y4Y@
{%Xe3} rsP&Z8xW
04/26 020叙利亚求购塑料和印刷机械
j \E U`1N!H9h zS Z'`;I-PoN
(T%lF;n&C TEL: 021/2231603/2687373!_'k t?nb"SV @9j
FAX: 021/2668005
%TU Y Mh2X E-MAIL: [email]M-AFASH@SCS-NET.ORG[/email]v*c Ym3a/t
4aN8p3A#J6?9kz}6iS 备注:客户需求以英文为准;叙国家区号为00963%\} k8h%RE
)j/O#aFZa a8fy

Z+F ?NC0zr4S
9o y l$~HT j f"{.{*ZE q
04/26 021阿联酋一公司询中国产木材和水泥
.A)FTW/`5l{ 阿布扎比一公司欲与在迪拜经营木材及水泥的中国企业合作,该公司联系方式如下:*V!f AoZ#P]'X
6b+Q"No7rm h
公司名称:Mohammed Al Otaiba Group Est.9w Lamn:aw9d
地址:P.O.Box 3348 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Qw$l4c[p{ 电话:00971-2- 6221800W#A)uS%p f7@
传真:00971-2- 6221810
v'J.sd7T u}T E-mail: [email]otaibal@emirates.net.ae[/email]
5Qw'i,bp)j 联系人: Mr. Fawzi Kudaih*og.v4@`:y

8~n(It,h0i_Kk B
@6~kK A(aI/Dl8O
J%O{7K;A[ tyJ 04/26 022智利Thermadyne - Soltec 公司求购焊接机械、焊条等相关产品
m2X"w b/kT'jh.{ 公司名称:Thermadyne - Soltec
gnAQh)o 电话:56-2-5572465
#B@B?O,g 传真:56-2-5575349&UbTar-?Bq mS
@*P_Y:a \'Gs 贸易部经理:Jorge Bugue?o,hF9o CN(_0q T.dx1|
E-Mail: [email]jbugueno@soltec.cl[/email]]/r/XS!UE3lxW`
? C] d:N o7r;R;@'V
|.Q'q t2?+}
Q{5Cn.[K&|I0z Q

Y.[ V};GC 04/26 023阿尔及利亚一公司求购塑料原料
+L$M!?qk6B-@+q 阿尔及利亚一公司求购塑料原料(聚合物、共聚物等),有意者请联系:$y,{?P7e(ue0Z
tV)TF9Q&^V3D;j:l P9?v 电话:00213-21-516674 i8h0m P.I
L _7{K X E @]"R ^.FC/ck
7F7Wg+aa-ZZ jv

BIM*hEF d 6w7n_z"C"Pu1|{]7sB;^
04/26 024阿尔及利亚一公司求购家用五金制造设备及原料
S8~ d2p@:Q*\:aU 阿尔及利亚一公司求购生产拉丝、金属网纱、钉子的设备和原料,欲在这方面进行投
M:zJM7r(s"` 资,有意者请联系:
,H I c|Z BOONNAH Salah先生`@ky+kj@(dn(N
f!w;[.^2Q)_,]"k H3@q@7y [;d)xz[v,i

*L q.NOR{ 04/26 025摩洛哥求纸巾
^*khd*i8Qo Looking For Paper Handkerchief$U)r eTG
N7eT%u q+[*SE
dear sir
,o6^$r'N7HN#o we are an import and export company in morocco we are looking for paper
/qJ {0^6e handkerchief from Turkey , Spain , italy , Syria `*XpzV7VR4d v7L
we need a brand name to represent in morocco , please send us your offre .3~;jiZ'l Pb

:d U/b%]Kt w(x-y+ax&ei;X
:l)n5dh V/m$jW$~^
Contact Information
O'Y/gC0} Q0y~ Mr. Hassan Chichani  ( commerce , marketing manager )\Lp'^-dE q
Company : AgentxkTLvCX{
Address : bp 35552 casablanca, casablanca Morocco
)Q _hEmI Zip/Postal : 20350
3buM_:Yw7I'w Telephone : 212-63-6259-39Q/BU&B+wA"f7c
Fax : 212-22-6244-41WG7D6[f!t(w

-|!VY!LG:h%U yps/@Yu
5h$L!e?8? [7A;mm%Y R

,P%i.fZE!` 04/26 026土耳其求蛋白粉和蛋黄粉!uW3KD_ ?L*e
Egg Powder Demand
)a m%uaXLCHC
iiE{,[K(] Dear Sir,
-_ W.C'_9Z{
}B0^z@,s7T We require pasteurised spray dried egg whole, albumen and yolk powder.
k_)` u2i hY"ah%[/V
The monthly quantity will be 20 tons.$}-R+QT)fw#N*D:a
Payment will be L/C at sight.
c+h/M1ev1e0K Please state your competitive CIF price to Istanbul or Mersin Port..\}Kp`xd-sBR

2plF \;g]pA Best Regards,V}V(F0p(y,p\ |fQ

P'?MF,~ Asli YALKUTS UqP np N*s5m3l

'_j t|{&E wZb e-i
lZ-~h3R+k \9N a Contact Information
y&uM,@a~3P Mrs. Asli YALKUT    ( Foreign Trade , Manager )$^su!af7e&F
Company : Marimex Import Export Ltd.
$xdaO'~,O+V,l Address : Caferaga Mah. Gurbuzturk Sok. No:18 D:3 Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey;VN)J(@"{5b wqz
Zip/Postal : 34000
bu s(_ |{N%Q)c Telephone : 90-533-336-6779
T-E4Z D)lHE Fax : 90-216-414-5175&]Z7F`%g a&dt@J

4p hiR^X|7\"c
'~B:Lp6Xs?)A i-?!W;js7z
04/26 027巴西求防静电的护目镜
x9NWD `2I8~ Protective Goggles
7[c)z1}8`.y _0h7u&Sq7| { w_*B^
We are looking for a protective goggles manufacturer.1{YX8B$G$GLD

9z3J-j6[+xK.Nw The goggles must have poly-carbonate lenses; in accordance with ANSI Z80.3BY-rjwR-X*T}
or ANSI Z87.1 or ANSI Z.1/1989; and might have anti-fog, anti-static,
v%m$B n)W anti-scratch and anti-UV characteristics.
5T([er5P QC
/NH&kl5OH+zR Best regards,
u0Yh^'x7r Milton..Bz9N3CH!r

)U^H`QC Contact Information
cF;?tA js)Zz Mr. Milton Joseph Mello  ( Trading , Director )
wIs,cIu]2gs*] cK Company : Apoio Comercial Exportadora E Importadora Ltdal"V?0Tx u M
Address : SHIN QL4 Conj2 C19 Lago Norte Brasília, DF Brazil
&H[1_K ]^k3D4_h Zip/Postal : 73301-970J+f3_4}#d!zQ2S
Telephone : 55-21-2542-1258
^)`8Tu7pl3Bge5u!g Fax : 55-61-468-2808
a?0f$lt\pZJc 4|%\*M-G*yS
8x@ C})K

8^ `C6uw S3h)f
4e6g@S h*G(a 04/26 028印度求空调管S"^!vxM6gu m
Buy Charging Hosegm;j:skT%i:q
Dear Sir,
:B8Yq"Q |JEi S,^!Y W]w$K+n w;c
We are an India Based home appliances manufacturing company currently we areJ|nat
in Air Conditioners Business and we are looking for Charging Hose for our
m H;p&CrR&N@g_2a.R production of Air conditioners. So, We are looking for supplier of charging
o:L9cJb3n \H'\ hose for Air conditioners with following specification:-
y/W(x4o YFm.v|eD
w BB1O T5Q#i 1. WP 500PSI/B.P 2500PSIU-Bw5u'O
2. LENTH 36/60
z F/I/Rs N Vl IbH5E
G)EVyo dE%D k/M Y Bg8A Uao
FeP J8Uf`j
Contact Information
q dj1f Y)w Mr. Javed ahzc!o9L$y8L9O
Company : Asplimpex
-])E(@*tC Address : 6/2,WEA, karol bagh new delhi, delhi India
,iC.S~8P-Et mfVL h Zip/Postal : 110005
u8U:G)V+` Telephone : 91-11-5100-0200 Y7ma$~v%m Q1_M/t I
Fax : 91-11-5100-0300
})N;bF i$[,XV
0B){X9U-Q[:g y E&vo"h!R\"A2D

.a kq \$kCs
MFs(T'N/skk 04/26 029新加坡求碳黑
c/}XQ5eJR+T.S ] Buying Carbon Black Pigments
+r\8A G1HJ Our company specialises in marketing pigment blacks (special blacks). Our
V)w'X#IQuA!Gl pigment blacks are produced using advance furnace process technology to
q#]5n5L_ G ] ensure our pigments is cleaner chemically and physically than N serieseD_3D+WHt
rubber blacks . Due to this purity of our pigment black, it results inqUy M[ bd ~
excellent dispersion ,good jetness, UV stability and good end product
z!|l6zp#`_$i quality (less product defects ). Our plant is ISO 9001 certified. Our carbonwsD$Ma,J7aU
black pigments are under brandname: STARBLACK.
w7Es,w9b/} QUt )P.Ob5z0]7`$qsg
Currently, we are selling a variety of carbon black pigments to customers
`B7u9|)wZ~ who are printing inks manufacturers,coating manufacturers,paint
/h9XK uX0NYR manufacturers, plastics/masterbatch manufacturers (injection molding,
%hzn0e-s(hK'c extrusion etc ) Our carbon black can be used in leather coating,paperKb:yy&T }
coating, powder coating, etc.
'h1i1e%sA.{A*K :{!P2~YjfNyt
These carbon black pigments are used for colouring ,conductivity or for UVTG+M J C+X LO+H @I }`
stability depending on the requirment of the end-product. cDco-q|_?3d
p5JL-K'i W9g}-]
We create value by optimising our chemical business controlling costs and
p ?,ZN9v8y9S managing capacity to provide quality goods at economical costsW? v7lj;d%W6n

,|u:h8X-OMh If you are interested to buy our products, we will send a soft copy of our yo ^#@a v k d
brochure for your reference. Please provide me your email address.Samples5W,L4M f3`UEW
can be provided for you for evaluation.
#B*R}j8[&R UB
;Y%E+g$C"n We look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.$]-w{.MF8T

e,B4{I3E&R Z;^ ** Please note that we do not supply rubber blacks (N Series).lY!g1~7O]

E$r&n*x^0|q:? Z2DY5y.I
Contact Information#fXg {dUXh
Ms. Vi Wong      ( Sales Director )
H.M&J?;n Company : Carbon 6 Pte LtdM{J se3m
Address : 30 Toh Guan Road #02-02A ODC Districentre, S 608840 Singapore
0z&^y r4`%r?L8m Zip/Postal : 608840
`knd^Hd}X Telephone : 65-6-896-4626
*i2u%U%GG,j0C m Fax : 65-6-896-3385td+r'~#g\9t%q"]
v ` ]-MU:D z:o p
04/26 030瑞典商人求购墙体用瓷砖、壁炉用瓷砖lS:YSc&{ d+Z
瑞典商人求购墙体用瓷砖、壁炉用瓷砖(较厚、较耐热),欲与具备一定的产品设计和 h o/U ],Dr/e)Y
$A)w9?.\3vg1BX } \`gF2r(nU

jeRs&^nk.Y1h 04/26 031哈萨克斯坦阿克套市某公司寻求中国化妆及医疗美容品生产厂AypJ? Xz5u]
E}fLD8zJ"IW 联系电话:007-3292-414111
B+YwKV']C 联系传真:007-3292-414111
7KcrP7?8q 联系人:Хамутаева ЛейлаU)n*@![p*oBuK
|3nw&r7F\vKE.o e0SRCN J }D

]J'L X Y8z.U?tKz
o x#zR9Q
G6y)YFo2H T+y 04/26 032哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图木ТОО“RAL”公司寻求生产厨房设备的厂家,主要用
XSRl|7whTW:Np 于酒吧、宾馆、餐厅等
?&\-C)E;Y ` z 地址:阿拉木图市5Mi+yo#e1gy%Z/g7C;mv
Ux+|.QgU(_b 联系传真:007-3272-798334 iG'\vV3Km)[-k^
联系人:Рашад Фарадж,tP\+s K*k%~n1p9S
6J["AKc~ Lt.x.IcK7y\m_
|f'P+l(r_R4O h
04/26 033哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图木ТОО“ЭКОС И К”公司求各种建筑用通风设
5} IM k#U,`!g 地址:阿拉木图市
2I m:@4j!d G7q^%Co1a 联系电话:007-3272-606140)T(U@#mF
联系传真:007-3272-606142$w!R tWO i5_;P
qm ^&r o'P E-Mail:[email]ekos_k@nursat.kz[/email]sBg!vt8G0X'p h+J

ae$i;e3W}3_ 04/26 034埃及公司寻求与我房地产领域代理商、经纪人合作
G|ii$A)? eD P-c &]Z)j3~,|3Ip#`.\
公司名称:Mena for Touristic & Real Estate Investment
_^$alIf/Y5T 联系人:Ibrahim Massoudmf"s/p ^`N4K
VqF%}d [email]research_development@mena.com.eg[/email]
J1Qv3h2W ,}}hZ*Tm%A
&Ve9fV1{&p VN0Y
04/26 035埃及公司求购钢丝钳、钳子、锤子、钢锯条、喷枪等手工工具Yj8lc5yi^
d j9|5C7}&W#E7O 联系:
v3F_(j%T4P i$H 8B7MG8Xn-b&BF
公司名称:Manhstyr Imp. & Exp.$J m(Cfu
联系人:Hossam Talaat
v A6dp,g 电话/传真:0020-2-2663221&Kk+`z0^ub'H4y
0h:L8g*k,E XW:O^!?
^j9?cf `_7b9l^#Tg
04/26 036印度求旧氧气瓶1万个;\PeT&C-@#|]

$xh*M;n+su $}?a.g0b:[
We wish to buy New or used oxygen cylinders to refill oxygen for hospital9SYiZ_Q\
A/?b%^ Cw'D{]
7Cv ~3[e&ET:\ Test pressure (Kgf/Cm2) :250
:`DQ]-Mh K { "C/kF(l0V:r FBD ~
Working Pressure (Kgf/Cm2) :150
!Fm H4Q)B{.a_ K:xC4^"S)O
Gas specified: MO2
6[!?1tT J&|K Water capacity: 46.7 Lit
YxLH'H3P*g{ cX;yWrK
Gas capacity (Kgs/Cu.m): 7.0)DO+@nJm

S@eQI]g5B-g9w"v ^ Out side dia (mm) :232.00
%`n#|&W9t2KQ L -M'Gg Rc(~ j.N
Wall thickness (mm) :5.5
KS'YluZ1@y7d/Y LB$U7` hw!AZ y"K3I
Cylinder length: (Approx) (mm) :1370.00 w.wb9_~7}

X5j%{F8q,ZI-D B Cylinder weight. (Approx) (Kegs) :54KgoQ-N9O\d#nV
Qty 10000 numbersz!s!euk b
.]3KH@!uX E
Other specifications:
+Kp UjE3C,[ Standard: AS PER IS7285_ A#uNy BC
p-M-T3Q Z{e
TYPE of Bottom: Concave Bottom
,xnkP/_ N vg3{#p(n3Y{u)W
Valve inlet: As per IS:3224${@GjzP'Y
6h2N W*m#tC V C"r x

%?1QV J i#kK &FK^x{i
Certificate: Cylinder must be supplied along with manufacturers TestBI$g2c1m?4Q"T
certificate under BIS certification.PLS CONTACT.
f7~7NYk/` REGARDSAC3?e/g ?E%T
9} p*t8YHm

}vB$V!S2g7Ss'y - Payment : L/C AT SIGHT
p i JDs8x*]*s+J - Delivery : CIF c&_R;B-{$r [d!|
- Origin : ANY
&K5F\J.D Y2q - Minimum Order : 10,000 PCS.!^t9[_g&h;}'t G
- Packaging : LOOSE
wE;A3~!ev ]r8gA - Inspection : INSPECTION AGENCY fS6WD#? qS/T
- Samples : Charge
+|9]7@w3lVSV 6x%Vd`'ig}

5_G+Z@ FpQO Contact Information;[I x6E6X~ V
]9Hyz4YSj Company : SAIGAL TRADING CORP.[r X4TvF%I
$N:a:~YJ:N"] Zip/Postal : 110019
Yh(Vdw Telephone : 91-11-2627-1227;L2]D8jD%U]*HX
Fax : 91-11-2627-3975c*V9[!y]D C8Y

m8b Y:~'|x *X&tLi L9bWK

:?#H,jW\1c7T 04/26 037伊朗求分光计为织物颜色匹配
w|t1{J g Requesting For SpectrophotometerUOq(} oZF:u

V*V#p$Vt6h^1W Dear sir,0e E-H!ePV:p
we urgently want to buy spectrophotometer for textile color matching
a:f'Y R;|4C6JlB$j laboratory from india,6Y\q0z o {t1a
if you can supply for us,please send us the best price for C&F B.ABBASS port
U1H3XR T GJ in IRAN.h3bQk$N}6n
best regards, Bhez!\ ^qU~
mahsa maleki:]2IYT Z1vEc X8X*J
3uG:kdO g,B

"M-v-H i9L4~ Contact Informatio
+K4gX/h O K~/H8y0_0r-^ Ms. Mahsa Maleki  ( E-Commerce Dept. , E-Commerce Eng. )x k[6BC#C.x@)gB4R
Company : Diba Machine Co.g o(G]Z@
Address : Apt.12,No.284,Dr.Beheshti Ave,Tehran,Iren Tehran, Iran Iran
8nib"bY'Lv {:F Zip/Postal : 15875-37657O_.M)n#W o
Telephone : 98-021-8500-520
)wA zjO0bQEb6S H'v Fax : 98-021-8752-112
oS&j7vl TJE-FQ
w3NZi w\r qP C@nVUj

5zV U so(xG4Wu+Bf 04/26 038叙利亚求购聚乙烯, 聚丙烯Uma }/D5K[
FAX: 011/2231190/2231378
P8iH$Up1QZ E-MAIL: [email]BMJD@SCS-NET.ORG[/email]*C-G0z6]lY:p/Q(S }
b`5w.O h@q R9BB!d/c$z2PW
备注:客户需求以英文为准;叙国家区号为00963#f0Wdx6f M}
hr NF}1eM

Y`P&b T'q8^ @(DFX5K;D1}7o

Gj3B#cw\W8`B la
d2n+{/L3L)\dLr3{ 04/26 039叙利亚求购壁纸,门把手
TEL: 011/22276069[O/Oz0i.n#\8f |
FAX: 011/2456190P ns$`g[A1O#O
MOBILE: 094/240200
NyiXb)l8m%j&`\ E-MAIL: [email]OSAMA-Z@SCS-NET.ORG[/email]

3@lOO%S o!OUE
Ud"s^iR ;O p |*RMn

.D}*L9x-DC 04/26 040埃及公司希望进口装饰灯具
,l}MD2QB Dm#Je 埃及一家公司希望进口装饰灯具,感兴趣的企业请联系:
2vB&E9[2~3]'gO 公司名称:United Trading Co.sg%cF.k'aI`1F0y
联系人:M. Reda Meguid:t~?J/_ \7P2N(P
电话:00202-4186981WKi [ T2@
传真:00202-4186983INth Y?

s9G`i y,| ^w2OAo9MN/H

)h]#g.Q:rY W n
O(h/T5Kh4n 04/26 041埃及一家公司求购电子玩具4t~'i)p7j$xZ%P;E[/n
8\t j{!aMYg3t D5@
MK_ UA5X"M1H s\!~ &uN-ed:f$yPB;vr6n
公司名称:Darwish Commercial Services-M{!zm1Q:o| J
P-g3`/b|)b 传真:00202-2662806
rH0Bx'P$\ 电子邮件: [email]dcs@darwishgroup.net[/email]],^AfTt,w

2|5eV$FP TC&p
C(T(Mk"t7f P0?r
"h8l@$gh x 04/26 042波兰企业求购残疾人按摩椅和淋浴设备,寻中国生产商
pV2~n+P zt)nG 公司名称: MJP PEWNOSC.vrQ'D q$PC
Tel/Fax: 48 81 7476724
7\M6HVkk(m Attn: Miroslaw J.Pietron
T7O3}2J(zM:QP ,CR+Y)T(E^/Ps
o{dQC ]!?Z)O\F+`

+k [`+[?6\0| a7?,} 6TN)k i.A wA$t@
04/26 043波兰企业求购家电产品,寻中国生产商
[l p ]$K^7V 公司名称: P.H.U$of^(W7k rcv.{L7R
Tel/Fax: 48 76 8629071&B3w:L!j}#RV
e-mail: [email]chabecki@o2.pl[/email]
-H.Y(y{*v9q!S b p6Ag4S:Nj

8T{/BvW S
`:@:} m:bR2? 9U]6qWa3wpb

R I/g6_8ORw9Lb 04/26 044意大利公司求购中国产饮水机
%{Y;o'G/AcL0N&u"G 意大利Acquatecno公司求购中国饮水机*`G'iZ:N(kF#@
电话号码:0039-06-5294721 .Sp `#B:h2q/_
&|#d2A&r2}R-J 电子信箱:[email]p.acquatecno@tiscali.it[/email]&j-e,`"M8j};OT)Lr
网 页: [url]http://www.acquatecno.it[/url]
)Rl(Gx uz(x 联 系 人:Marco Percuocom D6Vt8J M

t'y q$GZ
*u,h_)JNS _l} \J aOl9ya*AS
04/26 045利比亚求催化剂为直接切入磨法
ur sL]p Catalyst For Direct ReductionsL5c:}?$L)OU
Dear sir,'B {s-x0ag;k,t/V)Y&w
we are looking for suppliers for catalyst for Direct Reduction plants as C&F
h]8C(xg.Q7_J Libya
I[ g,P-fjx)f2m
#e!gJ s+?xiE Contact Informationzk Y3|I1N
Mr. Mustafa Elsomadi  ( sales , manager )
w"^ G T m:Z Company : Somalco2x,}1E@ ^@ `t!Z
Address : p o box 2726 misurata, misurata Libya
B8SP5v7U2k Zip/Postal : 00218D w#~ |F)k WV+z!h9P
Telephone : 218-91-320-71879W Z }mNpJ%Xr
Fax : 001-309-213-5627 l}9Q t6o

Q7K Kx`3_!f&G #I x3wbI8GH

JH}v:^ N2xs"k/T 04/26 046印度求蜡烛颜料*_r8`:o7F6{({
Candles Colours
#Tv?d2TS'd 0@{g6]Ds
wanted candles colours in all shades
;`R*j$F%Q Contact InformationH"H']`+?1lp#S
Mr. Arjun  ( purchase & sell , purchase ) q)BI&ea2i^
Company : Indian Wax Industries6aB;["wQ5X1L_z,FZ
Address : 14/16 bhandari street 3 mahavir darshan mumbai, ms IndiaS j+mE,wK
Zip/Postal : 400003
9E5e:Mt6a$K Telephone : 91-22-2342-4870 PnbR(m W4m8mG7x
Fax : 91-22-2344-84126^'ja\U Cp

U5Cg8n*p4Gv,zl n;E%Ig:K
;l {w9ws](r5e,aU

)A"qOyvH:e 04/26 047印度求58/60度液体石蜡h2L2dU:[bDO
Wanted Paraffin Wax Fully Reffined In Liquid Form-m7|WP$`XK

^G'b F(a| R wanted paraffin wax fully reffined
Vzd7E6X melting point 58/60 deg c,oil contain 0.5%}gW]~2G9uN
fax 91-22-23448412FC[Um5U

,Wo!C5FcyL~ Contact Information
!H8ipmFO2z-[ Mr. Arjun  ( purchase & sell , purchase )
K4As8C}(s} Company : Indian Wax Industries+Y.m}`(E d
Address : 14/16 bhandari street 3 mahavir darshan mumbai, ms IndiaDB#e`^l`
Zip/Postal : 400003~'m^ G.ar*AG^5h c
Telephone : 91-22-2342-4870
Jr jN#y8d ND Fax : 91-22-2344-8412
'Gbvh%b'z4l5b T
(l/bP Z/eu w 6_&Ph"c6Re I/L~.G
04/26 048阿联酋求轮式装载机部件
z'w R}I3j+x Wheel Loader Parts HyundaiL \["u!y3b

]-u$xg'z We would like to purchase the below wheel loader parts.{4g VT!^+AZZ+j
Wheel loader HL 760 1997
gvLV h#D!]P Serial No. 179006_SU-feJ
y'oV`2u;_ 3920329 STARTER 01]7}o*jH$u/aS
90548000 24VCW
!zQ UGh:] B93 2224 FUEL PUMP ASSY 01V&U,?!X]
Optional Information
7zI x:l.I&T - HS Code : 8708 Parts and Accessories of the Motor Vehicles
~7g,roA M.|E7R7g - Payment : tt
$C0I-t#mZ6hQ@[ - Delivery : immediate
_ TR7\#n'Q,A2j X"x p(C - Minimum Order : 1
'I8T ~`0K$f;S - Packaging : singleAc.c2CT{

i\m1Ka b Contact Information8f8\ l [uiwep*@(?
Mr. R. Shaju  ( Sales , Managing Director )
;R@X/K!k3m` Company : Total Auto Spare Parts LLCU HA&tA _O+jf
Address : P.O. Box.34014 GS_27, Bin Thani Plaza Bldng Deira, Dubai United8H2qk?|E'e
Arab Emirates
&O,xfz} Zip/Postal : 340143rd7cZ"TO c QHl
Telephone : 971-4-2241-213
:y6A`s8`8ZZ(t Fax : 971-4-2241-112
qo ~6["Ti+t8Dh
JSCf-e(|+S\-y4M4] Uo5t[;YW!g|
3v'k6kw ~

7m\X*QQM 04/26 049约旦求中国公司合作钻机、混凝土搅拌、不锈钢螺丝
C4F(B_&H We Are A Construction Firm Working In Arabic Gulf Region Looking For5` R7x@!Q)N9B

m{*In+~ h I.z1|!aa_ We are a construction firm working in Arabic Gulf region looking for ChineseCM^Ll&M'\
companies interested in the following fields:
-r I3j-T5v 1[ejMu:Q%R
1- Chinese company who are willing to work in Qatar as partnership for;w`.lJw5q?
concrete ready mix production transporting and pumping. There is very active
N\D1J!i5j growing market for this field and we are inviting interesting companies to e3]'[ u{(~9h_
write to us on this Email P;A3Q7z.{*cR"k U u
2- Chinese companies partners specialized in Piles Drilling who has the
.e&NQ5x!q9?*n2A Machinery and engineering and the experience for this kind of job.
!O N,eF'L)A 3- Stainless steel bolts and nuts manufacturers t*xT,V'v S"Y$ML&R
We are ready to start negotiations and making all necessary contacts with]HjoxY N\ ?
all concerns and answer any kind of questions and feed with any required+o(a4t%e$Z1`
bC2~i w2FHp9^ For those who are interested please contact the following addresszzn5Bo]0Y

;c[/HS;`RF:@:z Hashem Qadoumi
m n&l ?H2RB;Z*V!o
L A$pat3[9E Contact Information
r(SLLyh(m/[ Mr. Ahmad Hashem  ( sales , sales manager )
's W yoY-s"[I&d6P Company : HAKORA&]W7w,n[%h
Address : amman amman, amman Jordan5L;cz;| Y`5?'I1u;n4S
Zip/Postal : 11196
J)O,q*Z8i\sM| Telephone : 962-6-5669-896f!]$jK,AU|
Fax : 962-6-5669-896
kh$WN/mWl/E@ ^qA ZA2}5mZ&Z
rD-]P LS

?hf.kKAZ$U4s jP;Bjb0AZ R
04/26 050哥伦比亚客商求购白色系列家电.h%n5cm(Mxxu7?
求购公司:C.I. Sheika Ltda.
v"I"UqYfE#Y)q K%yE Tel:00571-6303100u0s0Z(dH-A
0v(J+yI#G&F E-mail: [email]sheika@antinet.com[/email]
-r0Z y_f*I6C} 联系人: Mr. Julian Andres Gonzalez
"NG$RQ#yZ $Mw(B4j:L6\G

9BK{8c5Y{&JQ l^o"c$L.Z\6|Q
;K Y@6Wl+{e!mv
04/26 051哥伦比亚客商求购松香
0s?4cF$N'Z J[)Cv f&c 求购物品:松香(Phenolic Resins);国际税号:390940 0000
%\xcxW!^:u A4w 求购公司:Centaurid Ltda.j].CHHV:u
:mK-~O _;~z ].E Fax:00571-2692420tF&^3o T(S*U
E-mail: [email]centauri.ltda@lycos.com[/email]
F1~1TY4h h,?!P0Zc:u Z4f 联系人: Mr. Hugo Garcia A.z9sf s1Ak C
:E$D3F3P(z$Hk7h MU

!I+X y~]i0rF"x$G
0j+@kD Y~D cH
$n0Gf7AMG%c1T6d%| 04/26 052哥伦比亚客商求购纺织品和羊毛衫
U{ }/VJ$J8gJE 求购物品:毛巾、内衣松紧带(Lycra)、法兰绒、针织羊毛衫和非针织品
8bN,V0A:j*gu%[5v 求购公司:Inversikones Financieras A&J Ltda.ccb7I'G
?+_/JU``:J%e E-mail: [email]antroja@yahoo.es[/email]
*O'yN;Q`}B!YJ7N Im 联系人: Ms. Maryury Villarreal BetancurtWy+rT)u
To ]Y SsQ@

(y({ i ]n
:w!L%m1~H 04/26 053哥伦比亚客商求购不锈钢卷板核黄铜卷板
!BfzxdQ 求购物品:(1)不锈钢卷板(国际关税号:7222020000),不同厚度核宽幅;(2)黄2T!{C*n [+i5P6tPX
求购公司:Herpe Ltda.yn4Q7xn;^:n@1S
"L9}$M K MO sv#Q Fax:00571-41512110v1v`1?_X+]
E-mail: [email]herpe@etb.net.co[/email]7a!a)S(prU%TJ*R{(N
联系人:Mr. German Lopez Ulloa Xt;K|J2[ o
_8z7c(Ir~ lObn

5T"_$x RC1w` O_9L 04/26 054哥伦比亚客商求购方便面和罐头食品)ZE N MV4nQ
求购物品:(1)方便面(西红柿味和鸡肉味);(2)糖水罐头桃;(3)浓缩果汁;e9K^ i2QnR;}
^1z"Mt1lBdk4T'[X 求购公司:Sunao Trading
5I"W-z)J{"ub0j Telefax :00571-2577802"zl7\O0Jt8f1b
E-mail: [email]mrojas@sunaotrading.com[/email]Y P c-QW/P\
联系人: Magda L. Rojas#z'C)w_-fn|4e!P

B4|2K@0[ *{n9l ?(hU0lN2FT

T"z Jc9rVM:Ol8H 04/26 055加拿大商人求购中国产折叠自行车7a"m3}0u&aac
I am looking for companies that produce folding bikes in China. My company
^P c!r(Q#z%GIpC contact information to be placed on the "trade" board
*n&]l&a6n$\%n information is as follows:2rA0m.Z@#K7d2Bq

jV?k,p&o @%rFV3w A.F. Enterprisesc"A c9qm2z kv-n
100 Balmoral Ave.Toronto, Ontario M4V 1J4 Canada9T8B j2k-@ [4?6k
电话:001-416 539 0797
O{9SXml"w+t 传真:001-416 539 8691
mk%Cp%b D 电邮:[email]Deanlw@rogers.com[/email]S}{-T0Q6~0fQ

kN }~2~.AF pFy LA'` i8N#O
Y8Z0ih3F*mz;_ a
h X p:Y7Z
04/26 056土耳其求不锈钢壶和铛
E e#}{ Z~ Buy Stainless Steel Pans And Pots [Turkey]C E*Q9\ xq.k_s

w5j5u;v`+p2O4rS"u 'H^1j%A~D
My company will import stainless steel pans and pots. Please send your
$e,vuf*knDl quotations to my e-mail address.HM jt7x`
wc*Xd ^`} Ms. Aysun Gulen(Owner/Entrepreneur).B7Ph$]kx
Company: Gulenp3}$A_)b"a&d
Address: Gebze , Kocaeli , TURKEY ( Turkey )
b,IT(hc#NjX Phone: 90 555 2065470
P` Y6xre~6N{ C Fax: 90 262 75106913rx8uC RL h#C#T

R7l6]K5vP9U @1h 'eR!F&]Kx `N

&F na9[*L8^ 04/26 057俄国求镀金珠宝
YW_7\SEq9q Buy Body Piercing Products [Russian Federation]
!hJ(p{7[ ct,Z+B T!PC"N(z
We are interested in steri-packed navel and ear jewelry for retail oft fs'n0@
similar type - product photo - or any other sterile pack.
@ rZ4y l&m;[1P"h
6L5B:X l8dO1\y Quantity:500 pieces in a week*g2s(nzx
Steel;gold plated surgical steel)
_ syrki9K _ t 1O"o!^6p|2C B
I shall be very grateful to you, if you send me a wholesale price list and
_'Yd2S_| the information about methods of payment.p8IS3Q+fMh&w
#u'G;cG.f I
Any question please feel free to contact me via e-mail, no hesitate.
` i(_*{Wo0jZZ+s
;K/SdN(O5[eo Quantity: 500
IvG"~ [9{I ----------
mZo)]o-?%Dy Mr. Vadim Lagunov(Director/CEO/General Manager)2}~6^-a[
Company: Center Of Cosmetology And Plastic Surgery
|#z/UK/q'lm Address: Per. Severniy, 59-6 , Izhevsk , ( Russian Federation )
J#rwA/r7^4s8o u.d!C Phone: 7 3412 25653  Zip Code: 4260118_+ZV)RVE2[
Fax: 7 3412 25623(l m3` v| oo2`%H
Website Address: [url]http://www.ccps.narod.ru[/url]
k6s1IY0e!q 3yy/a'D'tn.K s

]X!c;\,A!FQ'lK d 'k b-ZK9G[HmO
04/26 058美国求不锈钢手动工具
We,U"lk plv'Q Buy Stainless Steel Hand Tools [United States]9FiCN0ci u
We are looking for Stainless Steel Socket and ratchet sets.8m\w b.j0WU
| DN fK@ G/]-a Mr. Stuart Anders(Owner/Entrepreneur)
7WN.~xP1d/L ft{ Company: Allied Industries
9LS ln;wx? Address: 1606 Commerce Dr. , Sun Prairie , Wisconsin ( United States )
jlY@v+M%tS"}0E"A[ Phone: 1 608 8349500  Zip Code: 535901\P#q2\"f gR
Fax: 1 608 8349505] u,E? l/t tpG
:t p @cI;\Bv

\R/h U.L%[XH+j5L-n bv h'N8hf
04/26 059美国求汽车弹簧
n*\Y'g"q Buy Automobile Lowering Springs [United States]
}3x q]5o{&XY%~ 't:Cd Kdq4x
Looking for quality performance automobile lowering springs at competative
a3CyKK:t`*}.t\ _T price.*wf9D\a{g$nF)R
Quantity: 5000
(l0p!CN&m m\ Packaging: boxed0Vl!D$@ Oj*@
{?$p;jznmD c Mr. Lawrence Jackson(Owner/Entrepreneur)[v#w t'l"@"a)T I
Company: Autoline Industries
mMV'{H o*B3g*f Address: 1422 W. Lindner Ave. , mesa , Arizona ( United States )XK"[3LK.D,NH
Phone: 1 480 4374932  Zip Code: 85202
~0~m{*au] b8Zn Fax: 1 480 2758753
y'nkq x_ 1eB+jBk#HMpmz
._&U*I8^ dv l

I;X_"Tui%^l a#[ 04/26 060巴基斯坦求微纤维纱W2B Eb1O
Buy Micro Fibre Yarn [Pakistan])g_F+k r!m9z0`
Want to buy micro fibre yarn on regular basis for manufacturing towels and
o5@.wP+FwsY fabric for wiping industries!Q2u&C4? \(W zl}C
Mr. Topiwala Abdul Wahid(Export Marketing Manager)(rD"E*s6{M:{)i
Company: Broadtex ( Pvt ) Ltd.
rZb|X Address: 609, Business Plaza, Mumtaz Hassan Road, , Karachi , Sind -'f[ h uj Xk
Pakistan ( Pakistan )
pKvm^-c Phone: 92 21 242-1961 / 2  Zip Code: 74000
5?8HG0_!` Fax: 92 21 241-6293  Mobile: 923008202845VI C{q*B2j2@
Website Address: [url]http://www.broadtexltd.com[/url]
@l,BjM!@.s8dU-E 3\(@K6^#iM)wA$hP$z/I

2OI,f0NQ ^:elr9f%ZX+`
,~ pY*tN
04/26 061牙买加求游戏机
2`(SA"u-^ Buy Game Systems [Jamaica]wH5`(I7V8z#`

`]s5o3`z Seeking a supplier of new XBOX and PS2 game systems. Both new and used S],vb-_ S{ b3h:O
-----------{f L6K:ye
Mr. Ainsworth Smith(Owner/Entrepreneur)
A/wU4gs8ZA$OE Company: SoltekIT Solutions
i U3z~`? Address: Box 200, Greater Portmore P.o. , St. Cathering , Jamaica
3~du?%N_ ( Jamaica )
'Yt0}$F!l7Lc_U Phone: 1-876 909 1750
x%F'GF]4V Fax: 1-876 937 3972 @#F*ycy0WG/mBR

~7`B&A7h,h4J;AG (@-}z^|4XuyM

!}1LByDV;an 04/26 062巴基斯坦求深蓝色牛仔布
4`l~!Z6},P1A Buy Flat Finish Denim, Deep Blue Color [Pakistan] Z ] P;M(A\ D

LC$M5? U,Va2IC(u Our principal in turkey required the following denim.
4\'e)T)^wu2E*m Manufacturing from all over asia(pakistan-india-china-bangladesh) are
|*~E0br3c!\ invited to quote the price)s8~6u:y!DX6DoS-d
Flat finish denim,
2P+aF p1kV R6Vc Long slub,
5^3JpH4UE:p:v? Deep blue color
bf%|bK1FrX+_#H Weight 10.8 to 12oz after flat finish process
inC0f[1i7z Construction could be)P5i?:K)hx j}
10 x 7/70 x 46 or similarlu8z_d,x H ] zS'\7@l
58 inches ka%?#A(}
Ramie cotton poly spandex denim uD6QUr W]6Tk
Specifications:10 + 8 x 300d + 40d + 12/80 x 60,57/58,11 oz or similar
,b&H {6j4j yYjE Inner packing: Packed in rolls then in rainproof plastic bags"KA4ebE(s
Quote cnf price base port turkey/_%y*@ }9Y/l `
One/two f. C. L each month
4Qlc t.o1IF L/c 90 days from b/l date.7dP'K7g&m
;Tq,Fl#O |QT Mr. Roi- Ashraf.(Marketing, Director)
)P6N1a'Z\ kj'T Company: Ruby Textile Sorucing Corporation.icN q,BI
Address: Head Office: Ruby House:p-347 St # 6, Partab Nagar Jhang ,
)@blf'eE,T#[ Faisalabad , Punjab ( Pakistan )*L"e;c5[nN$o k
Phone: 92 41 552169  Zip Code: 38000
(V$])M'[Y$@w Fax: 92 41 552168  Mobile: 92-300-662-8185
;O1lc7b\/~V Website Address: [url]http://www.rubytextiles.com[/url]
cGH%H+G mg[%xRy
|Y A&y5K2pB 8t)p3@OVM

)xR:t3hw-C 04/26 063美国求宝石
~/F*c M~9k Buy River And Semi-precious Stone [United States]?1U.h(f2r{h1FH|

.v4`\N:PT0ae Looking for 2-4 inch semi flat river and semi-precoius stones.
#L9~q6s8axO 7? E4^D!PQ{ H
Quantity: 1000-5000 kgs
G/wAo.i3v0q8](} Packaging: EXPORT CARTONX6@!b$W(Bh |1z\X1^
Q3E |1cq!pO7z Mr. Richard Metzger(Owner/Entrepreneur)4j7fK2F |
Company: Signature Stones-Q&V*a~6|la,y
Address: 1548 Burden Lake Rd. , Averill Park , New York ( United States )
@mO{~!^7ql Phone: 1 518 674-1548  Zip Code: 12018
5CvR$j)`|n Fax: 1 518 674-8009
5}"PGe V"KG
:i6X@PV !Ih3`(W9J)F;t

E'^}P)t-|O2n5n %R W3zfSY
04/26 064美国求男人衣服9X^(h'Aw:y
Buy Authentic Designer Men's Clothing [United States]
g'ED[3Cr-a` ?du&WO:s
Want to purchase authentic designer men's clothing for resale. Looking for
O|Z4G,Kd good prices due to tax and quota's.
qd F3['K3v Price terms, Paypal
4bG$`)^oE A t a
n}i'b _-E Lnv$DK Quantity: smaller to start^$]c(Col.P J
"Y@%u$?}F@|$a3E Ms. Carol Garcia(Owner/Entrepreneur)
Q:v#_t{t Company: G & G Enterprises~lw'Ejl*r
Address: 2330 N. 22nd Street , Grand Junction , Colorado ( United States )
V U{oN Phone: 1 970 263-4070
)m-w3I O"H ~"wR$?5s Fax: 1 970 523-52685ba:~q3OsR5{4~#@

0a Au0{0\ MRt 9nK0t6IV
04/26 065瑞典求空调
3t7J-av n!E{JZ Buy Aircondition/Heating Split Systems [Sweden]2ZSA7@?U
0e"g b BI%eCH,vn1G
We are a big dealer in sweden of aircondition and air heating split system.
.m&t/Pd5hh$@ We are looking for a supplier in Europe that can suply us with systems from}yW I-mfo
Panasonic, sanyo, sharp, mitsubischi etc. But also other brands can be ofLiw$em+d-W
interest. }vBH/q)lX5},{#E,Z
5?auUm9|%[ Mr. Jorgen Tagner(Owner/Entrepreneur)
x/gJ}0k8\H [ Company: Buynet SwedenY[!zhP'x1E|
Address: Halmvagen 15 , karlskoga , ( Sweden )R&gI+a9X]9_8vp;R
Phone: 46 586 456602zSZ+~p6K!Na$f#vL
Fax: 46 586 739983 Q9j n}\2]BW
c8{ jF7kub5]pt

:S h AYAE9y,z
5`*V+PR5l.j8u0h 7Q*F8?-kt4]
04/26 066叙利亚求耐火砖u/s!c2tp3Xi-`:H D9Mx
Buy Refractories [Syrian Arab Republic]
Z-^'\2r"^PD~ rc*sox'z:R Th*o
We need to coop with manufacturer of refractories for steel mill and;?8f+F _ Sg\(T
refinery and others but all purchase done by tender base with bid bond etczSQ1\H+r+E-A
Pls replyyour interest to send dox data info etc.%t&^:_ P_(x'?r1b
Price Terms: fob and candf!e5Sq\^U9]
-----------F tbv4s^_
Mr. rashid haj ibrahim(GENERAL TENDER, gm) p0FWS9};q0O
Company: noor damascus intertrade co6G3I!f4nv
Address: POBOX 523 DAMASCUS SYRIA , DAMASCUS , xx ( Syrian Arab Republic )i~Q(`/s7c#A
Phone: 963 11 6133226  Zip Code: xx
fEZ4Z x` H[M Fax: 963 11 61399459  Mobile: 00963-94-213337
I8X zC b
SA2PwPp5T a_ '^.B+K?8]}

/JN~2t"O AS 7}kma6l"`
04/26 067乌克兰求氯化铵、三氧化锑、碳酸钡、氯化钡、硼酸、柠檬酸4U-KX_,F;Gz8E
Buy Ammonium Chloride, Antimony Trioxide, etc. [Ukraine]#o&c F$B X~*dfW

Ty$N"Pa\]U0T2q We are interested in purchasing the following products:
2Q!wA)V#w Ammonium chloride technical grade
4J1a)c `3Y`)] { k9B Antimony trioxide(drinded). Assay Sb2S3% 98-99% CAS 7791-18-6K/LP~Kh
Antimony trisulfide(flotated/drided). Assay Sb2S3% 80-82% ~vx&dJ/]A[5t
Antimony trisulfide(flotated/drided). Assay Sb2S3%95-99% Grade(CSQC002)
%W5]Xj@!h0K Barium carbonate 99.5% CAS 513-77-9
dFvx9~zB [0bZo Barium chloride
C"Z-?TYMj Barium sulphate technical grade
[2|Xb2Anw@'k Boric acid technical grade,99%
)[L1q5i1Lm3b Citric acid monohydratev$JZ3O.{e
Copper sulphate technical grade
"?3r7H u_ Cryolite technical grade;em*p3F"{9[
Edible gelatin, bloom 200-240%]e1h6c Zj@9O2B!d
Magnesium sulphate technical grade(^9Nu'iTP
Oxalic Acid technical grade?M;wO;buC C s*D
Potassium sorbate, food
9gOS d/U5F8lTK1~q0f Sodium benzoate, food
*e2T1F ?8kZ"y^ Sodium hydrosulfite
-Y0QJnM}2a$c Sodium sulphate technical gradeV c"MM"R"D?+t F
Sodium tetraborate 5 and 10 aqueous
,?WA;F]ee*q-Zd` Zinc chloride technical grade?/A F!s)]l[F:B*I*_
Mr. Aleksey Pavlovskiy(Director/CEO/General Manager)1j$YD:^'~5s%ZN
Company: Polichem5K"A ?p r\#Mv%v
Address: 5, Prospekt Osvoboditelei , Kiev , ( Ukraine )
3k u^Z:j.g Phone: 380 44 543 8812  Zip Code: 02660
8y&T1hwI@K {d Fax: 380 44 543 9577KV(d)S(W1}/@ k1g
Website Address: [url]http://www.polichem.com.ua[/url]G,g&PH"@8n\,sy

^iyv Z;L@
TYuM7~8B2_E 0~&G4Y*D@c lO

r)aF1F z 04/26 068巴基斯坦求婴孩尿布2D|b$meNh
Buy Baby Diapers [Pakistan]%|0Ds~ l yu
We are looking for baby diapers manufacturer who can produce on our bramd.^F:p0M N)h zAy%G
Our requirement is 3 containers to start with. Size required are small,
r(]O/_/lW}Vi medium large and extra large.$ku6C+dS L x!n
Quantity: 3 X 40feet containers
-A*|;Wz-ak JSk -----------RRX}2l6?-_t
Mr. muhammad akhtar(export,import, chief executive)
:l C7x*R0ccx Company: Prime Agencies~/Z(Rn.i
Address: Pa-64/A, Sirajuddallah Road, Bahadurabad , karachi , sind
Y@7rb Zo9z1wm Pakistan )^b*rMD K$O
Phone: 92 21 4913233  Zip Code: 74800
DtZ5@6z2j Fax: 92 21 4124622  Mobile: 00923008241821j ` u3p,h9Oi
Website Address: [url]http://www.primeagencies.com[/url]
G,v)H;x:D;d` c8`$[wO c
Sz iO-h#y B.]K
]!O7X h/}'L"j/U
04/26 069英国求塑料模具Nf0WQS3p4{K
Buy Plastic Moulds [United Kingdom]5AfKz7S N/NH'W4_

V[] K5Y#`/Z I am looking for manufactures of plasic injection moulds, blow moulds,
5T I6\!cN/C M8@ Z)Uf injection moulding machinery, blow moulding machinery, press tool4Cz8?U0K(jR
manufactures, press tool steels.,B\4M-sH[&|&Ex

0ZS*y^3a LF Quantity: $3,000,000
LJD8m_"os+s -----------
Od/_4U!p.e Mr. Martin Omond-Tong(Director/CEO/General Manager)
%p _"S YPb Company: Promatek Ltd
M7NY9N)EA r[q%S Address: 8 Sandy Lane , Market Rasen , Lincolnshire ( United Kingdom )
&C7J'@:r.Ck:k2vG8X Phone: 44 1673 838262  Zip Code: LN8 3YF
Z LK5ZQ3Zt Fax: 44 1673 838493
7m2| S I)U"}9EY]D
,Ath%LNq5{ 2^3w8p|w2\"? ]f
04/26 070澳大利亚求钱包、化妆品刷、袋、盒等等
n$TLG)b9H1D Buy Cosmetic Brushes, Purses [Australia] R,lNzH/E6t9w
(Ug [*]r%h
Looking for squirrel or sable cosmetics brushes;plastic cosmetic
#d,q4J/eYW2W7j6{ containers;cosmetics purses and make-up trolleys; make-up capes; disposableVLn:R.] eB9d
brushes;shadow boxes
[7O1^\9R+dP ?q\"i%QlI$g1R7[,d
Quantity: 5000+ each as opening order
p C8I'K(| a#r6?R ----------;Cj3en Z3}
Ms. Marion Farmer(Director/CEO/General Manager) uT IT.XL _?'g J
Company: Golden Image(["p-f"XQ;PU
Address: 11 Whites Road , Manly , Queensland ( Australia )A%f nA h0Ads
Phone: 61 07 33968032  Zip Code: 4179;QPCT rO
Fax: 61 07 33968032
T5Q W!A!ec
6[d!GPH&b0n1{ b*X(z cy_
04/26 071印尼求PET薄膜
W6`(F}.Zg2uD'ey5I Buy Pet Film [Indonesia]
0OPr/P4whmbO We are looking for pet film material.s3dJ]$BH
Shoud you think you are in position to supply this item, please contact us[BE~*H
for detailed inquiry.
2g#M IR/jer:B yK Quantity: 1x20' container
'UZ+i1[1h9n*wfh"| Packaging: Export packing packing l$L h0ruTJ tF e
L,Z7Xb:T#@/T Mr. Wawan S. Tarman(Marketing, Director)W@-VtF-_x n
Company: PT Tiga Wira Rejeki
$v^c7[t5W Address: Gedung Arva 3rd Fl., Jl. R. P. Soeroso No 40 , Jakarta , Jakarta
C4KBKV+k9Z Raya ( Indonesia )%S8C ?1u"eC\y
Phone: 62 21 392 0919, 3190 2124  Zip Code: 10350
sw-Q3nb2KU B h Fax: 62 21 392 0918, 4870 2212o+qk"u5[I

?`Xa2VQ] DNe
3?0T@*K6lJ6H I
JfVk/vx 04/26 072葡萄牙求电力切换4P"J^d.\B_y
Power Switch
+c8Pa9f7w Quantity  100,^Ge0}1T gbf {os
Term of Payment  25% After testing, 50% on shipping 25% on receivalq&d'|XL
We are looking for equipment that will handle power outlets, enabled toM5tk/KU5L/b
turning them on and off using a console port.
GC V4v7sS
6dy tx r2|GU(Z HWU$yrDxP@
Contact Information
cZM ` j Contact Person  Mr.Marco Morais i~.KR7q
Email      [email]marco.morais@xvision.ws[/email]
h:Hp"^~)ea Country   Portugal
fQ P1zrk-{ Company Name  xvision.ws
qrzc9bA&A$c Telephone   00-351-39200522E)uz D%Z"p!B
Address  Rua dos Carreirinhos, 3 Comeira)_Fi\o;[:H
Website    [url]http://www.xvision.ws[/url]%Y~)K%?kp
M]n _ ^FF*e?

~jlz[3q3u*X@6u"R qE0UO O
04/26 073印度求远距离无线电对讲机N7bK Y,Po3n%z6R
Wireless Products Wantedw;r%r2i ?v/X4S
Suggested Price 206^)Fxw Y2DY1kZ
Quantity  1000
g+^ YL;^$lQ'L:[gW Term of Payment  L/C
A(z Y6kBf*z X SpecificationsZv lJ-Mp
we are looking for an wireless product of 2.4ghz, 802.11b, 802.11g with
C1X#o`~ 200mw (23dbm) RF output power and also products in 5ghz the products.
)@`UYe6Ay We also product for long range & very long range wireless specifically-^f/D#\6?
designed for outdoor conditions.
J-a4c u)`:P
3bPU S(jc
}ze:_ r
`p+e1|Jdc Contact Information
dm!MZtyz Contact Person Mr.B.VISHNUaf!WY2H!L a2[4_t
Email      [email]frontlinecha@touchtelindia.net[/email]%ry@p/@,cC/NM
Country  India
Telephone  91-422-5351357XC-k1W d L
Fax   91-422-5351356
[R OLE Address   2/220 KATTOOR STREET
*NT g'r4F1B 7jHhI fG9t'I'I

RB$o ?(h!?,j _n` V ay_2B7Jb ty#z1_
04/26 074葡萄牙求中国产燃气摩托车&J2E Hb%@W
Gas powered scooter
"@5q'e[+zX)N9@+@ Specifications
9B*W9~.rzu%T:mg+o We are searching manufacturers in Taiwan and China that develop and produce
niftWtIc high-quality gas powered scooters.
P4`n:jNwy *[7}A*F mL
We are not interested in distributors!Aer(XKgz
The product we are looking for is not a toy! Please refer to US-Sites:)J*suY'Ut};U
[url]www.bladezscooters.com[/url] to get an idea of what we are looking for.
c LZC1U[ T E O6j /^Cg/gWY`;N&V \6M6}
Furthermore we are looking for a manufacturer that is able to transfer ourHEV U w$}"|[
designs and wishes with high-end material and components.jU1W)u2w L

_r#Z4k n1{0F5y:q Contact InformationX$S/I6f Op1^8@2z
Contact Person  Mr.Marco Brunner
-P!Q\\p d Email      [email]marco.brunner@mindsahead.com[/email]4u"xZ IT]u
Country PortugalB w5q W'B|
Company Name  Mindsahead1@ QN7zQ^j
Telephone   351-21-4118597e:k e5^)~-D~#k
Fax  351-21-4118598RP#Tt5`4K;| ] z
Address Rua da Piedade 38, 2dto
*dy(c!sQSn |af4g(JI*A&dW8J

'xs~ IIE] 8}"V jG3W*s+|

ew"^+I;m9_$VM 04/26 075英国求男式丝绸睡衣和内衣裤#chD;R#L+F#LE
Buy Mens Silk Underwear, Thermals And Sleepwear [United Kingdom]+}`:sJ9TEL4?"Q$R

1E|iqw I'm a UK retailer searching for suppliers of 100% silk underwear, sleepwear
s9F{Bz and thermals(longjohns, etc. )c6QQ#J;[

0h-dW-T#E${\ Quantity: 1000-2000
(]w[&_;^;M@;w M+|6J -----------Ud+v6v] j-bv1L
Mr. Dieter Smith(Director/CEO/General Manager)
}\bPy~-A9WX4Jo Company: Paul Smith Enterprises Ltd
vnU{ `/Sz Address: 8 Broadacre Close , London , Middlesex ( United Kingdom )6AeDMz X#b{&`r
Phone: 0044 1895 461796  Zip Code: UB10 8BL
)@^ ^$s-zJ+v Fax: 44 1895 461796-R:j E R\"rX

$K7QHW/LrTu v3`G
!LS&}P\ 04/26 076伊朗求中国产陶瓷餐具9A/vBaz)oKO(e [@
Buy Porcelain Dinnerwares [Iran (Islamic Republic of)]
'fBn G"O;{p i/s7Z wFrz
We are an Iranian trading company which have worked in this market since cxG$_~/cn
1994. We are looking for long term and regular supplier of household items+d2K4ohy
and other products from China.
.Oz2U9C S2W] iB7OgQmLw
Now we want to buy the following goods:
^U:aC-nh)d - Plastic/Glass Teapot(880ml).9u[)^1mN-`#j
- 10oz fine porcelain coffee mug with color offset decal printing(6pcs in a nEP.M2aPN2aHA5y
box). AIp8wx#Q0C
- 10oz fine porcelain coffee mug - colored pictures on the white ground(6pcsC)e.Y bs2QY0Yq_
in a box).W-Z8t*pN
- 5 pcs storage bowl set(colored pictures on the white ground) with plasticCP,fM rTe T
- 5 pcs storage bowl set(Multi-Colored) with plastic cover.D2t.m)R&Cl
- 3 pcs(8,11 and 14 ) Hand painted ceramic set(oval baker - elliptical or*sl(T3pN5K?-~bZj
rectangular shape) inserted in 3 bamboo baskets.
"s%C-kk9o7Ou'@*B - 8 porcelain flat plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a
[w.`4c8l| cm.u box.0k+W)[6hbOY
- 8 porcelain soup plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a
m3d\\y-_E%z box.
/oD'U+N-F3NI - 7 porcelain flat plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a
6zVs^B l.X box.^z{O*H_+RZ
- 6 porcelain flat plates(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a
x2{(Z}9@gE box.3o u~Ss N5R^
- 12 and 14 dishes(white ground with red rose, gold rim).$p;M7I%k(O^&f?
- 5.5 porcelain bowl(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a box.
Q|#V@R%I!h*P'} - 5 porcelain bowl(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a box.cl fd`m6YM
- 7 porcelain bowl(white ground with red rose, gold rim) - 6pcs in a box.
:[6_l aM?YiB5L - 14pcs coffee set: Cup with 3 golden short legs 6pcs + 6pcs saucers + 1pcI]p.sKI N6x7JCvh1\
sugar bowl and 1pc it's lid + 1pc procelain teaspoon(as a gift). y p n9Eh u
1p6Q$XOj Vp
Please send us pictures of your product, packing and let us know the FG kc,_,[.ghgk}
specifications of your product and it's packing, also your competetive FOB ]v5H4jfIk3L
$~ _#Q&A,R-F$K"S5I Your prompt reply will be highly appreacited.+E*R1@%G"x/j }
Quantity: 1-3 container(s) during each 3 months!HP/d O4}ysP
;X Fw%E h Dz^ ----------
y|eP*o3_$eL%vT+cJ Mr. Hormoz Davoodi(Director/CEO/General Manager)3S1hc4u]e&ss]
Company: Iran Business
q-I;UAil_;Mz Address: No. 23, Hosein Abad squar , Tehran , Tehran ( Iran (Islamic/mk d-@(E1a%o
Republic of) )
]#]~"{8M A Phone: 98 21 2942922  Zip Code: 16688^3c0JL^]g
Fax: 98 21 2937353  Mobile: 09121451554
&J J1~iYw
$K._^e n z8v'KM2g9j
;CYp/i8Dq 04/26 077意大利求闪存和MP3播放器
0@9Ik#v E Buy Sandisk Sd, Cf And All Kind Of MP3 Players [Italy]
AJ x u"jO0BH
C9W:Q/A:v)|? We're looking for suppliers of small to medium quantities of flash memories
2?qfr-` `Y7j and branded or oem mp3 players for a new online store.
f'?*Y2[ Ica Y;? Quantity: 25-100
qs&H?(P.N(~ ------------0s4k3x%\TI
Mr. Alessandro Petrelli(Purchasing)
&| Jv F#v3M o Company: 24/7 Di Petrelli Alessandro
@7S ~%Usg Address: Via G. Chiarini, 1/l , Arezzo , ( Italy )
?:v$M X M3P$T Phone: 39 340 5825144  Zip Code: 52100TP p KY/L6]
Fax: 39 340 5825144$U.?Dl:aPKJ

iy0B:sK(e+RR H OzkVdh Vx
%HZ8|+P2p,d c U
&I.Bwm*_I"L _5fg
04/26 078孟加拉国求婴孩食品
7t {y1{)W:s ra Buy Baby Food And Yeast And Health Food [Bangladesh]
u?\/[ CVL8T K2cl'Z Ava1h
We are leading importer of Baby Food, Yeast and health Food having nation#Kh2s]'j sus
wide network for Bangladesh. We like to import the same from qualified;nOA5g1SE
supplier and Manufacturer. Those who are interested to export the above
7O \{*r W _[J7]0s Please contact with us.
8m2dy*~Hw -----------$g"~Y!R)y&|F8H
Mr. Abdur Rahim(Marketing, Chairman)
O%g!Fc+V7H a4Qv*]:J Company: Paramount Business Limited;WS_kf:~qK
Address: 83/85rahmatunnesa Road, Reazuddin Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh. ,Pf a2L`,Gz5Y(Zhm
Chittagong , N/A ( Bangladesh )I3uDIm
Phone: 880 31 625956  Zip Code: Ctg-4000 t;F[ ],D&Qi3o:r1z
Fax: 880 31 610715  Mobile: 880 187 72133aS,pvy:t~u
1|"Rk j&@1i

o.Y)o)U:UzA5Q ;\k NwK_
04/26 079德国求墨盒1000个.N:bl0u?9s ^
Buy Ink Cartridges [Germany]
7s'f(]8t#Ac,q/r+Y 'ITk:[!\s
we are looking for a reliable supplier of HP Ink Cartridges. We look forward
&Uv-~ e w m_ your quotations.Z(|#?Qx
Quantity: 10006n6X'W,g3[.` L V
Packaging: not important]Oad#i(W D2~4u
l/r1qafP5M#mb Mr. Juergen Beisler(Owner/Entrepreneur)
6u)U8?BrD.r6Y Company: DDmemory Juergen BeislerB A4m:g[g
Address: Bussard Str.10 , Unterhaching , Germany ( Germany )
8C4w5x)i3xSN Phone: 49 179 4559594  Zip Code: 82008 @.o7Q7Ay xG5aA
Fax: 49 89 600197985y5LGd H

+X6@N _km;W[.D {d1D{j ] C

;q| T.Y dr]2Uj U%C'na4OA
04/26 080美国求香味玻璃灯
%q'w F"f Ut.G5D Buy Fragrance Lampe Oils And Glass Lampes [United States]GW"mUuyg;N

-U9_3| UKo-YzJ Looking for a supplier of Fragrance lampe oils and glass lampes for a O u+cVlc!v
iv"T9nY{ R s Quantity: 100-400 pcs"M5NY%T*a o
edCg7~+Z7A7Aw8T~6~lb Mr. Bruce Odom(Owner/Entrepreneur):d%e'bQx*R4}"o
Company: Scents Of Pleasure"D1O5j\jX
Address: 2901 Victor , Lansing , Michigan ( United States )"d7D4~;SqIqo5K8JU;]
Phone: 1 517 8195595  Zip Code: 489114c!w#m0J)r ?*ah }
Fax: 1 517 8876347~/q8{2TAO5X i

m-o.w C zu2dcL @+ARNcI

fV2`Fc;O)p 04/26 081印度求硫化钠
1].A,d p.u)c%D Buy Sodium Sulphide 60% Yellow Flakes [India]
+QBd2l:V k\
$b`{FJL:^y_s:u we require regular supplies of sodium sulphide 60% yellow flakes. please
7J2iV1si q d contact for good volume business.;sJB~/ScOND
Quantity: 5-6 fcl each month
!k%dF$q"O*t a8I9C)H -----------Z S@$` t}4M.@h
Mr. Sandeep Jalota(Owner/Entrepreneur)
c rVi+NH/?@-] Company: Olympic Woollen Mills
;MbB~;]1H#J&m!g qW Address: Bye Pass Chownk Chandhigarh Road , ludhiana , Punjab ( India )b!pm7D w hl(NC)m
Phone: 91 161 2608934  Zip Code: 141008
yW8La;KyV Fax: 91 161 2661687  Mobile: 0091-98150-00999
Q3[&L*u7o(Ne$a hvFr4Q

4gy;V&B-Z IUV]k 04/26 082巴基斯坦求14-34英寸彩电1a%i"r mMms
Buy New A Grade Colour Television Sets Sizes 14 To 34 [Pakistan]+~A,\ silNp(I%z*kD
pN#[ G|]}jZ
We are one of the leading importers of New A Grade Colour Televisions of
U IQf?[!Cdm various sizes.5m Ztu(ReM
We also import used/refurbished Multi-system 220V Colour Televisions in
pfp.elQ9H'u sizes 25 ,29 N 34 from various sources worldwide.
2[K0_^kvJ F Please email all the details. {)g5aZM
Quantity: container load3vk%_?+e#k\'}
Packaging: standard
0[/fN4s!aCS ----------
QMj#N:^kR1_Xn Mr. Zulfiqar Ali(Owner/Entrepreneur)R+_3[u"h[ b*m
Company: Pakistan Electronics
F6Ct5l(T0fw Address: Suite # G-1 Al Murtaza Castle,163-D Block3,PECHS, , Karachi , Sindh
1H#A V+L$B7qQ;@ JP ( Pakistan )*x-f,ftA?
Phone: 92 21 4523522  Zip Code: 75400
.Nz8kw{Z*n Fax: 92 21 4523522  Mobile: 92-333-2168681v8{lZr)QPI-Y

_]5qb)S M
'd,s ^/N!k +I ^ A_6uX't

w a#sB$N g\ 04/26 083摩洛哥求实验室材料
@&]kU's|6M Buy Material For Laboratory [Morocco](Fr*@R)H'd/w

s+AZ/z$YR6L.xM6@_z We are looking for equipment for plant tissue grow laboratory, new or used
ar.M\I W(Ti equipments.
v*`J&so'P*JV"j ---------- tTrQs;u
Mr. Ennasser Abdellatif(Head Manager)Q7xL0jTW6f9A
Company: Optimum Media
_M4{n[y,R M vr Address: Lot Oulhiane Rue 1 No.118 Hay Inara , Casablanca , ( Morocco )"Af!pg`|
Phone: 212 62 123919
Q:`'_)y Y Fax: 212 22 821020  Mobile: 21262123919
#Q*~ _8l;v.{_m Website Address: [url]http://bastana.multimania.com[/url]
vt;a mK!G{5Hz$g
{|sC ONU kdY? ARk&U

y(e6`9H1mt@ B 04/26 084以色列求浓缩香水.zgfW_c
Buy Pocket Perfumes [Israel]
1B }DTY3L0b
N?;}dt f6s As the sole owner of "notal" import and distributor of scented oils as well fw9pvB9pQ0h
as pocket perfumes in my country for almost a decade, I would like to try a
!P4iv4@FJ)^1L few samples of your above mentioned products to be sent to my businessQ;uIzPP hi
Xg_]qb L
Ue#]\ Y f Quantity: 5
^b9TS)[W/{ L -----------p3F;D0iao'W9Vk
Mr. Nissim Meirom(Owner/Entrepreneur)v n0t!Gi
Company: Notal1ZDX2ZjN+?
Address: #2 Sheinkin Street , Rishon LeZion , Israel ( Israel )
1~jk"p_ Phone: 972 3 9669937  Zip Code: 782511wX { c(M fS\7}H$C
Fax: 972 3 6511244y Hq$j-Bs

J(d!By o`L'k O UrO/`r:K ? ZC
&_$o-{ O)H;CY*z'Yf
04/26 085韩国求睡袋
x U5v2hN4~-]"Y Buy Sleeping Bag [South Korea]
1sPCp G)um6iAc;\ ]e F^RoN3e)}$SD
We are looking for the sleeping bag supplier.
6wg'{F5s2[Ce If your company can supply, send to me full informations to me.~ kZp&n|v6[I
Packing(size, weight), material, price, etc... MiI g8LFt4?
Thank you.
vc-x)O%x,g;w Awaiting your reply.EJB2gb$r]~
--------------hj4Q ?^
Mr. Young Seok Kwon(President)6`f9vo&p$zp1rt.h4?
Company: O&J Enterprises
9]K&~Csh1] Address: #619. Shinseong Bldg.192-30. Inhyun-dong 2ka. Chung-ku. , Seoul ,;Nz%@5B6Yk4|}
Seoul ( South Korea )
7Cq)l0J'L8dv1M} Phone: 82 10 96789991  Zip Code: 100-282!f3h*y qR s-{+p n9lE
Fax: 82 2 22652583  Mobile: 821096789991
sE iYR.BPo#i )k#e)i9A(_']*B,c

(b4^ay?"J$cq@K 0n-](@2`cOS4mBj g

cz0p!g#B 04/26 086美国求飞机用钢丝绳
WSp*XHT Buy Aircraft Cable [United States]|.Cgv6c4_
Wg cQ8m.j D d9^O,@!a
Need aircraft cable in galvanized, stainless steel #304, and PVC coated.tAY8h5s3k|/hj[
Sizes are 1/16,3/32, in 7x7, and 1/8,3/16,1/4,5/16, and 3/8 in 7x19. Need ki M-r\5{HQ
reels in 500ft,1000,1500,2500 and 5,000ft. Will buy full 20ft
?;L.A!G1V containerloads.
"M*Q,hq)f-D-R G Quantity: full containers a*qp^[XJ
cU3X`yZ.p/r-{p Mr. Barnett Selling(Owner/Entrepreneur)
!A@]~'u Company: Starrr Products
4K MO;Dfx2Rl Address: P.o. 794 , Warrendale , Pennsylvania ( United States )JD0aBM
Phone: 1 724 283-7323  Zip Code: 15095
r7}0wBx0m*S Fax: 1 724 283-7834  Mobile: 1-412-853-0714
#S4R@_F6i Website Address: [url]http://www.starrrproducts.com[/url]B-Xn b-J g
+^Np Z9b{F-h6~
a N.D L V?&Q[&F

rMC4R#Z%{{ 'ZS!w B&@4x M s
04/26 087澳大利亚求卡车轮胎
]3N)w:be%J*WJ Buy Truck Tyres [Australia]5P!r)UH}
We need the best prices on 1100R-22.5 truck tyres. Please provide a price
|S#J.nIf A for 14 ply and 16 ply, also indicate what tread patterns are available. I
c7esf~}~ need prices, patterns and ports immediately.
2s8rxtG Quantity: 20FCL
%jvM5l7\yBAk -----------
G0_ CfX O1|9U Mr. B Hirvi(Director/CEO/General Manager)wCL} y2}K
Company: Impex Tradings(j6lJx7NQ
Address: Suit 256, 236 Hyperdome , Loganholme , Queensland ( Australia )g)gS3Fm(p7a
Phone: 61 402232915  Zip Code: 4129,?9F@(f#s Y;p
Fax: 61 7 38065254
~#Co.usJA-u\ Website Address: [url]http://www.internetbusinesssales.com[/url]#TF^a:T2c(HU

5b3r)\K ^y7|
1FEq4|.D{ (E1CCv#L0q]ww

*yjj#X4_Q |m 04/26 088希腊求落地灯
!m|r/Qq&eE Buy Office And Home Floor Lamps [Greece]bMa'mV@z

Fgg8N&jjYA We are interested to buy home and office modern lamp.
yHA s ADK If you can supply please contact with us.
/Y3x&D3]s Q7lT -----------
0hC!eF5i m7WP,v Ms. Magdalena Tsantopoulou(Owner/Entrepreneur) E6QE4A!a`#V
Company: Alpha Proti
y1G b[ aQW{ Address: Karolou Dil 28 , Thessaloniki , North ( Greece )
+s/Y0r-|{ \'? Phone: 30 2310 220223  Zip Code: 54623&p j$[W D u+_$m9VU]
Fax: 30 2310 220223
6N,tbO&M0k@.] Ea;P)It9xK"b#o)W

5jW@'h5o1Z!Co1Z 04/26 089波兰求马口铁
? z^ Vx!`/i"Q7Z Buy Tin Plate [Poland]
O*@1_)T,w A n;Y9cX4?Ad
Tin plate needed. Hardness: Class b,z/S c|U`8w#U1U~ W+YD
Thickness:0.18 - 0,22 mmd'b-R p-C"X
Sheet size:690 mm x 770 mm
]&mJ*J3p.ux.T"u7~ 2quality tin plate acceptablewH$u]KgI,[2R
Quantity: 300 MT/year
3^Ps.tW&` Packaging: pallets
0O-IYU l:r4}$p%b ----------
'B8g}a6~%[ Mr. Jarek Prus(Purchasing)
g,SF*GrK4g!_+X Company: Eurowax Co. LtdP.cQ*I$v%x?GO
Address: Marynarki Polskiej 71 , Gdansk , Gdansk ( Poland )-I1|7Kgk
Phone: 48 58 3421391  Zip Code: 80-557 }'zK e?[
Fax: 48 58 3421393
f\%JiDcFU Website Address: [url]http://www.eurowax.com.pl[/url]v|[[-kw]~

T s hTw { xat\
-_3I;cP%woa &V`Mi(N
04/26 090阿联酋求中国产四轮驱动越野车
}s6Le4fi Buy ATV 4 Way Drive Big Size From China [United Arab Emirates]
\:I&I9Q'E4Suc8@ ;_(`M(x$v5y
We looking for ATV.4 way drive. With CE certificate. Our market is Sweden. HN6L!]`'CB
Pls send us your cataloge price list if you are manufacture from China. We_0@ b(B@Ia#Q
are working as sole agent base only
.`B7g&` ]ia)|^
x*L2a$wQ+I4s Quantity: container
7E b)G:d;v7r&} Packaging: standard export packing9e&^;b4a t v@F
k/F9@(v.?:iA+G Ms. li karlman zhou(main office, general manager)
8p ~~yI c{M E Company: World Horizon General Trading & Overseas Projects ( L.L.C.)
3voG Pl3S Address: p.o.box 31810, or p.o.box 37479 , Dubai , no ( United Arab
,Nx]buK^Wk Emirates )L.{7iV(OU Bi[#~4SZ C
Phone: 971 4 2869505  Zip Code: 37479/IK5~|"B IK
Fax: 971 4 2869506  Mobile: 971506985448
KuZ` jR`$Z ])L!} Website Address: [url]http://www.axinternational.se[/url]
uYh~B D7x/],N@ eBa PoC/pyl-]

2lXZ\)?2dZ AE(_l Q,}9eN
04/26 091沙特求镀银锁链
J _8R e ?(p_E-L Buy Silver Plated Curb Chain [Saudi Arabia]"]:w/f4l^Obq;{

e3I }misW%Z We are interested in silver plated curb chains in bulk amounts, size around
H^4jrw!SG {9b4Tb 2.5 mm.0z^#M`+i-Iv8dK
Also we are interested in silver plated lobster or fish claw. Serious
}O.^ t DtQQ sellers only. Please send me quotation and ordering details.
j,@\Yu#f Quantity: Bulk0Q&b%y_"xX
-------------------%pj0{-j2~ _!kK
Mr. Mostapha Moussa(Director/CEO/General Manager)KQ2x@m@Xp6h!n
Company: Simar Fashion
4N`;KDSo5T#U Address: POBox 7366 , Jeddah , ( Saudi Arabia )
&Fi%n @*|} Phone: 966 50 4628070  Zip Code: 21462.[(\$S VvjG I a T]
Fax: 966 2 6641607
tx$HR#[] ,U|%kce [

EB+[(C;W8Ycbq %Z"r3{:XH!P?/oR/M
04/26 092韩国求钢坯
;C6u*]o-x s;u Buy Steel Billet [South Korea]Ba)Uh'S1fV'\(b

+HG.]4bu(B'~^1C2r We are interested in purchasing Steel Billet of 10,000mt monthly. So please
hy/EN VmIUD notice following specifications,B4J ZZS.za
*Commodity: Hot Rolled Square Steel C9Mg1ONS];E
;_ nGz4eZ *Standard& Grade: JIS G3101 SS400.
s]+l+J[X#?/n+Gjz-YD *Quantity:120,000mt per a year(5,000mt x
l:K8Tb W P[ 12months).
YhW,M8JL *Dimensions:120 x 120 x up to 11700mm
Ju-V [2yiYf8m *Price& Terms: C&FC1% Busan, South
!O:S;W1b&Mj[L Korea.UC p0~/x
*Payment: DLC, At Sight./S!h*@Z1_+n)] {\1t
*Period of Contract:14 months.
5_2__^(eWzu *Inspection: SGS by Seller's expense. BzU1k1md
If you are interests, please kindly provide us FCO& Contract in order to
s'U(^.h3rn waste time.
8U4p'xiP0c&?V)w,M*s Quantity: 120,000mtpx@;H!u
Packaging: Seller's option
/iV&E5E;eDVG -----------
;yZ0}-`[p{ }K Mr. Seong Ho Cho(Overseas Business Dept., Managing Director)
-D8[t2P#n Company: CNK International Corporation.
XIr7CP+\{\ Address: The Korea Express Bldg.No.302, #3-1, Hang-Dong, Chung-Ku , Incheon
0]:J#C(wEjwF\ei , Incheon ( South Korea )3Xs^2c dY a'Q#Y
Phone: 82 0506 2701447  Zip Code: 433-033
DQ vc-}xJH Fax: 82 32 8337167  Mobile: 82 18 32 1447c8`&M+Ln!mYUb

"qZpO*byF@ 'O1C R+V7ty5W1L

K#v+M zk%Q2o k$l
!Zn*aRVE%i 04/26 093以色列求陶瓷台灯
4F EP6P{ Buy Ceramic Table Lamp As Attachment [Israel]aMyyYJ GzfXSC
Looking for ceramic table lamp as attachment
Z~k:L*TO*c @!Z --------
vbeV$Z Ms. Noa Zem(Marketing)
B9x)Q;a#K{/o Company: Lhonel.N _Y4RoU
Address: Ltvinsky 2 , Ramat gan , Israel ( Israel )8eXTb3~H R8R&h
Phone: 972 355555 434344  Zip Code: 52621
*h2c(Rwe9d Fax: 972 35557 2715
p.g U.gh\I!vFT Website Address: [url]http://WWW.LHONE.COM[/url]
s5LQ!_#fj c~(XgF
fx:W9t_ O1\)?
1I h/T ?A1Vr_
04/26 094美国求皮带扣、皮带原材料和手提包
"W6|&y!_'yP7a m Buy Leather Skin, Exotic Skin Belts And Handbags [United States]
R BOv,Z&[a W
2v{'u*e-zO v I am looking for a supplier of belts. Really the part I need is the belt5Gu]+\w+I%C
strap(blank) I can add hardware to it. I need a western buckle on it if it
nP5i%L0O#]La has to have one. But, I would like belts to be exotic skin- zebra,1H3R!n7Jo
cowhide(with hair)alligator-croc-leopard-giraffe ect.... If the leather is\8v N.e+Y L
cowhair stenclid great. But, I want the hair on them. Expect the alligatorb1Yj{v
and stuff. I am a belt designer and I need some cowhides now! I also like
+~o4m H?V#R,qM_ the textured croc/alli look. If its exotic looking i'll like it. Looking for%vF'I7H3zQB,_f+n
company to work with me on quantity, I will make a deal saying I will onlys N!\z1rbz;j k'I
purchase from you and in return I will promote your company on my website
9D,o3O z@ ] that is viewed all over the world. People like my things, they like to know {Z4L.SP S T
where I got it. Also I am looking for handbags/purses along the same lines
9Z)X}[1q0}%q O above. If you can help me then I look forward to hearing from you. Kamie
q w8\mB"[ A&P$x treadwell thanks
W b w(^]b F-u ***see this picture*** belt texture this is one of my designer belts. So
!g k Z-P)T0Z A9l5@ maybe this will help.vP)b*^ V;k

}r*AB&~^o+V R Quantity: NOT BIG BULK BUT NOT TINY2j ] s1p8y/m(}Q
2Hz/sz Ebl] Ms. Kamie Treadwell(Business, Owner/Entrepreneur)*s9?fLZ"VlF&T
Company: Unique Enterprise / Embellizz Designs
jog;fP*Y5B1[S Ix!A Address: 2212 Cr M , Lamesa , Texas ( United States ) B}V1c[N}Y1h*n
Phone: 1806 462 7357  Zip Code: 79331
3h|,o O xg@ O*s Fax: 1806 462 7357  Mobile: 18067598402
0?E _s5b,a5_(rr
,}{1q Ssk+D
Jo*Z$F8u8T9[ zz
.y&y8ekh M0r Rn D5iP-Vn?;?
04/26 095以色列求滑轨为厨房抽屉
&N+a&SB'h(N Buy Full Extension Slide For Kitchen Drawers [Israel]
"w5h ]|;kB h+U$W^WBW#o
SIM is an Israeli import and marketing company, which deals in various
!t YBa { industrial products.
%O+\ Aq,V
$kgY9UFRq j&} The Israeli economy is expanding rapidly and so is the standard of living.
R(vFCGf vE)Al 5IG4v E8Ax
We have done a market survey of the Israeli kitchenware consumption and
+mq'[$H.X-l-{c reached the conclusion that there is a large potential for high quality a!c"x:r}
#];@z!U'g9J We believe that if we are able to find a first class quality manufacturer6Mq\2kXuh
with competitive prices, we will be able to capture a large portion of the*gZl RB-Y6}(`$V8T6O
local market.H$zHx!B"b,b-w
All the Israeli suppliers import their product from Western Europe, which
#@ a*L~Y H has become extremely expensive due to the high rate of the Euro.
L7H [@,X#bKB Please mail us a comprehensive catalogue with a price list. Prices should be Jr i8w'e R1U
quoted FOB sea port._?A4?PzH7qe)i
Awaiting you response
8mu)~%K#gp ----------
c'M0jp_*S1m Mr. EYAL SIMHON(Purchasing)
Dv9n"{[O Company: S. I. M.{;}l2zCiO
Address: A. Zaid , Haifa , Israel ( Israel )
z;N%ep.vr'e Phone: 972 52 3608932  Zip Code: 26268@;^V m^Hh
Fax: 972 4 8494556
;u3^D3fL(Y 0}H?l0x

c}W9LA-I Td 04/26 096巴基斯坦求中国产火柴生产线
#d5D/`fEk Bu Buy Matchstick Making Machinery [Pakistan]
r_XCl:UY.X ` `2l[$XY+C/`J
Matchstick Machinery from China. Quote your price.
8S&ly4A_@8o'~&{ Machinery required in Pakistan
"c*k@b o+@_7m1L\b Quantity: 1
z'_&z!S\:B0s ----------
!^7Z.X%N or9OIh Mr. Khizar Yaqoob(Owner/Entrepreneur)pjU3za9B
Company: Sohny Dharti
tq.no&c#\9i,uqs9` Address: P-1 Power House Road Abdullahpur , Faisalabad , ( Pakistan )PYY2s,IrO9Nm
Phone: 92 41 8868802v9jUM.ix
Fax: 92 41 8534323  Mobile: 92-300-9655674
c*lG2zh` Y
*O8w*T{(A}jb`3j 04/26 097埃及求LCD显示器
4@9b c Dlm];\ Buy LCD PC Monitors [Egypt];\P#};H|m
2U@ a!}~]V L
We are looking for a supplier/manufacturer of LCD PC monitors.D0N C5Co0K|3j
Please send us your quotaion including technical specs , prices , min E6z)OL[1D8X
quantities, payment and shipping to Cairo-Egypt.Lb_l%Re
--------1i9V J&bB"b O(W
Mr. Maged Shabrawy(Owner/Entrepreneur)
E h ]'B.z)AU3l Company: ICG-EgypttNw/kS&o3s
Address: Helipolis , Cairo , ( Egypt )
BA4X5e [u,Id Phone: 20 10 5522555
w&TQ#liT a'^9s[ Fax: 20 2 6325689
&O"mEed Km ^UA_| I'|-f ~Z
\\Q A(r8T9n2n
04/26 098泰国求环保T衬衫` Nk Kv;h5U
Buy T-shirts Environmentally Friendly [Thailand]
@0Wl W R8ah z,VW3RW
Need environmentally friendly t-shirts made from recycled PET BOTTLES
F)esmD6B0mb"i N 50% PET or petspun or anotherDc)`k#tl
And 50% cotton
!h2S+l0I5^ -----------
1l)ny5G.w Mr. kelvin bamfield(head sales office, exec director)
bk%f_ fjr"bK Company: Zainaex Ltd and A B2B Trader Ltd
t _Z;Q(nH Address: 119/5 Suphalai Ville, Ratthathibeth Rd, Bangkrasor , Bangkok , BKK$qC^ar%{ h(E Cx Cc
( Thailand )"jsa,_+|"h\a"W
Phone: 66 2 6799747  Zip Code: 11000
1{tb c xT/d Fax: 1 206 3371321  Mobile: 66134408005z.@,RK,Q%y0|6rC
Website Address: [url]http://www.zainaex.com[/url]
2s!V V*u]\n @U^F8f:hF%P1X J
04/26 099新西兰求衬衫布料
e9Ti(V.Z,wcMic Buy Fabrics For Men's Shirting [New Zealand]
Wv;D3g2N.G? We are looking for reliable shirting fabric manufacturers/agents in Jiangsu,'{*Z&H@-_{
Zhejiang or shangdong province.)K(G}(s(U0T T

FP#u2|`dpJ1~ The fabrics we require are:
3mJN e [ u
tc'[(MwK}2Z(uJ YarndyedD;H-z:O4[9C
Crease resistant
6V;XW C(emJ*T-p:_ 100% easy care cotton
z __h1kg"I^'R ~#F ^H Wrinkle free
.a4`8h0~4Am Casual drapeL\x+u6n
s w"V4wZU^2Co
Quantity: From 1200 Yards per style
nGmsY+p+jH9|y ---------- tSdo Vf3z'B
Mr. William Su(Purchasing) HD1fI"g`j kX
Company: Bright Sea Trading(NZ) Ltd_ V!HQfB:ry9\X3q
Address: 3/20 Nairn Street, CBD, Wellington, New Zealand , Wellington ,f!uB B%{.aN C
New Zealand )z|2T9v\{&ec
Phone: 64 21 1583997  Zip Code: 6002"y H~0X6].yJyj Xg
Fax: 64 04 3854809  Mobile: 64211583997
\ ~Fo"kpO8MN{0L Website Address: [url]http://www.ggarments.com[/url]D.hFj*t#_1vR[ j

x;o5A+J?J"d NX(mmZ?6t
H#D'H UtF_J|
04/26 100印度求办公文具@`g UOa;@8o
Buy Office Supplies & Stationery [India]
;wP"aZ'C1m%y HT Wanted high quality office supply products. Products could include files,5M ^X CJ2|n
folders, desk accessories, paper products, binders, clips, computeriGY Y$e#s,|c,]J.E
stationery and any other such products.Vo Wr,r[S3R

*l'o6V)_T{[ Quantity: 100,000
h0g2D8y;~(jN:xY/W ------------
]1N]"h#}5F Mr. Kalyan Srinivas(Director/CEO/General Manager)
m2?'od%M|7{*Bd$B0v Company: GRM Recycling&Merchandising Pvt. Ltd.
}i,B-NL{#g,?H }k ^ Address: 508, Vardhaman Palace, Sector-17, Vashi, New Bombay , Navi Mumbai , QB+`1C}k:C)Oc|G
Maharashtra ( India )
? FK N2}![Kv*QF4T Phone: 91 22 55914094  Zip Code: 400705$E"a-V}*MOE3F
Fax: 91 22 55914096  Mobile: 009198201881497Un"ND(M!G#YW L
Website Address: [url]http://www.staxstationery.com[/url]"B)vHy%a:t,~5cp

z0C3s%s\0U|n c7f:o&\-\/x qSB
C |3j%^YDcK

C3{Gt9BU6@ L4p 04/26 101摩洛哥求磁卡门锁为旅馆*W'Io(g)Z{0I1v-? t;y
Buy Hotel Door Locks [Morocco]
W H-iI:_*Y ?7K_@ q2m
we are looking for a complete system of magnetic card door locks for an:l4O||y-b&d6T S
PpI&M2P!X &z.R"uU2E
Please provide us with your catalogue, pricelist and sample.GPh1X Z%n$G

F-a}"q6yPpI Quantity: 300
%I+^XC;Q ----------!nA7_j*VB(n ^J
Mr. Jean BERTRAND(Director/CEO/General Manager)VF&}cch3k5}
Company: Compagnie 12o%i)B5M"~4jMn |
Address: Boite Postale 5098 , 10100 , Rabat(Souissi) ( Morocco )8UCv)X4ag$y?'Ku
Phone: 212 65 134545
JFXF'R? Fax: 212 37 638888[7R?I sA
^b"Y@Ch ujLZ

Lk S bH5w*{)srx8r #`$b&x%l&{*Z
04/26 102塞浦路斯求数码照相机-E K AS+Mt&A
Buy Brand Name Digital Camera [Cyprus];`0[9d0VR.Zj)y

L_+DRc;c BhS Interested in small lots of digital cameras.5r [)D ]5V\ ?j;u8^
Wholesale prices, brand new items. Speady delivery, known brands only."u6P:bf8| Q CTb
Serious offers only.v/]'{ dh PU
Quantity: 2-10
$t\2ywX6R1v}6EPi Packaging: New Original
smK CN1DU"Y"w -----------C*x*he*_1hQ5q8[%g HE
Mr. Costas Papadopoulos(Director/CEO/General Manager)
.s,m?ep Y ? {E Company: Cybargains.com Trading & Services/Ti,\8Z v[ L
Address: 1st Acropoleos str, Kaimakli , Nicosia , Nicosia ( Cyprus )
N.[A b m8r-r7` Phone: 357 99520562  Zip Code: 1021
g;Je {O!^*I _m,q Website Address: [url]http://www.cybargains.com[/url]
pIc]3f:IR T;z:PuP&Wy]Z
qa9j;YMz ET:|
/{qB M:B;D W
{;Zx9jK/T8Sdn H
04/26 103苏里南求吉普车轮胎
q+IXI(zVRt Buy Jeep And SUV Radial Tires [Suriname]!@5uQ9P5R%_,i:tc

]Y L{"V8hp Our company is looking fo suppliers of SUV and jeep radial tires.
^*Qt6H/y"x ?)V For example in the sizes 265/70R16,31x10.50R 15 LT and other sizes.^l$QW#L'E*]'Z
Please take contact with us
'Q6|Sa7dj}yk1r{ ----------4_{H1Y2wPFM$k
Mr. Krish Lalbiharie(Buyer)[y+} O/\"[q
Company: Lalbiharie impex
N&kD xc6yw Address: Doerga Sawh str./ Lashelystr. 259 , Nw. Nickerie , Nickerie'se^7Ak"UZ
Suriname ) ^8[&Y*@d%T
Phone: 597 210175
Pp(nt3@'Jc(m p} Fax: 597 231049$oJhw:Xpyh
0\-w%qOr a
tO"ps M1_
0U'eiO |#i9Y~ C3w
04/26 104叙利亚求木把刮刀
WKg7Z4^&j{ Buy Scrapers [Syrian Arab Republic]tJT/{ WtK

l%mcM(J6r r We are interested in importing rubber scrpaer (spatula) with wooden handle,q:]#RP*M)y%?D}
please offer to C&F lattakia port/ Syria.
y |9~y*yDu6G!A Quantity: 1FCL20'
]:L/oW I$W Packaging: export packing
B"A3M-D&]+Y(qK8l-{ ----------
r@(\ZSq'P,n'[k Mr. Zafer Khandji(Director)
D0J(M["q Company: Khandji Trading Co.rw7{7F Rj
Address: Harikah, Ibn Khaldoun, P.O.Box: 2356, , Damascus , DAM ( Syrian
D7Y2R;L3K| Arab Republic ))j_3U(a N
Phone: 963 11 2218773
O2s;zWlP$C3N:V Fax: 963 11 2229042  Mobile: 96393446615q"j%Q SxY-q{5ZQ
Website Address: [url]http://sinosyrtrade.com[/url]
_Yp]W T+]0`)x-B _ cz,L6k L y

X,il c5s@*G)J j2x.X Iz2j.H
04/26 105越南求喷雾胶水为服装工业:SRR"r0J`8R1x
Buy Spray Adhesive [Vietnam] o-p#~'w ]G/X3ge

(Vh#W$? Y I'm a trading company specializing in providing garment accessories and
"R8wl3a6HE ~N1Y3Y ]M chemicals for garment industry. Now i'm looking for suppliers and
,y"g)F yd1v3? manufacturers who can supply me following products for long time business:f ^ ?(T'` o6@+g4lN
C GN*S'L&o
1. Spray adhesive for pattern tacking(referto sprayway #066)V ^9U6IZ2K
2. No fray spray: Eliminates over-edge stitching; reduces seam failure and+W+D\.J7F \b YZ
material waste(referto sprayway #821)
j'q2ft5[$n?"_ 3. Multi-purpose spray adhesive: Refer to sprayway #088|1S3S:i5OF
4. Industrial silicone lubricant: Refer to sprayway #077
J WU*Dj,}!}r q ----------|*nP,~:g D B Zk
Mr. Thach Ngo                        (Director/CEO/General Manager)S(J0{-n|'z
Company: Kim Phong Thanh Co., Ltd.
VD DECis _ Address: 117 Dinh Tien Hoang, Dist.01 , Ho Chi Minh , South ( Vietnam )-b?X4kG5?.k
Phone: 84 8 8208104  Zip Code: 8
%pm@n;B jd,S/]b Fax: 84 8 8207311
3qbFk3D I\$D j-[C#o
P%k x u@S ^
:J|&P fZ"u"K`$^
04/26 106以色列求婴孩香皂等护理品Z&s+H ?"k
Buy Baby Soap [Israel]
gA7O1{)KL/o VV
)h {n3X1XL}
EnkTLx?hq We are looking for a supplyer of baby soap and other baby care productionp%W}*Yn1j.L
Quantity: 100
dk+gJbX@ Packaging: 50,v;e p`pz
YVm m ~"K0J a0e Mr. Jehad Ismail(Director/CEO/General Manager)
z%{oBu3_9S Company: Seawave
,dHq|$}!r0P hw:GN Address: El Remal , Gaza , Palestine ( Israel )3?4S!e0onz;J4W?
Phone: 972 08 2877267
s yS `3E(a Fax: 972 08 2876587
;Q.]q(K jkr8Y %`7`-@Z\T1a-X

Y1Vi9a Ev
R6by K P"Ms,F[(S F &jq])c-Fv
04/26 107伊朗求中国产电容器纸
_(g _NgV Electrolytic (Capacitor) Paper Needed From China [Iran (Islamic Republic&s:t5p7E7wP
R"y&AZ1W'{2lfJ-S @.[1gSB+xU
Please send us your best quotation for the following electrolytic paperTFn$~&URfpl,m+D
order. Size, density and quantity is indicated in details. Delivery will be
^B3\v1O!h.K.U2_ within one year and payment in 90 days. Destination is eastern europe.
z:mk6^4j wD M+i1`#H4v$kb
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.280mm 6,000 kg
-@D9J V4mNv4^ Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x38mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 20,000 kg j0\9K\^
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x30mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 41,000 kg
b8sj_#TJ/G Q Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,008x38mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 18,000 kg
9nBeMzLu-gb/j Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0.008x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 6,000 kg#g3J qLFa
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x26mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 14,500 kgc:F}3{{H-j2j
Capacitor paper DTY 1.0 0,012x125mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 3,000 kgT`MQ f1h#]4~)k
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x32mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 2,600 kg
/S?'iz0T.a E#| Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,015x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 2,000 kg
$H{xU8aE g.Ws Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,010x500mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 1,400 kg
%{5|\(} S}E)n?7cn Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x28 mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 2,700 kg
8z"~ h3m,e{ Capacitor paper DTY 1.0 0,012x110mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 1,000 kg |luXnE;y(O
Capacitor paper DTY 1.3 0,012x48mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 26,000 kg
-A*_+qokoo*@ Capacitor paper DTY 1.0 0,012x90mm i. D.75mm o. D.200mm 1,000 kg
eIX/Er$r8kaOyNR Quantity: as indicatedP&AS8[n6d$S T
Packaging: europallettes?^M FL!K?"{7Xe
----------zy B(o jP
Mr. Saman Ketabchi(Managing Director)q)Bh:c2jAx
Company: Mina Exports Co.
'Yaw8J,tx%c)y Address: Baghe Feiz, Koye Janat, Shokofeye 8, #6 , Tehran , Tehran ( Iran
+T%rX \,G2m E1F%F (Islamic Republic of) )Jm xDT'F;z,}
Phone: 98 913 2221675  Zip Code: 14737
5D*_d8v/t XR+P Fax: 98 21 6940863  Mobile: 913-2221675
KX8JN%s&N4j j
]2Dd\5iW 5cv-n6E0i,r%p O
04/26 108西班牙求太阳能电池组件
![[,s3P9kV+FJ Buy Solar Panel Systems [Spain]w dT~(T#H1a4I
:W3r:^*_(u(J \a)eSX
We are looking for providers with high quality solar photovoltaic systems,
"w~/VA1] thin film, mono or polycrystalline technologies for a long time relation.
&C6@,P-X O Gq#s{ Including batteries, inverters, regulators, etc.1@9p1n8Q(H"r
bd N Cx%WGs Mr. Carlos Gomez(Purchasing)AA oJ,z;W`9A
Company: Arinet 2000 s.a.
Z4X6f2o-OK2Q)~+C Address: Cortijo 8 bajo. Moralzarzal , Madrid , Madrid.Spain ( Spain )e5G4T\!v]mBC;m hf
Phone: 34 91 8576850  Zip Code: 28411
!K#w0TnC#E1h Fax: 34 928 411412v;B6G{"~ak2B.E
s![2W{R h
`T yN&]+W5L
9o#Z @ db`1P9}[
N;yOR A"k:rd8OFz
04/26 109美国求小型家具和工艺品 r hB3V w Y }4hA
Buy Miniature Products For Dollhouses Etc. [United States]
MA;j:H"I:f K.@h xcd I
Seeking to purchase miniature products, miniature furniture and miniatureB1X8n }7@*v4^3`'`(L&v
J*bo/T~#E ------------
XO'J-uw ZO _5m Mr. Edward Gadomski(CEO)
&HD aS8{(I/G @$d Company: Private Label Inc
2U/S~+B3WyW q b&\C'[ Address: 1162 St.George Avenue Suite 150 , Avenel , New Jersey ( United(?/\3q Et {B
States )f I0N(B Q'W\8m
Phone: 1 732 634-3498  Zip Code: 07001#zM%`n#L
Fax: 1 732 634-3498(mJgF^Z

W\8G/FW'`/NoH%S qt$Ii)~

!g|oe"ct(J 04/26 110英国求自行车赛车,单轮脚踏车等等f4oz!@CsQ
Buy Bicycles - Road Race, Recumbent, Unicycle, Trailer, MTB [United Kingdom]WRWS!zCq*a
9Bn lcO%snwr
We wish to import high quality Road Race Bicycles (carbon/titanium frames,j Sw!Uu8hc
Shimano Dura-Ace/Ultegra, 20 or 30 speed, lightweight components). Please
B.SMi h1nat:z? reply providing details of your products, including shipping, handling,
V-ai ^Q9sL3IDy delivery, sample availability and payment terms. L#gIUmZm'p
----------------------qIzQ A*e
Mr. Nigel Martin(Owner/Entrepreneur)
;`/]u[fJ'U Company: NMC(UK){.Rc0JN;\,g
Address: 56 Chipponds Drive , St Austell , Cornwall ( United Kingdom )zi c J-i@ v
Phone: 44 1726 66950  Zip Code: PL25 5DE&M*`f.c'{5\'S2VX*`
Fax: 44 1726 66950  Mobile: 07818 017829

2006-10-26 12:59 离开梦幻的日子

2006-10-26 13:31 susanxu52199

2006-10-26 13:42 xingshi803
是哦,有些我需要的,都没有邮件地址F i vQR ^['G%X

2006-10-26 13:44 wavebaild

2006-10-26 14:19 sincoln

2006-10-26 15:18 yue501

2006-10-26 15:20 edwardhan999

2006-10-26 15:32 zjw0531
哈,发到手酸了吧!!! mfh Y3yOWHd
真的很厉害,能把这些不同专业的产品翻译出来并且正确就不容易啊 d _kX}E[

2006-10-26 15:45 honlung

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2006-10-27 09:10 业精于勤
多谢~ 楼主辛苦了, 希望大家多多赚取外汇啊~~~~

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